Tennis. BJK Cup Poland – Romania match in Radom, press conferences

Conferences with Polish and Romanian teams were held at the Radom Sports Center on Wednesday before the Billie Jean King Cup match (April 15-16).

However, the draw for the official game orders is scheduled for 12 noon on Thursday. That’s what captains and players say at conferences.

Magda Linette

– I am often used to changing the time zones and surfaces. I had a lot, especially during the pandemic, so I think I got used to the court after the first training session. I think that in two days I will easily get used to my time zone, although I came from the United States yesterday. I think we returned to play in front of the crowd a while ago, so we are used to playing in front of the fans. It is amazing for us to play at home in Poland and to have so many fans behind us. I think it will be a great event not only for the fans, but also for us, especially if we do not have much chance to play in front of our audience. This will be a very pleasant thing for us. I miss playing in the backyard, so it will be very encouraging for me.

Magdalena Fręch

– I have been in the top 100 for almost half a year. I think this is a great achievement, but now I rely on more things and I have more and more ambitious plans, because I would like to stay in the leadership longer. I am after my first training. I think the trial is well prepared and there will be no problems during the game. The court is the same as in the previous Billie Jean King Cup game, the space is a bit small, so I think it should make it easier for us to play against the Romanians. I like this tournament very much, because it is a completely different tournament. He played in the finals once or twice a year. We play here not as an individual, but as a team. First of all, the atmosphere is completely different from the tournaments that everyone plays for himself. I think that after so many individual trips, it is a wonderful break to finally meet for a week and finish with a victory.

Captain David Kelt

– Every opponent is difficult. We treat each competitor with full attention and respect, but we know our value. I always tell girls not to humiliate anyone, but to have confidence and confidence in their abilities, because girls are developing, girls are playing better and better, and the results are the best reflection of that. The only thing we can do is prepare as well as possible for this match and show our best on the court on Friday and Saturday. The Romanians have problems, but we do not pay attention to it, on the contrary, we pay attention to ourselves and do everything to prepare for this match as well as possible. I think the court is different. Girls get used to it a little longer. They do not deal with such a trial on a daily basis. This is called a harsh court, but this is not the case. You definitely need a few days to feel comfortable in this trial. As for the hall, it is beautiful. It is a new object, it is very beautiful. We hope it fills your mouth. Excellent dressing rooms with a place to refresh, sauna and jacuzzi, almost everything is in place. The staff for the game is already in my mind, but the ceremony is tomorrow, so we will announce everything in time.

Irina-Kameliya Begu

– I have played with Magda Linette several times, the last time I played at Cleveland and Iga at Wimbledon last year. But the Billie Jean King Cup is a completely different story, we play as a team, so we will fight with all the teams to win.

Michael Buzarnesku

– I had a chance to play against the top five players in the rankings. Roland Garros against Serena Williams, but my opponents were also Caroline Wozniacki, Karolina Pliskova and Elina Svitolina. More than once I played a double in a different role with Alica Rosolska. We played as partners on one side of the net, but we stood on both sides of the barricade, so I know Alan on both sides.

Andreea Prisacariu

– I am very happy with my debut in the national team. I didn’t expect that, but I’m happy to be here. I can’t say I’m not nervous, but whoever is not my opponent, I’m here to win. I am glad that Iga knows me and remembers the old days. I am proud that we played against each other at the age of 15-16 and now we see each other again and he is number one in the world. This is amazing. I’m here to support my team, it depends on what you need. I just want to show a good show. I hope that one day I will be able to return to Poland.

Captain Horia Tecau

– In fact, I finished my career at the end of last season, but in fact I played in the Davis Cup in March. Then there was a kind of role change, I went from an active tennis player to a team captain. I left the game and became a captain very quickly, which I liked very much, because there are beautiful girls in my team who I hope for a lot of success. It was very difficult to organize the queue at these special moments. There were changes due to injuries and accidents. Now the focus is on the current players who are ready to play.

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