A French woman would not wear such shoes. But Americans love them

Thousands of guides have been written about the French style – the indifferent style of girls from the Seine continues to delight women around the world. So much so that records of internet popularity are being broken by the Instagram accounts of fashion editors, stylists and influencers from Paris and other French cities. Their “don’t do” and “don’t do” actions on clothes, bags, accessories and (above all) shoes regularly set trends. Sometimes, however, there are other extreme completely different girls, and the choice of fashion is a matter of style, which is closest to us. This applies, for example, to shoes that French women do not wear, but girls from the United States love them. Which pairs are we talking about?

French style shoes: What do Parisian women wear?

There is probably nothing more subjective than taste: some can feel good in simple, minimalist clothes, while others find themselves at home in a sea of ​​dopamine clothes and colors. The key is to find things that will make us feel good and happy. Inspire yourself Paris style It is important to remember that if we are not sure of them, we do not have to copy their 1: 1 views. In the case of Scandinavian women, Italian women or … American women. It may turn out that even if we sigh at the soft cardigans and floral skirts with slits in the “je ne sais quoi” climate, we would like to wear them with the shoes we see in Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Emma Stone or other fashionable shoes. American stars (and Seine, ballerinas, loafers, espadrilles, or duck-heeled pumps are not popular).

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American women love comfortable and sneakers and high-heeled shoes, and they do not always match what we can find in the wardrobe of French dog girls.

Which pairs are we talking about? French style expert and local French woman Marie-Anne Lecoeur notes that there are up to 10 types of shoes that French women never wear (At the same time, it is worth remembering that there are always exceptions to the rule, and it is better to treat it under the sign of “plurality”). He lists models such as foam crocodiles, sneakers on a thick platform, boots with high curls up to the middle of the thigh, bear-shaped shoes, shoes with thick plastic soles and thick knots, gladiators, boots. Nails in the style of Maison Margiela designs, sheer high-heeled shoes, soft emu shoes and ugly sandals in an orthopedic climate.

America’s favorite shoes. 3 pairs in the style of girls

On the contrary – the most famous American women from Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner or Emma Chamberlain, and even the above-mentioned actresses, eagerly choose even half of those mentioned by Lecoeur. Girls from the United States love it sports shoes those in any form and in the “grandfather” variant, that is, they are always worn with an inflated and thick heel. White and navy blue Supergs are also very popular in the United States – for example, Bieber has a platform sneaker in his wardrobe, he is a big fan of sneakers and even wears them with sensitive clothes.

The second pair worth noting emu. By the way, the famous Australian sheepskin boots, which recently returned to fashion in a frenzy and caused a sensation on Instagram, are very common in America, especially during the transition seasons. They also loved Kendall Jenner, who appeared in LA in her favorite coffee-milk pair, who loved to wear a set with a sweater and a motorcycle bag.

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Emu / GettyImages by Kendall Jenner

The list closes with pins. An American is a must, not only on the red carpet, but also at any home party or just going for a drink (remember the style of Kerry Bradshane in “Sex and the City”?). The ones in the transparent version, so-called clear heelsLaunched by the Kardashian-Jenner family a few seasons ago, the model is still very popular abroad. In recent years, they have seen not only Kim Kardashian, but also singer Jennifer Hudson, actress Taylor Schilling or model and influential Amina Blu, who prefer shoes that combine sheer heels and knee-high boots. Transparent plastic high-heeled shoes also attracted attention in the street fashion photos of the last New York Fashion Week.

As you can see – French and American women are completely different poles in terms of favorite shoes. Which of them is closer to your wardrobe? Or maybe you decided to go into fashion eclecticism? More Fashion Couples in Style Girls from the United States You can see it in our gallery.

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