In March, prices in retail chains Auchan Lidl are high

According to a report by the ASM Sales Power Agency, in 10 of the 13 chains covered by the study, Shopping Cart, in March 2022, prices were higher than a month earlier.

“The shopping cart survey and report conducted by the ASM Sales Power Agency showed in March 2022. The average price of the basket is PLN 239.93. This means an increase of 4.69 PLN, or about 2 percent. compared to February of this year. The most significant price increase was recorded in the group of products related to the holidays, “the report said.

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Expensive in February, even more expensive in March

Only the basket of the cheapest products had to pay 187.13 PLN (4.82 PLN more than in February), and the basket of the most expensive products had to pay 336.42 PLN (31.67 PLN more than in February).

In March 2022, the difference between the cheapest and most expensive basket was 149.29 PLN, which is 26.86 PLN more than in February. The annual analysis of prices shows that in March 2022, the minimum basket was only 4.74 percent higher. The maximum basket in March 2022 was 6.66% more expensive than a year earlier. Compared to 2021

The cheapest are Auchan, Lidl and Macro

A survey conducted by the ASM Sales Force Agency in March 2022 showed that the cheapest purchases can be made at a discount (231.08 PLN). In March 2022, the most expensive shopping basket was another C&C network with an average price of 272.72 PLN, or more than 18%. more than the cheapest discounts.

The Auchan chain has maintained its leading position with the lowest average value of the shopping cart. The cost of the basket in the network amounted to 210.29 PLN – 6.73 PLN more than the cheapest basket owned by Auchan a month ago in February this year.

The differences in the average basket price between the first and second and third stores in the ranking are significant and amounted to 17.58 PLN (Lidl) and 20.03 PLN (Macro), respectively. In March 2022, the most expensive was another Cash & Carry chain, where you had to pay 272.72 PLN, or 30 percent, for the set of products analyzed. more than the cheapest Auchan stores.

March confirmed that Auchan is the leader in terms of minimum product prices, offering 17 products at minimum prices. Then came Biedronka and Lidl with 5 products at the lowest prices.

In March this year, four products were offered at minimum prices. In Intermarché, Macro and Netto, 3 such products were found in 3 Kaufland stores, E. Leclerc stores and other Cash & Carry stores, and 1 in Carrefour and Dino stores.

The most expensive products (16) were found in March this year. Found in the E. Leclerc network. It is followed by Polomarket stores (8 products), then: Dino (7 products), Biedronka, Lidl and other Cash & Carry chain (5 products), Intermarché and Kaufland (4 products), Netto (3 products), Auchan (2 products). ) and Carrefour were analyzed with 1 product with the highest price out of 40 products.

Increases fats, meat, food and fish, beverages, supplements, dairy products, stimulants and alcohol.

According to the ASM Sales Force Agency, in March 2022, compared to 2021, 6 product categories became more expensive: meat, meat and fish, beverages, supplements, dairy products, stimulants and alcohol and fatty foods. The largest increase in prices during the year (53.75%) was recorded last month in the category of fatty products. You can see that this growth is growing even more.

From the calculations of experts The ASM Sales Force Agency reports that dairy products rose by about 10 percent, meat and fish by almost 4 percent, and beverages and alcohol by more than 15 percent.

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The most expensive Easter of the year

“One of the most expensive Easter holidays has been waiting for us for many years,” said Patryk Górczyński, managing director of the ASM Sales Forces Agency.

In our opinion, the ever-increasing prices for fuel, gas and energy have a very negative impact and will continue to affect producers in the coming months. Many of them have already raised the price level of their goods or changed the grammar. Although retailers are trying to compensate for these increases with promotional campaigns for individual products, in the coming months they will also have to reconsider their prices, unfortunately, “added the expert of the ASM Sales Power Agency.

A shopping cart survey conducted by ASM Sales Force Agency in March 2022 showed that the cheapest purchases can be made in discount stores (231.08 PLN).

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In accordance with the adopted methodology, the Purchasing Basket report analyzes the prices of the sample shopping cart, which includes: the most popular FMCG products from the main categories (eg dairy products, meat and sweets, beverages, sweets, alcohol, household chemicals). , cosmetics, etc.). The ASM Sales Force Agency is investigating the prices of the same 40 products in both traditional stores and 13 retailers in the e-commerce channel.

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