The “Prince of Poland” who stole the heart of the “Bond girl”. To be like Mariusz Czerkawski

  • For many years, hockey fans in our country have been watching the fate of Mariusz Cherkavsky in the best league in the world.
  • He is considered a legend and the most famous Polish hockey player, he was the only player to appear on the NHL boards, born in our country. In 2000, he enjoyed playing in the Toronto All-Star Game, and his best period was for the New York Islanders.
  • After finishing his career, he finds himself effectively in show business and as a commentator. In her personal life, she later gained additional popularity by marrying actress Isabella Scorupco, Bond’s “lover.”
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He was talented and lucky that the political system in our country changed when he was still a teenager. Maybe that’s why he was the only hockey player born in our country and appeared in the NHL. In 2000, he took part in the All-Star Game of the best professional league in the world.

While playing for the New York Islanders, he was nicknamed the “Prince of Poland”. He stole the heart of Bond’s daughter, Isabella Scorupco, who had a daughter named Julia. For several years, Emilia Raszyńska’s husband and Yvonne’s proud father have been perhaps future golfers.

Sports fans in Poland consider him a hockey legend. Not surprisingly, in 2009 he received the Super Champion statuette for his lifelong success in the 74th Plebiscite of Przegląd Sportowy. Sometimes those who watch sports competitions know him regularly in the salons. He feels comfortable in the role of a sports commentator, which makes him a rich man. Because he does not hide that he loves golf. He also tried his hand as a host of the TV show “Voice of the Stars – The Voice of the Stars”. The adventure was short-lived as the celebrity music show was cut off after three episodes due to a pandemic. He dreams that we will see his successor in the NHL and that the Polish hockey team will play again in the elite world championship or Olympic tournament. She doesn’t wait for him with folded hands, she just works. Eight rounds of the national mini-hockey tournament under the Cherkavsky Cup flag have already been held.

How did a boy born in Radomsko reach the top of hockey? Probably because his parents moved to Tychy when he was a child. At the age of nine, he shouted, “ATTENTION!” Coach Joseph Zagorsky, who said with a smile on the show, went under the wings. On TVN, little Mariusz skated badly and was prone to gaining weight. The opponent emphasized that it was the grandmother’s fault for baking bread, it was difficult to resist …

Cherkawski was talented and ready to work hard. The turning point in his career was the game for the Polish championship in the colors of GKS Tychy in 1990/91. His club were eliminated in the quarter-finals of the playoffs, but 19-year-old Mariusz won the prestigious Golden Rod, the prestigious award from Sporting in Katowice, for the best player of the season. He attracted the attention of the environment and set out to conquer the world.

He took the opportunity to join the Swedish team Djurgardens IF. At first, it was not easy for him. – I did not know English well and had to start with Swedish. As long as the coach was drawing tactics, everything was fine. However, when he began to give individual instructions, I went to the end of the line so as not to waste time on others. To cope with this problem, I went to bed with a dictionary. I went to class every day, spent hours learning words and trying to talk a lot. It had an effect – he explained.

With the Stockholm club, he won the country’s vice-championship. – I won the European Cup the most in 1992. This is the equivalent of the current Champions League. At that time, it was more difficult to win than now, because the games had a different formula and Russian teams took part in it, he said.

Mariusz experienced the first, longer separation from his family. – I was 19 years old and going abroad in the early 1990s was a great experience. It was a different world. Sweden had beautiful car showrooms and shopping malls. Before that, I went to camps for a few weeks at most. And here you had to move to another country permanently and get a visa before. Airline tickets are expensive, so I did not visit my homeland often. There was a clause in the contract that covered the cost of a trip to Poland for Christmas and a short vacation, as well as a visit to Stockholm by my parents. Sometimes I still used ferries. Once I took my car to Poland.

It was worth it, except for the lower league episode in Hammarby, where performances at Djurgardens were a springboard for a career in the NHL. In less than three years, the leaders of the Boston Bruins recalled the pole they had chosen in the 1991 project.

– I played a lot in the NHL, I played in the Olympics, I played in the World Cup, but participating in the Toronto All-Star Game in 2000 is probably the greatest of my personal achievements. Only winning the Stanley Cup or a medal at a major international event could defeat it. In any case, to this day I am often called a “participant of the star match” and I am constantly asked about this event – said Cherkavsky recently. However, at the same time, he admitted without hesitation that he would change the nomination for the All-Star Game for the Stanley Cup. – One in a hundred, even a thousand out of a thousand players would be happy to put their ego in their pocket, thank you for any individual awards, if they win this trophy only with their friends, the most difficult one can be won. The world of hockey – stressed the former striker.

