“My husband made inappropriate offers to young girls. In court, I stood behind him, but in the end I became wise. ”- Real life

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When the scandal with Martha N. started, and it was a few years ago, it wasn’t so pink in our marriage. For a while, my husband ran his own driving school and worked all day, and I traveled between the mayor’s office, my sick mother, and home. there was always a lot to see here. In short, we did not get along very well, so we did almost nothing together.

Each of us even spent the weekend separately. I went to the field, my husband went fishing or visited my brother in the village, he helped him on the farm. Trials only The claim brought us together in a way. For the first time in many weeks, my wife and I sat in the living room to discuss the situation.

– So you didn’t offer this girl anything …? – I was convinced and Tomasz looked at me angrily.

“Who do you think I am, Granny?” He shouted. “She’s not twenty yet!” Plus, I wouldn’t risk my school’s reputation!

– So what? Did he make up this whole story? – I was surprised.

– How do I know? Maybe he wants to take money, – he shrugged.

– Money? After all, the court will not award him compensation, most of all you will be put behind bars – I said, and probably only then I realized the seriousness of the situation.

– Well, don’t look at me like that! Tomash snorted. “I’m telling you, little things lie!” I traveled with him for a few hours, but I never offered anything wrong in my life! Snot’s driving lessons were getting worse, and he probably wanted revenge – that’s where my husband raised his voice.

I thought he would not addbut I did not say another word. Tomas was irritated without my comments. However, when I went to court, my suspicions returned, and I did not hesitate to raise this issue again.

“Tell me the truth, Tomas,” I asked, parking the car in front of the courthouse. – If you lie to me, I will never forgive you …

– How many times do I have to tell you that I did not make a mistake ?! He sobbed and angrily slammed the door and got out of the car.

I just followed him out of office. The thought of one of my wife’s students accusing her of hurting me broke my heart. I will not mention my shame …

They could not prove his guilt

Our city is almost a big village. The church, the primary school, the commune office and a few streets on the cross. So the issue spread like wildfire, and I knew that now almost everyone knows. In the courtroom Ashamed, I almost burned myselfWhen Martha N. spoke with tears in her eyes about Tomasz’s behavior.

“Every time the weather got warmer, every time I took my afternoon classes, he would tell me to go back to the sawmill on this uncontrolled road and park in the square in front of the building,” he testified. – Later, he repeatedly called me to have sex and promised to take an exam instead. Because he knew someone at the driving center and …

She cut off her voice and my purple-faced husband jumped up and shouted:

– You lie! This is nonsense!

– Please calm down or I’ll take you out of the room! The judge rebuked him. “Please go on,” said Martha N.

– When I refused and wanted to change the instructor, he began to bother me. In the evenings he stands in front of my house, writes vulgar sms and …

– Protest! Her husband’s lawyer got up from his seat. – I can’t prove that my client sent an SMS! You can get a phone card from any kiosk!

Thomas, his face still red, pursed his lips, and tapped his fingers on the table until the judge told him to stop.

A few minutes later the girl broke up once and for all. It was clear that talking about such intimate topics in a public forum was very expensive for him. I thought she looked beautiful and calm – she was modestly dressed and had almost no makeup. Undoubtedly, she was not one of the whimsical young women you often see on the streets.

The alleged rape and continued persecution for a long time, but in the end the court found that the prosecution could not prove any of the charges against him. And that’s it.

“I told you I didn’t make a mistake!” – Tomash won. – He pulled this nonsense from his finger!

It was the first time I thought my husband could be guilty. There was something I didn’t like about their eyes. But I was silent, because I did not like to talk about it – I was tired of all this and just prayed that the locals would forget everything as soon as possible. I also wanted to forget.

I once believed. But the second time?

A year later we moved to the neighboring city. My husband’s driving school was incomplete, and I found a better job, so we sold the apartment and bought a small house near the forest. When we open most of the cartons and move them to ourselves after we move, Tomas began to look for a new job. He tried to find a new job, but his dreams came to an end and the rest of his savings leaked. from a leaking bucket as water.

Finally, my husband entered a large grocery store, and I breathed a sigh of relief. Unemployment was not good for him at all – he drank a lot and got angry. He immediately revived his new job, gathered energy and made new friends. The next two years passed quietly. It is true that we lived side by side more than we lived together, but it was not bad. We even started spending more time together, we bought a new car. And then Agnieszka S.

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon. At that time, I was alone at home.

“Mrs. Granny?” I’m talking about your husband. Can I come in, or will we talk like that in front of the gate? He asked.

There were aggressive notes in his voice. About Tomasz? Although I didn’t like the tone of it, I didn’t throw it away. I had to find out what happened.

“Please come in,” I said. – Would you like something to drink?

He asked for coffee and looked at our living room as if he wanted to quickly assess how good our work was. And then he said something cold to me.

– Your husband hurt me at work. He is my leader, so things are not so interesting. Tomek repeatedly touched me, offered sex and …

– How can you say such things ?! I shouted nervously.

The girl did not look as innocent as Martha N. On the contrary – it was obvious that he was a fraudwho wants money …

“You don’t believe me, of course,” he just shrugged. – But I have witnesses. The whole wholesaler saw him go with his paws! If we can’t get it, I will go to court. Let’s say he used forty thousand tricks, he said, smiling at the fox, and then he finished his coffee and started to take it. “If I don’t get my money by the end of the week, I will start looking for a lawyer,” he threatened.

Tomash returned from work two hours later. When I told him that a stranger was coming, he went crazy.

– You do not understand that he just corrects me?! – It was foaming. “He heard from someone that someone was accusing me and decided to go for it.” Several false witnesses and I’m fucked for good!

“I don’t believe you,” I said softly. – Then I was behind you during the scandal with that girl. But this time you can’t tell me that another young girl is trying to seduce you!

– But I tell you, he wants to win! She is just an ordinary prostitute who knows the opportunity! He is sleeping, with whom does he fall, I think every warehouse worker did it once and now he is innocent ?! Virgin found …

– You offered sex to that girl, didn’t you? – I interrupted him.

– Do you want to talk about a driving school child again? – My husband seemed to have a stroke.

“Answer me, Tom,” I insisted.

– Maybe I missed something, but as a joke! You know, ragged talk, flirting, is not a big deal Finally he confessed and looked.

We are divorced today. I never found out if my husband had really insulted the warehouse worker, although it most likely was. After looking at our statement from the joint account, I realized that there was a lot of cash missing. Not forty thousand, but enough – you see, they were negotiating, and the clever blackmailer lowered his voice.

Tomasha can’t accept my departure. They call and beg me to come back, says he loves. But I can’t live with someone I don’t trust.

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