Spring repertoire in Helios cinema network. COMPETITION!

In addition to Easter, family atmosphere and many traditions, it is also a place of rest and relaxation, you can also have fun in your favorite cinema. Next week, Helios invites all viewers to a rich repertoire of films for all audiences, regardless of age.

Friday News is a crazy adventure comedy with a star cast: “Everything is everywhere at once”. Fighting middle-aged mother Evelyn Wang finds the key to a network of intersecting worlds where she can discover all the paths she has never taken in her life: from a movie star to a famous chef. When the dark forces appear, Evelyn will have to use everything she has and everything that could ever happen to save her family.

Immediately after Christmas, the audience will be surprised by the film before the premiere in Helios: April 20 and 21. Later in the film, Nicholas Key will appear on the screens “The unbearable burden of great talent” and he … will play himself. The Hollywood star, who is in financial trouble, accepts a birthday invitation to the estate of the mysterious millionaire Javi (Pedro Pascal). This causes a number of dangerous events …

The latest adventures of the magic heroes await the audience who will go to the film Fantastic animals: Dumbledore’s secrets. The mighty magician Grindelwald wants to conquer the world of magic, and Professor Dumbledore knows that he will not stop it alone. Newt Scamander will lead a fearless team defending their world. Marvel fans will have a chance to admire Jared Leto for his role as Spider-Man antagonist in Morbius. The protagonist, who is terminally ill with a rare blood disease and decides to invent a cure, conducts experiments to the extent that it can lead to a terrible change.

Lany Monday, April 18, young viewers are waiting for a Christmas present – special screenings before the premiere of the film “SONIC 2. Fast as lightning” combined with competitions and awards. Sonic is a lovely blue hedgehog that moves faster than sound. He returns to the big screen in the next part of his adventure with the cunning Dr. Robotnik. It will be quite a follow-up on the screen! One day later, on Tuesday (April 19), the repertoire will include pre-premiere performances of this positive animation for the whole family!

The Easter atmosphere and crazy adventures will amaze the youngest audience in the film “Max Rabbit: Mission Easter Egg”. The protagonist re-enters the scene and sets out to save Easter and the Golden Easter Egg, the source of all the magic in the world.
Helios, which continues its daily series of free screenings in Ukrainian, invites you to two films every day from next Friday, April 15. The first of them – “44 cats” – Prepared with the youngest audience in mind, so it will be broadcast in the Ukrainian dubbed version. Older viewers will be interested in the film “Lasse and Maja’s Operations Department: First Secret” (Ukrainian voice version) – a hit introduction to a series of popular films about the adventures of little detectives and their first serious commission.

Koneser Cinema

Next Monday, April 18 period Koneser Cinema will present the film “Drive my car” This year, it won an Oscar® and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. This is a masterful adaptation of Haruki Murakami’s story, the audience goes on a film tour in the legendary Saab 900, learning the story of the protagonist. The theater actor and director is living a happy marriage. One day his wife disappears …

Culture exists

Thursday, April 21 as part of the period Accessible Culture the audience will watch the comedy “It must be love” Founded in a Christmas atmosphere. It is the story of three sisters who have been together and supported each other since childhood. But when there is a problem with men, the best storehouse of knowledge and experience is their mother. Misunderstandings, male whims, laughter … sometimes a life comedy full of tears. Movie emotions are a great idea to spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones! Details of the current repertoire are available at www.helios.pl and in the new Helios mobile application. Viewers can plan their visit to the cinema, save money by buying tickets in advance, and choose the best places. See you at the spring shows!


– Miraculous: Ladybug and Cat Noir, part 1

We invite you to another part of the film surprises in the new version – Film Mornings: Miracle: Biedronka and Czarny Kot, part 1, Sunday, April 24 at 10:30.

We will present a collection of fairy tales:

Heart Shame: Miracle Part Collision 1
The Miraculous Queen: The Collision of the Miraculous Part 2
Scenario: games and competitions with animator [10-15 min]

Full cinema repertoire April 15 – April 21, 2022


We have 2 double invitations to the cinema to win. By default, as in our competitions, the winners are the first to answer the following question.

What is the nationality of Michel Yeon, who starred in “Everything at once”?

Send an email to redakcja@gazetapowiatowa.pl. We are waiting for them today at 20.00. The first two people win.

It is important! Write your answer in the subject line of the email. Enter your first and last name in the text of the email where you will buy a ticket to the cinema. In addition, tickets can only be collected for the next week from April 15 to 22, 2022. The invitation is valid for 2D and 3D shows every day of the week. Does not apply to special projects.

The winners will be informed about the winnings tomorrow morning.

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