Heating network in the city center. do not hesitate, join us!

04/14/2022, h. 08:00

The construction of a heating network in the center of Bilsko-Byala is underway. The work done by Therma Municipal Company will contribute to the comfort of the residents of this part of the city and, above all, will say goodbye to the chimneys. The last bell rings for building owners who have not yet decided to join their property.

Ecological city center

The fog-free Bielsko-Biała center is the main goal of our project, and it was also the intention of the city authorities. We started this special program for new audiences at the initiative of Bielsko-Biała President Yaroslav Klimashevsky. Although the expansion of the heating network here is related to environmental issues, it performs many more positive functions. We are glad that the Year of Environmental Protection and Water Resources Fund has noted that we can use its soft loans, because the cost of the work is more valuable because we pay from our own sources – Andrzej Listowski, president of the board of PK Therma in Bilsko-Byala, said.

Therma’s latest projects in the city center are primarily in the Vojska Polskiego square, where the construction of a heating network is being carried out in connection with the comprehensive expansion of the square and does not pose additional difficulties. In addition, the first phase of the network on the famous Cechowa and Barlickiego streets has been completed. The works are not simple in every episode. – These are very densely populated areas, and sometimes it even takes a lot of effort to deploy another network there. Despite these obstacles, things are going smoothly – The president of the company from Bielsko explains.

Worth to join

Owners, users and residents of the buildings can only benefit from connection to the municipal heating network. First of all, the price of hot water does not change much and is much more attractive than the price of gas or coal. Second, central heating means comfort and reliability. It would never have occurred to those who used the city heat that it would be possible to return to the use of old stoves, even gas stoves. Urban heating is also safe, as there is no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, as in many household heating sources. Finally, the modern heating network in the city center is a convenience for all residents, because the view of the chimneys is forgotten.

The more buildings in the city center are connected to the heating network, the higher the environmental impact and ease of operation in this part of the city. The problem is that building owners, managers and residents often wait until the final decision and as a result can get away with it. Therma has been implementing private investment cycles for almost a year, which requires a lot of effort, including obtaining building permits and conservative approval.

We urge everyone, especially in the Polish Army Square, to contact us as soon as possible. If they do it now, we will work quickly and efficiently on the construction of new junctions. If someone is late, unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult for all parties to return to the complex work for only one delayed building, and not only for material and technical reasons – it means increased costs and re-work in common places – says Andrzej Listowski . – Unfortunately, many people want to sign a contract when they see that their neighbor has already done so and is satisfied with the access of the municipality to the heating network. And the most rational thing for everyone is to carry out this work on a street with one blow – adds.


The mission of Therma Municipal Enterprise is to meet customer expectations through a continuous supply of safe heating while maintaining high comfort. The company is valued by customers primarily for the quality and reliability of heat supply.

Connection? It’s easy!

The path from the decision to join to the start of its implementation is simple, and the company’s team is there to support you at every stage. The site is worth a look Termi, or rather – in the “Customer Zone” tab. In the “Become a Buyer – Connection Rules” section, all procedures are clearly written step by step, and customers can download application, notification and application forms.

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