Zuckerberg announces: Instagram with its NFT collection


The popularity of NFT technology is moving to the next level. NFT tokens will soon be available on Instagram. The owner of Meta has not yet announced how the technology can be used in a popular program, but experts agree – Instagram and NFT are an almost perfect combination. So, Mark Zuckerberg takes the next step to create your own Metaversen.

NFT on Instagram – a chance to win?

South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual conglomerate of parallel film, music and technology festivals and conferences held in Austin, USA in mid-March. That’s why SXSW is the perfect place to announce news that will live in the world of new technologies. Mark Zuckerberg did not miss the opportunity and said that the company plans to introduce NFT on Instagram in the near future. Although the founder of Facebook (today’s Meta) did not disclose many details, he stressed that the integration of invaluable tokens with photo and video sharing software is one of the challenges facing his company.

How did Fancy Bears build the Metaverse NFT community?

– The publication of videos, graphics and photos is in line with the capabilities offered by NFT, and the integration of blockchain-based technology with Instagram seems quite a natural process. However, it is still unclear what it means for NFT to be on Instagram. Will it be possible to sell a popular post as NFT? Or maybe Meta will go a little further and offer the option of creating digital entry tickets to events, and so this will be an opportunity to increase your earning opportunities on social media – says Bartosz Bilicki, founder and CEO of startup SmartVerum, which symbolizes art and craftsmanship. Creates an “artistic” metaverse.

Instagram – art or erotica?

Recall that NFT tokens use blockchain technology to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and track their owner. NFT means “irreversible sign” and can contain everything that is technically digital – drawings, animated GIFs, songs or video game elements.

NFT – The next step for Metaverse

The news of NFT’s appearance on Instagram is another signal that Zuckerberg wants to be one of the pioneers in promoting the technology. Last summer, Instagram hosted a virtual, but not just special invitation, NFT beats conference called “Creators Week.”

What do we know about Metaverse? Az. And this is good news

Even earlier, Zuckerberg announced the creation of his metaversion, whose abbreviated name was adopted by Zuckerberg for his company. According to him, this will be a new face of the Internet, a virtual space where people can communicate with each other using different technologies. As a result, the experience will be deepened, and it will be through a combination of people, hardware and software. In short, the metaverse is designed as a real-world simulation where you can work, learn, socialize, relax, and participate in virtual concerts, and we’ll test you using glasses before you go on a real vacation. The hotel we choose meets our expectations.


Would life be better without Facebook and Instagram?

– Although Metaverse is an open world and accessible to everyone, it does not mean that it will be completely free. Today, there are many indications that we will pay for the opportunities it opens with virtual currency. Yes? Each metaversion has its own answer – $ MANA in Decentraland, $ SAND in the Sandbox. How will we pay in the world of Mark Zuckerberg? Maybe you should look for the answer in the Diem project (former Libra) or, for example, in Flow, which is very similar to Diem. However, we can be sure that the solution will be simple for Instagram users and will not require the installation of additional browser extensions (for example, Metamask) – says Bartosz Bilicki, founder and CEO of the startup SmartVerum.

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