He wants to sell his NFT tweet for $ 48 million. His activities are controversial

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He wants to sell his NFT tweet for $ 48 million.  His activities are controversialNon-transferable token (NFT) in the form of the first tweet of Jack Dorsey, the founder of the social networking platform, can be sold for less than $ 280. The current owner of NFT sold it last week for $ 48 million, but no one is interested. Could it be because Sina Estavi has just left prison?

Dorsey’s NFT tweet sold for $ 280 instead of $ 48 million?

Iranian-born cryptocurrency trader and investor Sina Estavi bought $ 2.9 million worth of oil in March 2021. He announced on Twitter last Thursday that he wanted to sell NFT and donate 50% of the proceeds from the deal (which he said would exceed $ 25 million) to charity. The auction closed on Wednesday with a total of seven bids ranging from 0.09 ETH ($ 277 at current prices) to 0.0019 ETH ($ 6 in total).

– The deadline I set is over, but if I get a good offer, I can accept it and never sell it. Estavi told CoinDesk via WhatsApp on Wednesday.

Estavi has two days to accept the offer, otherwise it will expire. Estavi, whose cryptocurrency companies Bridge Oracle and CryptoLand went bankrupt after their arrest last year, is in the process of reactivating the Bridge Oracle (BRG) tokens, originally from the Tron blockchain. Now they will operate within the Binance network.

BRG investors are waiting for Estavi to replace their old tokens with new ones. Announcing the token exchange on the day Dorsey’s NFT tweet went on sale, Estavi said the transfer would be manual and the whole process could take several months.

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Estavi is released, but his views are controversial

After Estavi’s arrest in Iran in May 2021 on charges of “disrupting the economic system,” his CryptoLand exchange was closed and customers could not access the funds, and the price of the Oracle Bridge BRG token dropped significantly.

Although Estavi’s arrest by the Iranian authorities may be simply due to his activity in the cryptocurrency market, investors have serious concerns about his activities. Both for the latest ideas.

Now, after his release from prison, an Iranian-based cryptocurrency trader says he is trying to rectify the situation with the owners of almost worthless tokens issued on the Tron blockchain.

Last week, Estavi offered owners the option to exchange them for a new version of BSG running on Binance Smart Chain.

Problem? He wants BRG’s original investors to send him phone numbers and some TRX tokens (the main currency of the Tron network) to verify his stake. Within a month or two, he claims, he will send them new tokens along with the TRX tokens submitted for approval.

– I want the cryptocurrency community around the world to support me, and we all want to support each other so that we can be stronger and go further and help the blockchain. Estavi said.

However, many Bridge Oracle investors admit that they have enough doubts. First, Estavi introduced and promoted the new token before working out a way to pay investors on the old token. In addition, Estavi did not disclose the details of the potential replacement.

After nine months in prison, Estavi was released without explanation and the charges against him appear to have been dropped. Since then, Estavi has re-entered social media accounts and received verification marks for his personal Twitter account and Oracle Bridge account.

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