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As the last few months have shown, working from home can be very difficult – especially if we don’t have a very fast and stable internet connection. When the voices of our colleagues are constantly crackling and fading, it is difficult to pay attention to an important video conference when we see a black screen instead of the faces of the interlocutors.

Users who do not have a stable internet connection at home are in a particularly difficult situation. The reasons for this decision are different – many people move frequently and do not want to have a long-term contract with a particular supplier, while others are unable to pay the expensive subscription fee and are afraid of hidden costs.

The game helps us. The mobile operator has also been offering landline internet since last year, and its offer is different from others – there are several reasons why it’s worth signing a contract with Play.


The Play offer includes three connection speeds: 150 Mb / s, 300 Mb / s and 600 Mb / s. The services are provided in a reliable fixed line technology that provides stable speed and low ping. The basic option is best for simple applications – watch emails and social media, stream movies and make video calls.

Large families should pay attention to the 300 Mb / s package created for comfortable remote work and e-learning. If many devices in our home use the network at the same time, this is a great choice – thanks to the wider connection, we can be sure that none of them will suddenly disconnect.

Fans of playing and broadcasting high-definition movies will appreciate the highest 600 Mb / s package, which allows you to easily download new titles from Steam or Xbox Game Pass without unlimited and low ping when we are in the middle of an online game.


Regardless of the option chosen, the deal on Play gives us a great choice. We do not have to sign it for one or two years to get reliable access to the network – the operator offers the opportunity to cancel the service at any time, at no additional charge. Thanks to this, we can choose a stable Internet in a situation where we know we will move, and we are not afraid that breaking the contract will be burdensome. It is worth noting that this is the cheapest offer on the market, starting from 35 PLN per month.

Play also offered one offer to existing customers: they can get a landline connection for as little as 30 PLN per month. If we do not plan to move in the next 24 months, it is worth taking advantage of a special offer for Christmas. As part of it, we will sign a contract for a period of two years, during which we can use the network for free for the first 6 months.

During each contract, Play provides us with a modem with a built-in Wi-Fi router; After resigning from the service, the company will demand its return. The installation will be carried out by a mechanic who will come to our house as soon as possible after concluding a contract at the request of the operator. If for some reason we can not accept it within the period specified by Play, we can contact the operator and set a new date for the trip.


The Internet is not the only source of entertainment we used last year (and we still use it today) – it’s nice to sit on the couch in front of the TV and burn a movie, sports or documentary after a hard day’s work. channel. Now the Play offer includes a special package offering 150 Mb / s landline internet, Play NOW TV with access to more than 50 Polish and foreign stations and a large selection of sports broadcasts, the original Viaplay service. series and movie hits.

The offer includes, among others, National Geographic documentary channels, entertainment programs (Comedy Central, Fox Comedy), children’s stations, sports and music channels – with this option, our exciting content to watch will never run out. The price of the package is equally impressive; Play customers can pay as little as 45 PLN per month.

It is enough to live in the area covered by the service to take advantage of all the benefits offered by the landline Play Internet; At present, the network reaches almost every corner of Poland and is constantly growing. It does not matter if we are not yet in its scope – the operator has developed an equally convenient alternative for us in the form of wireless Internet.

We can choose from four packages (100, 200, 500 and 1000 GB at full speed) and choose a router for just one zloty for each. Now we can also take advantage of the “2x more GB” holiday offer: when we choose the 100 GB package, Play will give us another 100 GB as a gift, all for 50 PLN at an attractive price and 9 PLN to start with a wireless router. Thanks to this, we will be in touch with the world even when we live in a small town. But it is comfortable and simple …


The Play offer includes many packages, and the following guide will help you choose the one that best suits your needs. First of all, pay attention to how fast the transfer you need. If you share your space with one or two people who use the Internet mainly for business and social media, a basic 150 Mb / s will suffice. Many families and active network users have to choose a 300 Mb / s package, while players or people who work with large files on a daily basis need 600 Mb / s.

Then decide if you prefer an open or 24-month contract. In the first case, you will pay 35 PLN per month for a 150 Mb / s package, 45 PLN for 300 Mb / s, and a total of 55 PLN for an ultra-fast 600 Mb / s connection. In the main 24-month contract for the Christmas presentation, you will receive 6 months of free services. Play customers can additionally choose a special offer starting from 30 PLN. Also consider choosing a package that provides access to Play NOW TV.

There is no hidden cost of fixed line Internet from Play. We will receive the router free of charge during the contract period, and the only additional, one-time fee is related to the visit of the installer – it costs 50 PLN.

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