Internet Orange or INEA? Pros and cons in 2022

You are faced with choosing the best fiber for you. Which company do you think you will use? We have compared two leading fiber optic service providers for you. Orange optical fiber or INEA optical fiber – which offer to choose?

Orange or INEA – criteria:

  • accepted
  • subscription
  • symmetric / asymmetric proposal
  • additional features
  • The duration of the contract
  • summary

Range – Orange or INEA?

Orange fiber optical coverage map

Let’s be honest – INEA is lost in this category. Orange has a better range (or rather a wider infrastructure). He inherited the network structure from Telekomunikacja Polska and additionally expanded and modernized it.. Orange is available in all major cities of the country. Importantly, many small towns also have access to fiber. In addition, it often happens that Orange has this option in places where other operators do not have the technical capacity to provide services.

It is different with INEA. Due to the specifics (more on this later), the operator’s proposal is currently limited to specific voivodships, as well as specific areas. Currently, the operator provides services in the following provinces: Dolnoslaskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Łódzkie, Lubelskie, Mazowieckie, Opolskie and Wielkopolskie. In addition, as in any situation, it is worth checking a specific location.

Therefore, in this category, if we look independently, the Orange proposal definitely wins.

Winner: Orange.

Subscription – Orange or INEA?

The issue is complicated here, but we will try to clarify the situation a bit. Let’s start with orange. In this case, you get three basic fiber tariff options. You will have to pay 59.98 PLN for the main offer. As part of this offer, you will have access to fiber at speeds of up to 300 Mb / s with data download speeds. The data transfer rate is lower, in this case 50 Mb / s. Another option is the value of 69.98 per month. The download speed is 600 Mb / s and the download speed is 100 Mb / s. The last subscription limit is Orange 1wiatłowód 1 Gb / s. You will have to pay 79.98 PLN per month for this subscription. The download speed here is a maximum of 1 Gb / s, and the download speed is up to 300 Mb / s. These tariffs are valid for a 24-month contract. You can also sign an open contract, but then each subscription will cost more with 10 PLN.

How is INEA? The lowest subscription here starts from 74.90 PLN. As part of the package built in this way, you get network access at a maximum speed of 300 Mbps. However transfer both downloaded and downloaded files. The next limit is 84.90 PLN per month for 600 Mb / s speed on both sides, and for the highest package you will pay 94.90 PLN – in return you will get a maximum speed of 1 Gb / s on both sides. . You sign 24-month contracts.

How can you decide who is better in this situation? If we just look at the price, Orange wins. We are talking only about 24-month contracts.

Winner: Orange.

Symmetrical / Asymmetric Offer – Orange or INEA?

Orange internet promotion

In both cases, we are dealing with a technically different proposal. In the case of Orange Światłowód, this is a classic configuration in terms of bandwidth settings. This means that it is preferable to download data rather than send it. In such a configuration, for example, 600 Mb / s, in theory, this is the maximum speed at which you can download a particular file. In this case, the data transfer rate is much lower, for example, 100 Mb / s.

INEA internet

As for the INEA chain, we are dealing with a symmetric proposition. This means that if you decide on such an offer, the sample value of 600 Mb / s means that you will be able to use this speed for both downloaded and uploaded files. Simply put, in this case, you will send the files faster than the classic offer. From a technical point of view, this is a better solution. Especially if you play demanding games online.

Winner: INEA.

Additional options – Orange or INEA?

Both Orange and INEA offer more than just optical fiber. Or you can choose other services provided by the specified operator. Orange is known for its mobile services, but not only. Here you can also take advantage of the offer of TV and mobile internet. It also has a number of additional services and equipment to facilitate daily use of the services offered. The offer includes, among others, multi-room rooms and Wi-Fi signal amplifiers.

But INEA is not only the Fiber-optic Internet itself! Most operators now have comprehensive services. Therefore, here you will benefit not only from the Internet, but also from the offer of mobile telephony or TV. There were also additional devices, such as the aforementioned signal booster. Therefore, in this situation, everything depends on your needs. Therefore:

Winner: a draw.

Contract Term – Orange or INEA?

The issue here is a bit complicated. On the one hand, both Orange and INEA offer loyalty agreements signed for a period of 24 months. And this is the standard commitment period for most operators providing this type of service.

on the other hand Orange also offers an indefinite contract with a monthly warning. However, in this case, each subscription is more expensive with PLN 10, which brings it closer to the prices for symmetric communication in INEA. Therefore, in any case, the same sign should be put here.

See also:

Winner: a draw.

Summary: Orange or Inea?

Score: 4: 3 for Orange.

Orange Internet PLN 0 2 months

Both networks have a lot to offer. Unfortunately, in this particular case, much depends on the region of the country where you live. As mentioned earlier, the INEA network offer is limited in terms of territory. Among other things, the victory of the Orange is here. But if you live in one of the above-mentioned provinces, such speed is important to you due to a higher subscription fee, and you play demanding online games, for example, then INEA’s offer will be a very interesting alternative!

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