Online meal order research. The results are interesting

An investigation was conducted into the online ordering of food. The results present very interesting facts and connections with others on the habits and preferences of the Poles on this subject. It turns out, for example, that price is not the most important thing.

Online meal order research

The concept of e-commerce covers many types of e-commerce, including the delivery and sale of pre-made meals. Rebel Tang, owner of many brands in the virtual restaurant market, has published a report in collaboration with PepsiCo, ARC Rynek i Opinia and Senti One. The topic is as follows

How do Poles order food?

In the introduction to the report, we read that the value of the food delivery market today is 9 billion PLN. This is also influenced by the growing popularity of this form of ready-to-eat food, and the pandemic itself – and restrictions – is undoubtedly one of the reasons for this situation.

The content of the report is based on information from three sources. We are talking about a nationwide survey conducted by ARC Rynek i Opinia, the opinions of Internet users collected by Senti One, as well as the internal data of Rebel Tang.

We like to try new flavors

The report opens with 53.3 percent of us ordering food from restaurants we didn’t know before. What are the reasons for this? 60% of respondents said it was an interesting menu, about 50% free delivery, and about 40% looked at the recommendations of friends. Also, about 40% of respondents indicate a short delivery time. Only about 35% of respondents mention promotions or discounts, and less than 20% refer to high ratings. Application? We generally do not look at ratings or promotions. The most important thing is an attractive menu, as well as fast order fulfillment.

It is also interesting to know whether we have the same expectations as the food served on the spot against delivery. This is a graph of the respondents’ answers to the question of whether the quality should be the same in both cases.

People who need less than the food delivered to their homes are a minority. You have to remember that.

The report also provides information on what it has basic affects the positive evaluation of the restaurant. In this case, 40.8% of respondents described the taste of food, 34.4% the condition (consistency / temperature), 13% the time of delivery, 7.3% the cost, and only 4.5% the contact with the supplier. noted. .

Restaurants with delivery only – the future?

Respondents were asked if they would only order food from a restaurant that offered delivery. 69.9% of respondents said so. The results of the channels we use when ordering food online are also interesting. 60.3% of respondents order food by phone – not by smartphone, but traditionally by calling the restaurant’s phone number. Then – 17.3% use mobile applications, 15.6% use the websites of private restaurants and only 6.7% use mobile, browser versions of major platforms such as Glovo or

As for the applications themselves, their popularity is as follows (in the context of% stating that the respondents have a special application on their smartphones).

online meal order research programs

The so-called dark kitchen I mentioned above is worth writing a few words. These are the only buildings that offer food for delivery. Only 87.2% of respondents have never heard of such a solution, although they will be available not only in the minds of consumers, but also more often in the market.

Finally, it should be noted which dishes we order the most. I’m not going to surprise anyone that this is … pizza. “What food did you order with delivery at least once last year?” In response to a question, about 75% of respondents said it was Italian cuisine (pizza / pasta). The next is American cuisine, followed by Polish (meatballs, pork chops), baked chicken dishes, then oriental dishes, then usually Japanese (sushi, ramen) and the least popular is vegetarian cuisine. They were also asked what the respondents lacked the most in the area – the choice fell on oriental and Japanese cuisine.

What are the results of the study?

Favorite brands were also asked. Interestingly, in the matter of pizzas, their name was very small – it proves that it is a market not mastered by any “big player”. So, the report on your favorite brands is as follows.

research on online brand food ordering

As for the “instagram” nature of the dishes, the leaders are: pizza and – unpopular by the number of orders – sushi. The report also includes some other information, such as the popularity of the drinks you order. Pepsi is even ordered from most Rebel Tang restaurants. Both regular and max, no calories.

I recommend you read the whole report, because it contains various information, but allows you to observe certain patterns in the market. Online cooking is becoming increasingly popular. You still need to be able to order over the phone, and the customer wants it to be “tasty and fast” first and foremost. As the supplier will say “hello”, whether it is cheap or not is no longer a priority.

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