He reiterates that in the mid-1990s, hockey, known as the Holy Grail, had a real chance of winning the trophy for the best team in the NHL playoffs. – I was playing for the Boston Bruins at the time. We had a good team with Raymond Bourque, Adam Oates, Cam Neely, Brian Smolinski. However, in one of our games against the New Jersey Devils in 1993/94, we were disqualified in the conference semifinals for a stupid mistake in overtime. A year later, we withstood the Devils, who won the league. Years later, when I look at teams like Edmonton Oilers or New York Islanders, I see that I didn’t have a real chance to win this trophy like I did in Boston. Interview with Przegląd Sportowy.

He enjoyed or was honored to represent our country at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville. He was about 20 years old and the Poles took 11th place in the French tournament. – At that time, among others, I enjoyed being in the team he played, recalled Henryk Gruth, who was admitted to the IIHF Hall of Fame.

Thirty years have passed … Since then, Biało-Czervoni has been knocking on the gates of paradise, a direct competition for Olympic medals. – At that time, Polish fans considered it normal to go to the Olympics. It never occurred to anyone that the lean years would come and it would be unattainable, ”he repeated sadly.

He rarely played for the national team when he was a regular in the NHL. – Tournaments were mostly held when I was competing abroad. When the Group B World Cup was held in Katowice in 2000, my team, the New York Islands, did not make the playoffs, so I was able to come. I was very happy with this opportunity, I was looking forward to meeting other representatives. I was really active before the first game, he said. However, before the premiere battle with Denmark, Cherkavsky’s enthusiasm waned. Due to jet lag.

– I immediately came to the tournament from the United States. I didn’t even have a chance to take part in a few trainings. In addition, there was a time change that I could not cope with. The day before the opening game, I woke up at 1 o’clock at night and did not sleep a single night in the morning. The rest of the team went down to breakfast and then went to class, just dreaming. I still had to present. Everyone believed that I would “take” this championship on the road. I also. But today, I wonder if it would be better if I had an individual plan, I could go to bed and eat at any time and get ready for the evening games. Maybe I would give more to the team then? Cherkawski thinks.

The Poles finished the race in 4th place. Hockey fans still remember the 6: 2 victory over Germany.

In NHL games, there were times when there were so-called breaks. The reason was the lack of a financial agreement between the league’s management and the players’ organization (NHLPA). Mariusz has touched on this twice in his career. The first time in the 1994/95 season, the second time in 2004/05. There is nothing wrong, because on December 22, 2004, thanks to a lockout at Katowice Spodek, the show match with the Polish national team was played by stars from across the ocean. Unexpectedly, the good guests miraculously drew 3: 3. Hockey fans, among others, could applaud the actions of Dominik Hasch, Martin Brodeur and Sergei Fedorov. Cherkavsky deserves great sympathy for this.

– Good contacts with Claes Elefalk, the manager of the Swedish star Mats Sundi, who is not in Katowice. He was a man who looked after the interests of many of his compatriots, a representative of the great IMG agency, a man who organized star matches. He told me that the deadline was ready and we could take it, but we had to decide quickly, because the Danes were ready to hold a meeting in Copenhagen. I reacted immediately, and with the support of my colleagues and GKS Tychy officials, we were able to complete the paperwork – explains our hockey coach.

How was Cherkavsky different from other hockey players? – My greatest asset was a blow to the wrist. I heard that my feelings and effectiveness were praised. That was something I knew. The coaches sent me to the ice to score. I also skated well, which made it difficult for the defenders to read my intentions, but I would choose this wrist blow as the main weapon. Finding a gap near the goalkeeper’s ear, sending the puck a little above the ice and squeezing it under the wing was not a problem for me – he assesses his weakness: – I just could not hit through the goalkeeper fences. It never worked for me. Well, no one is perfect.

While playing for the New York Islands, the Prince of Poland made no secret of the fact that he is the king of bars on Long Island. – Athletes are people. You need to find the right moment to have fun or have fun. There was no social network when I played, and no one registered a hockey player with a cell phone who drank champagne from the Stanley Cup and then uploaded such a video to the Internet – Cherkavsky repeats.

He succeeded. Beautiful women were mad at him. He stood on the wedding carpet twice. In Sweden, they met actress Isabella Scorupco – who later became Bond’s “lover”, played by Pierce Brosna in “GoldenEye”. He had a daughter named Julia. The actress’s relationship with a professional athlete did not survive. Czerkawski remarried in 2007 – Emilia Raszyńska, the first winner of the Polish competition in 1999. They have a son and Ivo is his father’s apple. – I have to accept that I stay with a hockey player. He is more into basketball and golf – he recently announced openly.

Cherkavsky’s second love of sports, who admired Adrian Meronek, was golf. But this is the subject of another story …

He does not talk about hooliganism. naughty? Come quickly. – There were solos. I admit that I cleaned up my yearbook and was already lined up with seniors, says Lukasz “Juras” Jurkowski. The temptations came too early. – They came to the training only with the cars I saw in the catalogs. I knew what they were doing, what I was doing, and I had similar suggestions, he said in an interview with Lukas Kadziewicz. He did not use it. He chose sports. He is indebted to everything, as he argues. Although today sport is just … an addition to his life.

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