Together for the innovation of Polish companies

Development of company innovation, expert support in the commercialization of research and development projects and the search for innovative solutions are the most important objectives of the Letter of Intent of Cooperation between Lukasiewicz and the NCBR Investment Fund ASI SA (NIF), signed today.

To date, both organizations are collaborating to support innovative initiatives using their experience and world-proven models of commercialization of research results. NIF as a mutual investment fund venture capitalLukasiewicz, a scientist specializing in investing in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and working for business, said they will support Polish companies in future development and market expansion in the areas of operation, inter alia, digital transformation, sustainable economy and energy, smart and clean mobility and health. .

For asiukasiewicz’s scientists and engineers, working with them and for business is the most important task. As an organization whose goal is to shorten the distance between entrepreneurs and scientists, we encourage companies every day to challenge us with scientific challenges and solve technological problems with us. Within 15 working days We provide alternative project proposals free of charge and recommend expert groups and equipment for research and development. cooperation with NCBR Investment Fund will help us strengthen our offer with support in financing promising projects – says Piotr Dardzinski, President of the Lukasiewicz Research Network.

The collaboration between Łukasiewicz and NIF provides an excellent platform for science and innovation to meet with the market and capital investment sector, and for the further development of ambitious projects and the expansion of their market. Lukasiewicz’s great potential is a unique scientific and research and development capital, and we want to support it with investment capital. I am confident that our cooperation will contribute to many market successes of our companies and increase the level of innovation in the SME sector. – says Krzysztof Szubert, President of the ASI SA Board of the NCBR Investment Fund.

Asiukasiewicz and NIF want to give companies access to innovative technologies through collaboration. They will also look for companies with innovative projects and solutions, including products or services that are an “innovative element”, and share knowledge about them. Within the framework of the cooperation, expert support will be provided in assessing the potential for commercialization of scientific projects.

NIF will assist in technological research. We also work with our NIF Partner Organizations and Portfolio Companies to build on the potential of Lukasiewicz-related scientists. This will allow developing many forms of cooperation between institutes, scientists and enterprises – President Krzysztof Schubert emphasizes.

– At NCBR, we are preparing a comprehensive proposal. We want entrepreneurs at all stages of business maturity to be able to rely on our support for innovative projects. Just as the BRIdge Alpha program is aimed at the smallest seed or pre-seed companies, we also want the SME sector to benefit from NIF. Thanks to the partnership with asiukasiewicz, the Fund will offer more than just capital. I believe that thanks to this, it will become a good address for all those who see the potential for further development of their institutions in cooperation with the Polish scientific world. – Dr. Eng said. Wojciech Kamieniecki, director of the National Research and Development Center.

– 4,500 scientists and engineers, unique research equipment, 400 laboratories and laboratories make up the unique potential of Lukasiewicz. Together with the investment opportunities of the NCBR Investment Fund, we can create a very attractive environment for promising R&D projects and innovative companies. In Łukasiewicz, we are currently running the Lukasiewicz Accelerator program, which aims to develop the skills of Lukasiewicz scientists, create and manage companies, as well as develop technology and attract investors. We want to increase the number of applications and technologies developed at Lukasiewicz through indirect commercialization, for example, to cooperate with capital companies in the form of startups, as well as potential financing investors. – Says Piotr Dardzinski.

As noted by the signatories of the letter, it will be very important for suppliers of innovative solutions to try to make the most of local production potential. Lukasiewicz and NIF will be able to attract long-term investments and financing of enterprises and innovative projects in the field of medium and short-term activities, with a special focus on supporting the research and development phase. Promotion of companies cooperating with the Center among NIF Partner Organizations and promotion of NIF among organizations cooperating with the Center.

Łukasiewicz is the third largest research organization in Europe and the largest research organization in Poland. It offers attractive, complete and competitive technology solutions. Łukasiewicz comfortably meets business expectations. In just 15 days, he offers to come up with an idea to solve a technological problem. The entrepreneur can decide to contact not only the form on the website, but also in more than 50 places: Łukasiewicz Institutions and all their branches in Poland. He will receive the same – high quality – product or service everywhere.

The NCBR Investment Fund is a co-investment venture capital fund owned by the ASI SA (NIF) National Research and Development Center. The fund specializes in investing in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are in the process of growth or expansion, and commercializes the results of their research and development (R&D & I). The investment budget of the fund is 700 million PLN, the cost of one investment is 3-64 million PLN. Detailed information:

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