Stranger Things actress on sexuality in Hollywood. “It’s disgusting”

Millie Bobby Brown spoke of the “obvious” sexuality she faced as a teenager trying to make a name for herself in Hollywood. “It’s rude,” she said, adding that her experience “reflects well what is happening in the world and how young girls are sexized.”

The 12-year-old British actress, who starred in Netflix’s popular “Strange Things” series, spoke about the difficulties of growing up in the spotlight. In the Guilty Feminist podcast, Brown spoke of the 18-year-old turning everything into a perspective for him.

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“I do the same things that every eighteen-year-old grows up in, struggling with relationships and friendships, and so on,” he said. “Like and try to adapt – it’s all very important and you try to do it [poznać] myself The only difference is that I do it in public. “

“It’s disgusting”

Millie Bobby Brown said she was forced to have sex in Hollywood: “It could be really big.” “In the last few weeks, when I turned 18, I’ve struggled with it more. I can definitely see the difference between how people behave and how the press and social media react to my adulthood.”

“It’s disgusting” The actress went on to say that her experience in Hollywood “reflects well what is happening in the world and how young girls are sexually active. I’ve done it – but I’ve always done it.”

The actress referred to the online criticism and sexuality she faced growing up in the spotlight when she was 16 years old. “There are times when I get angry at inappropriate comments, sex, and unnecessary insults, which results in pain and insecurity. ” – he wrote in an article on Instagram celebrating his 16th birthday in 2020.

They waited until he was of legal age to create a forum with his nude photos

On February 19, when National Bobby Brown turned 18, groups began to form on Reddit looking for nude photos of the actress. Although the site decided to delete the posts after the intervention of angry fans and admirers, the actress’s Instagram was full of comments from people who were unequivocal about the appearance of the series “Eleven”.

Sexualization of young girls in show business: threats to adolescents

The 18-year-old actress’s statement shows that it is not necessary to look far to see how the media sexes young girls.

The sexualization of young female artists has always been a problem in the entertainment industry, but we are now beginning to realize its seriousness.

This not only hinders the behavior of adolescents, but also has a negative impact on their mental health. What is sexualization? When characters, especially adolescents, are viewed through the prism of sexuality, and their personalities as personalities are placed against the background of sexual attraction.

Britney's sexuality was the number one topic Photo.  Brenda Chase / Newsmakers

Britney’s sexuality was the number one topic Photo. Brenda Chase / Newsmakers

Photo: Getty Images

Examples include dolls designed for children in sexy clothing such as mesh socks or artists. Britney Spears, Presented in the 1998 clip “Baby One More Time” as a sexy schoolgirl wearing a school uniform (the artist himself was only 16 at the time). In an interview, the pop star said he wanted to protect his two sons from the sexual image he created on screen. There is a big difference between being sexy and being sexy. Irish singer Sinead O’Connor criticized the music industry for trying to sell records of young stars. “You can’t make sex out of rock ‘n’ roll – that’s really important. I’m worried that most sexy artists look like children and that their audience is childish,” he said.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman was 13 years old in the film “Leon the Professional”. Patrick CAMBOULIVE / Sygma via Getty Images

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Adolescents’ sexuality leads to the persistence of gender stereotypes, can cause a variety of problems, including those related to mental health. The most common: anxiety, eating disorders, depression, self-harm, low self-esteem and suicidal thoughts. Sexuality creates unrealistic expectations about the appearance of bodies. First of all, this applies to women in movies and music videos, whose proportions are very difficult to achieve. But boys can also be sexualized. When teenagers compare themselves to superheroes or social media influencers, a toxic personality culture can also cause problems with body image.

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