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Bovska during the filming of the music video for the song “Dzika”Photo: Magdalena Zielińska / mat. press releases

– “Dzika” is a song about the relationship with great inner strength that exists in every woman. This is a song about his longing, about calling him. It’s about confronting the truth about yourself, Bovska said in the Fourth. One of the inspirations for writing this work was the artist’s book “Czuła guides”. The video for Dzika was made in the open air of the volcanic beauty and raw Fuerteventura. Bovska also co-authored a screenplay with choreographer Aga Konopka and director Magdalena Zielińska. The author of the photos for the clip is Mateusz Kanownik.

On October 27, the song “Dzika” was broadcast on streaming channels. The music video delighted with photos and a story. In the clip, three women meet: Bovska, Magdalena Zielińska and Aga Konopka. Their energies were combined, and the artists went out into the desert to show the emotional struggle we often had with ourselves. “We went to live something, to have an adventure, and on the other hand, it was difficult, because it took a long time to shoot the video,” Bovska admits. – Shooting was for 3 days. We had to move around the island. Some scenes have a lot of shots – he reveals.

The wild wind of Fuerteventura

Bovska and his team did not close the streets of the island city, which was very difficult. The team had to balance city life. – Sometimes the weather was not right. We had to wait for the clouds to pass, he says. – It also turned out that the island is very windy. There are scenes in the video where I run after a car in the desert. They were very demanding of me. The wind blew so hard that it unbuttoned my shirt. And it was difficult to get a needle and thread to sew it. You can buy them only at a distance of 40 km. My friend Monica, our good spirit living on the island helped us. He went and took the needle and the handle. As a result, he worked and the wind stopped taking off my shirt, which was an important element of the dress and suit – he adds.

The artist reveals that the emotions that accompany him on the set, as if enchanted in this way, appear in the clip.

Wild red

Bovska’s last clip “Barometer” was in blue. – I like to choose the color that accompanies the single. For me, color says a lot. The previous single, Barometer, was completely blue, and it matched the Vistula coast and the character of the song. – Here, in Dzika, we have a case on dance. The red color was here. These are the protagonist’s battles with the “changing ego” – he adds.

The artist began working on the clip before going to the Spanish island. – The choreography we prepared with Aga was created earlier. We met in a studio in Warsaw for two weeks. We were looking for this fighting motive in the dance – says the interlocutor of the Quartet. In the end, we wanted to show the struggle, its energy and harmony.

12:42 quadruple sun 14.01.2022.mp3 How was the music video for Bovska’s (Best Day of the Week / Four) song “Dzika” created?

BOVSKA – Dzika (Official Video) / BOVSKA

One of the scenes in the clip was filmed at a special time of the day. For 20 minutes, the sun hides under the horizon. – This event determined the shooting of the scene. It was very difficult. The cinematographer had to join the choreography prepared by Aga and me, he was the third dancer, – admits Bovska. – He had to learn to dance and travel with us. We shot the shot used in the video on the last day, we used the last chance – he adds.

What is Dzika talking about?

– Both in this song and in the clip it’s about finding a wild girl in you. We can say that the archetypal, wild part of the personality is very spontaneous, not afraid of difficulties, free. I think each of us has it inside, says Olivia Krettek. – This song is about meeting her, this little girl who is easy to forget and sometimes hard to reach. However, it is definitely worth looking for – he adds.

Bovska refers to the book “Tender Guide”, but also “Escape with worms”. – It really worked for me. It was very interesting to work on it emotionally – he adds.

The attentive viewer will definitely see pasodobl elements or references to the battles of bull warriors studied in the video by Bovska and Aga Konopka specifically for the clip.

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Name of the program: The best day of the week

They run away: Małgorzata Jakubowska

Material: Olivia Krettek

Release date: 14.01.2021

Broadcast time: 6.22


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