“I entrusted family disputes to a friend. This scoundrel used me to snatch my aunts for a lot of money “- Real life

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When Jurek came to our store, I breathed a sigh of relief, because so far everything was in my mind. Cash register, customers, ordering goods, even in the room. Apparently, Mariola and Iza had to help me, but I have never been more lazy than these two.

They would gather for hours to get closer to the customer, and they would call me anyway when they started asking detailed questions. They claimed that they did not know anything about household appliances.

“I know how to advise you when choosing an iron or coffee machine, but the fridge and the TV aren’t my cup of tea,” Mariola explained to me.

I wanted to strangle him, because he did not know about the cash register and the invoice. I hadn’t seen a dumb blonde in a long time, but there was nothing I could do. Our boss behaved as if he didn’t care about the store. He had two more construction sites, and they became his eyeballs because it was profitable.

– If we had better sellers, we could compete with them – I poisoned him when he came to us.

He didn’t seem to listen to me, but a few weeks later he sent Jureki to me. Being short but agile and open-minded had a positive effect. It was also liked by our customers and stars. They flirted with him all day, slept and laughed at his jokes. It irritated me a little, but I waved – If the boy brings us money, let him do what he wants.

Jurek could not be accused of anything

He was kind and sincere and knew how to keep a secret. I didn’t even see how I started to tell him …

I was a bachelor in my twenties, and I saw no reason to leave my family home. Anyway, why should I do it when I’m not home yet, because I worked from morning till night.

However, my father stabbed me in the head and accused me of dying without recognizing my grandchildren. Not a day went by that he didn’t make fun of me. He is not alone. His older sisters, Barbara and Halina, two childless aunts, said that if I did not marry and provide for the family, I would have to say goodbye to their inheritance.

The best figure, but mine – there could be no divorce or unmarried couples with children. Only my mother left me, but her voice did not matter to our family. That’s why I screamed at someone every day.

This was also the case because the aunts worked well. One had a married house and the other a studio apartment in the city center. According to them, I was a very good game. If I were a temporary pig, I would have such wealth in the future! I would like to add that both women felt great, both in their seventies. So, so far there has been no decline.

I wish I could go back in time

For days I complained about my fate and poisoned Jureki. You don’t even know that you know all the details of my family’s life. I ran away from my aunts like fire, so that night when I saw my aunt Halina’s number on the screen, I decided not to answer. The next one. “What does this woman want from me?” – I was interested.

But I quickly forgot about it, because Jurek turned out to be seriously ill and I will be alone again next week. Except for our stars, of course. I tried to call him several times, but to no avail. A week off from a friend was enough for me.

Only when I returned home did I find out what my aunt Halina wanted from me. He was waiting for me with my parents, and I barely got in, accusing me of lying.

– Why do you need 30,000! So why did you send your friend to get them? He said you had an accident, you need money! He was struck by lightning. – Then you did not answer the phone. It didn’t happen until your father said you didn’t have an accident. You lied to me!

“I don’t need my aunt’s money,” I defended myself. – I’m fine and I haven’t sent any friends! This is nonsense!

We decided to go to the police station to report the crime.

When Barbara called him, her father said, “Not now.” “We have a problem, we are with the police,” he said.

He made a mistake. Her words convinced my aunt of the scammer who had just sat at home. I do not know why Halina did not inform him about this fake scam before. If Aunt Barbara had known, she would have called the police instead of letting the boy in.

So he decided to learn something from my father. Apparently, the scammer turned white at that time, but when he heard from the police, he believed his story and gave him 7,000 zlotys! That’s all he had in the house.

At first, I did not link the fraud to Jurek’s disease, only the police found it. Only he was no longer in our city. The aunts have nothing left and they will probably not return their deposits because they know our justice system. The only consolation is that I was left alone to get married, because I am no longer considered the best assembly in the region.

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