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What is already crushed?

This is a long list – from the big things like changing the approach to health and safety, which was previously the “invention of the headquarters”, to today it is the most important department of the company, a change in the approach to environmental protection. or decarbonization, through the smaller ones – multisport cards, bike accessories, a channel for Youtube. In the pandemic, we created a line of psychological help – something unthinkable for “hard construction” in the “men’s” industry a decade ago. Construction issues have come a long way, seen best practices, and today is a more intimate place to work than ever before. He is also kind to women, although not everyone knows it yet.

How many women do you have in Arbud?

Every fifth manager is a woman, we earn 97% of what men earn, and this difference is only due to length of service. In some projects, women make up the majority of the workforce, and we have more internships every year. We have CEOs of companies, and as we joke, I’m 25 percent. board, but it never occurred to me, and no one offered me to join the council just because I was a woman. If we look at the statistics, the graduates of the group of specialties “Engineering, Production and Construction” make up 15.8% of the population in the European Union. 11.5% of all graduates are men and 4.3% are women. Interestingly, the number of women graduating from these technical faculties in Poland is higher than the EU average, ie 5.8 percent. and this puts Poland in 5th place among the 27 EU countries.

Not bad, is it?

Not enough yet. We believe that in 10 years the construction industry will lose even one million workers. After the IT industry, we are becoming the highest paid industry with the largest shortage of workers. The ICT industry has come a long way, as it was in the past. From the intricate boys in the sweaters, computer scientists have become cool, they are “good parties” in prominent sweatshirts and well-cut facial hair. The number of ITs for her initiatives shows that this industry, which was once unattractive, has also been neutralized for women. Sometimes I hear people around me say, “Maybe I’ll give up everything and become a programmer.” We must do the same with the construction industry – working on the construction of a wind farm is certainly more exciting than being in front of a computer, I assure you.

What are you planning?

The book is an introduction. Here we focus more on little girls and their parents so that instead of buying them a stove and a pot, they buy both blocks and a small drill. And when my daughter said, “I’m going to the poly,” they didn’t open their eyes – yes, I’m surprised that for some people such a choice is unusual, but our engineers say that even the reaction of their parents is like that. they were different.

What is Clara’s name?

Our Clara figure was inspired by Agatha Karchevska from Erbud – a construction manager under a major contract – from Lidlin Olesnica logistics center. If she catches Clara, we will continue to publish the next parts of the book, maybe even try on fairy tales or coloring books, and Clara will stay in Arbud for longer. In addition, we visit a number of construction workshops and schools for girls, and our engineers talk about the secrets of working in construction. In addition, we are planning a number of domestic initiatives that are in line with our diversity policy, which was implemented years ago.


ERBUD publishes a book about construction for girls

Clara Builds, a new book published by the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation, is a universal story about a girl who decides to make her dream come true and build something the world has never seen before.

The best-selling “Mania Skłodowska” about Maria Curie-Skłodowska, beautifully illustrated by Jacob Skworz and Paulina Derecka, is not only the youngest. It’s a story about building relationships and self-confidence, not just buildings. It is also a story worth dreaming about, not being afraid of difficulties, and continuing to achieve your goals.

“Clara Builds” is the first in a series of ERBUD books dedicated to introducing the construction industry and introducing girls to the secrets of this fascinating world so that they can consider choosing a career in construction in the future. The book “Clara builds” will be posted on the website of the ERBUD Common Challenges Foundation. Erik Grzeszczak. Proceeds from the sale will be used to support the fund’s statutory goals, which are to help children in orphanages reach adulthood.

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