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It is very easy to measure the speed of your internet connection. However, the correctness of such a measurement requires the application of a number of extremely important rules.


As mentioned earlier, the actual speed of landline internet in Poland is about 80% of the declared speed. For a more complete picture of our market, it is worth referring to the data “Speed ​​rating of Internet providers in Poland” in the latest report of, which shows that the following Internet providers are on the podium:

Internet speed test - How to check internet speed?


This list includes 10 companies. It should be read even for people looking for an internet provider. This allows you to increase your chances of making the right choice and thus enjoy online downloading without the hassle of downloading and uploading files quickly, or overly annoying and spoiling the fun (lag) of the game.


If you want to check if your ISP provides access to the service with the parameters described in the contract, you need to check your connection speed yourself. This can be done using many different tools that share a similar working principle. Before you get to them, you need to remember a few extremely important rules that will make the tested speed of your application connection as close as possible to the real value:

– before moving internet speed test turn off all programs that may adversely affect bandwidth (running in the background can limit it and falsify the result). These include, for example, P2P programs, instant messaging and antivirus programs

Also check:

– If you can, connect your computer directly to the modem via Ethernet (LAN) cable

– If you are using a WiFi connection, make sure that no other device is using it. speed test

– If possible, turn off automatic updates in the system

– Reset the router before taking measurements

– realise Measuring Internet speed using the same browser several times with a break of a few minutes (consider the average result)

– Note that additional icons do not work in the browser during testing

How to measure the speed of your Internet connection – maximum speed

By signing the contract, you get a service whose parameters are determined by the maximum speed of downloading and sending data. Thus, the internet provider can reduce the download speed, for example, down 100 Mb / s protects against charges of customers who get a slightly lower result after checking the connection speed.

At this point, it is worth recalling the results of a study conducted by the European Commission in 2015, which included fixed Internet providers. We learn from them that most providers give inflated parameters of the lines they offer. On average, considering the three methods of providing landline internet, the actual speed is about 80% of the declared speed:

– cable television internet: 90.1 percent performance announced by operators

– fiber optic connections: 85.4 percent declared speed

– The most popular Internet connections used in xDSL technology: only 65% ​​of the efficiency declared by operators

As for Poland, the results obtained by many Internet providers do not differ from the average European values ​​(or even better in some cases). However, it is possible to be lucky, and in your case, these differences will be even sharper.

How to measure the speed of your Internet connection – online services

The most popular and valuable online service that allows internet connection test

It’s This tool checks ping (delay) as well as data downloads and uploads. Just press the button to start checking your connection speed START THE TEST.

Internet speed test - How to check internet speed?

How to measure your internet connection speed:

When the test process is complete, the above three results will appear on the screen, two of which you can compare with the results announced by your ISP.

Other services

However, on the Internet you can find more services with functions similar to those mentioned above (including the services of Internet providers), for example,, or Our observations show that all of them give very similar results.

How to measure the speed of the Internet connection – a very poor result is the fault of the provider?

Does the fact that the result deviates significantly from the declared transition speed mean that the ISP has deceived you? Not necessarily. The fault may be in the user. Your computer may appear to contain malicious code that contains part of the link (Windows 10: Press ctrl + alt + del> Select the Task Manager> icon “Performance” select the function “Open Resource Monitor”; in the bookmark Network you will see which processes are connected to the Internet; If there are suspicious items between them, right-click on them and select “online search”). Maybe the problem is elsewhere. So try:

– Install the latest drivers for the network card and software for the router

– turn on the control panel of the router and check the settings (Wi-Fi connection should be carried out in accordance with the fastest supported standard)

How to measure the speed of the Internet connection – the result is sharply weakened, what to do?

After performing all the described steps, it turns out that transition speed significantly different from the maximum declared by the actual internet provider, do not hesitate to complain in such a situation. However, do not forget to properly prepare for it through a series of screenshots that document the existence of the problem you report and not only occasionally, but constantly.

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