“Our parents forcibly dragged us to the altar. It didn’t matter that I didn’t love Cassia at all. I had to dance while playing for me. ”- Real Life

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We met a year before moving together. Kasia and I were fine without any commitment. You can call it comfort, but as the saying goes: “If the cottage is not his, who needs a house?”.

Fortunately, my parents liked Kasia’s parents very much. So much so that sometimes they laughed that we should get married, not us. They liked them so much from the first meeting that they did not spend the weekend apart, the mothers were still on the phone, the fathers were meeting in one of the garages, they went fishing together. Come on, I’m telling you, pure madness.

Not surprisingly, they put a pole on our heads for the wedding.

– When will you marry her? – My crowd laughed. – Such a young lady is a treasure. Another will sweep it under his nose. Stop being a boy and be a man.

Kasia’s parents did not spare

The pressure increased from month to month. About eight months after Kasia moved into my two-room apartment, I ran into my family’s house for some reason, and for some reason my mother became upset.

– Well, I will marry her.

And it started! It turned out that our people have talked about everything for a long time. Where, when, how much. All I have to do is ask Kasia to marry me. Here I will explain that at first I broke, and Kasia still did not know anything – because I heard my mother say, well, I’m going to get married:

– Finally. Just remember, it’s not a pair of mouths with Kasia. You will spoil the surprise.

Well, because the old men thought they were going to have an engagement party – a surprise.

– What if he doesn’t? – One day I asked my future mother-in-law.

“Don’t worry about anything,” he said, waving his hand, confident that everything would be fine.

Finally the evening came

My friend’s parents invited us to dinner. Kasia was surprised that my dear friend and his best friend joined the company.

– What are they? He asked, looking at me suspiciously.

I started to get confused at the expression, but luckily my mother came to the rescue and pulled Kasia aside under the guise of frying and kitchen problems. So we had dinner in a wonderful atmosphere.

When they were on the table. Drive cakes and coffee, I saw my mother. He shook his head at me, saying it was time for me. Under the guise of checking, I secretly went out to see that the car … something had happened.

I ran to the garage. There was already a suit in the trunk made by my father, which my parents bought for me a week ago. I put on a white shirt and stuffed my pants and jacket. I just checked the tie and finally the pockets.

The box was in place. I opened them and took out my engagement ring. I don’t earn much, but my father reached out to me and gave me five thousand for a ring that should be a diamond. Everything had to be prepared with at least a Rockefeller-worthy bloom. Psie Wólkadan.

Well, you might think I didn’t show my character. That I would go to the slaughter like a calf, because my parents wanted it. And I would never make my own decision. You may be right, but someone I don’t like has been bedridden.

Kasia was lovely, I liked her – she was my girlfriend for almost two years and we lived together – although sometimes she was very nervous. However, I realized that I had some shortcomings. After all, there are no perfect people.

“Besides,” I heard from my father one day, “marriage is like a mogul.” Initially, there are two separate yolks. One is larger, the other is smaller and less yellow. Plus sugar and lemon, which are both good and bad.

And when everything goes well, even something delicious comes out. True, this “something” needs to be eaten, I noticed that you do not lose consciousness. But if you’re logical, and that’s you, son, I think it’s possible to survive a marriage.

So a few minutes later I ran to the garage to be seen in the dining room. Our friends in the deal also surprised Cassia so much that I stood behind her. When he turned around, I knelt down and officially asked him to marry me.

The parents applauded, and Kasia breathed a sigh of relief

Then everyone started shouting that there must be such a sign that … Well, and in general … I had the unpleasant impression that his parents did not leave Cassia by choice. Finally, she was able to say no because, for example, she had lived happily ever after without getting married. But Kasia said yes – and everyone breathed a sigh of relief. I also.

So we started to determine the exact date of the wedding with coffee, cookies and a glass of wine. At one point, Kasia came up with the idea of ​​organizing a deer and chicken party. I refrained from doing so. All this led to additional costs.

“A man only gets married once in his life,” Kasia said resentfully. – Therefore, I will not deprive myself of the pleasure of prolonging pleasant moments.

Everyone took his words seriously, and his parents began to melt away with the phrase, “A man can only get married once in his life.” And they said they would cover the blackoutzty. There was no point in arguing, so we set dates for these evenings.

All my friends gathered for my bachelor party. And the excitement began. The doorbell rang in the middle of the night when everyone thought of it. I wanted to go and open it, but I was told to sit in a chair in the middle of the room.

Soon a large package, neatly tied with ribbon, was brought. I had no idea what was going on inside. Although I’m lying a little. A bachelor party, a big package and friends are starting to leak out of the apartment.

I thought, “If there’s a girl inside, then … um … why not … then I’ll be a husband and a loyal man for the rest of my life.” Of course, I know that you are not a stable man and woman because you wear a wedding ring on your finger. You need more than that. But then I didn’t think straight.

So the package was brought into the room, someone turned off the light, someone turned on romantic music, and I was left alone. When she opened the box, a thinly dressed young woman came out. And began to strip!

I liked it. Many. I even woke up a little. And then I thought that even if I enjoy looking at myself, I will not consume it. I do not think I belong to the group of potential clients of escort agencies. But I did not intend to stop the program. After all, I am a man.

He wanted good luck then … Kasia came to the apartment to present herself to me at a bachelor party. I’m not saying the angry fiancé wiped everything in the house to make him fall; missy chased; He gave me a name … And in the end he said that there would be no wedding.

Of course, in the meantime, I woke up completely. So when I heard the words, “It’s over with us,” I suddenly felt an unexpected relief, as if someone had taken a heavy burden off my shoulders and heart.

I asked myself these questions, which were always on my mind, but I was pushing them subconsciously.

“Why did I have to marry a girl I didn’t love? Why did I have to follow the whims of others? Why doesn’t anyone think I’m happy? I had to get married just because our parents liked each other so much. But this was my life, not theirs. Even if Kasia and I split up, they don’t have to give up their friendship, do they? ”

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if my parents weren’t hunters. Maybe Kasia would get pregnant and we would have to get married. Or we would have stayed together without getting married, but for many years … Yes, we realized early enough that we didn’t really want to be together so that we could start all over again without much loss.

Today I am with someone else. I have a happy relationship with a woman I really love – marrying her made my mouth water and I couldn’t wait. My parents never love my mother-in-law. But this does not interest me anymore.

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