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Author: Jan Guss-Gasiński
Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X

Ford Puma, a model in the genre of older city dwellers, should not be afraid of extinction. It was a quick hit when it hit the market, and now with a 7-speed PowerShift transmission, it’s even more domestic and ready for greater success. Is it worth paying extra for an automatic transmission? It all depends on the owner.

We love cats, so this isn’t the first time a Ford Puma has appeared in an editorial parking lot. We have already compared it to the closely related Fiesta, and we were able to arrange a meeting with his ancestor – a sporty, 3-door coupe from the 90s. Another time we were visited by the most predatory version of ST, you with him. can be very entertaining without catnip. Finally, it’s time for the most sporty version – the hybrid mHEV in the ST-Line version with PowerShift automatic transmission. Given how many times we have been involved in this model, this time we will focus only on the driving experience. Is the automatic version the best choice?

Ford Fiesta ST-Line vs. Ford Puma ST-Line X – TEST, OPINION, COMPARISON. Agile …

Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X
Author: Jan Guss-Gasiński
Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X

The choice is not easy

There is a lot to choose from in the manufacturer’s range under the blue oval sign. Looking for a car in the city, there is a Fiesta in front of us, the hood will make Puma, off-road EcoSport and even a little bigger Focus. How to get out of the salon? It’s not an easy decision, but sometimes if you go on a tour, get off the asphalt (not necessarily a wild area) and tremble when you see high curbs in the city and enjoy driving, I think we are a winner.

Of all these models, Puma would get the most points in these categories. From the above, it has the largest ground clearance (164 mm), the largest and most practical luggage compartment (456 l) and at the same time allows you to have fun behind the wheel like a smaller Fiesta. All this is thanks to Ford engineers, who prioritize good driving characteristics. In fact, almost no city dweller reacts so quickly to the commands of the steering wheel and takes turns with such confidence. The Puma is 70 mm taller than the Fiesta, but it complements it with a stiffer suspension – especially in the top-tier version of the ST-Line X.

Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X
Author: Jan Guss-Gasiński
Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X

Only three dishes

Unfortunately, when it comes to units, customers no longer have this option. The Ford Puma is available exclusively with 3-cylinder petrol units (1.0 EcoBoost mHEV) ranging from 125 to 155 horsepower. By default, the device is combined with a 6-speed manual, but optional 7-speed automatic (PowerShift). Only the sports ST model is available with a larger 1.5-liter petrol engine with 200 horsepower, but then only the manual transmission is available. Strict fans of the big aggregates will say that a liter is a carton of milk, but the EcoBoost engine has won several Oscars. That sounds like something, doesn’t it?

Little helper

The 155-horsepower Mieszczucha is powered by a gasoline engine powered by a 48-volt unit that recovers after a gas recuperation. After activating the Start & Stop system, the car can keep the air conditioning and all onboard systems in operation for a long time until it restarts. But keep in mind that this is not a hybrid with a plug or even a “full hybrid”, so it is not an option to drive with a single current. The electrical installation, at least in practice, should allow for better and less combustion results. How is it in practice? With an automatic transmission, the cat’s appetite is small. Several tens of kilometers around the city and the surrounding road ended with a result of 5 l / 100 km. Puma covered the next kilometers in traffic jams in Warsaw, but the average fuel consumption in the whole test did not exceed 7 liters. On the road, you can rely on a very similar result when driving according to the rules.

Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X
Author: Jan Guss-Gasiński
Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X


The engine is very lively in terms of liter capacity, although the acceleration results could not be repeated during the measurements. Each time the car accelerated differently for several approaches. It’s not even a proverb about “swelling”, it’s about the work of the box. Once dragged two, once three. Finally, the best result we could get was 8 seconds (with one person on board) – better than the manufacturer claims (8.7 seconds). During slower and faster driving, we are always accompanied by a characteristic that is not approved by the entire 3-cylinder set, decorated with whistles of the turbocharger discharge valve. With a stiff suspension and a sensitive steering wheel, the driver can feel like a real athlete.

Sometimes it is thoughtful

Speaking of the gearbox itself, you can’t complain much about its performance, the Dual Clutch PowerShift transmission (7-speed) works quite well, but there were moments when it slipped – mostly during landing. What surprised me was that the use of a machine gun did not allow engineers to get rid of a certain problem. Puma has to wait a long time for each driver effects after pressing the accelerator. It lacks strength in the lower range, but breaks down with its front “claws” as if it were angry after overcoming a certain ceiling.

Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X
Author: Jan Guss-Gasiński
Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X

He likes to travel and do big shopping

Ford Puma loves to travel both small and large. Maneuvering around the city is easy because the car is flexible, maneuverable, and available with options that support daily trips, such as a rear view camera, parking sensors and blind spot assistants, or an active braking Collision Prevention system. Outside the city, in turn, the steam does not run out, and the head does not hurt. As with the Little Fiesta, driving at highway speeds is simply a pleasure, especially with the optional adaptive cruise control system. As I mentioned, it is also impossible to complain about fuel consumption, because it should not exceed 7 l / 100 km when driving properly.

Due to its size, the Puma is probably the most practical car in its class. By default, there are 456 liters in the trunk, but after folding the seats, we have 1216 liters. This is enough to bring a 160 cm table from the famous Swedish supermarket – even in the ST version. Under the trunk floor there is a MegaBox with a capacity of 80 liters. This allows you to safely carry smaller luggage, as well as larger sizes vertically. You can also carry dirty or wet items there, as the cork hidden at the bottom makes it easier to rinse the walls and get rid of clutter.

Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X
Author: Jan Guss-Gasiński
Ford Puma 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 HP Power Shift ST-Line X

Ford Puma – Prices in Poland

The Puma starts at 99,500 PLN in the Polish price list (Titan, 125 KM mHEV 6MT), thus costing at least 116,550 PLN with automatic transmission. However, we are getting a bit richer equipment, as PowerShift is only available in the higher version of Titanium X. With a 125-horsepower engine, the ST-Line X’s top-of-the-line, civil-tested version costs 113,050 PLN, but we already get a lot here as standard. Rich or comfortable? It depends on the customer. You can have both, but upgrading this version with a 7-speed gearbox raises the price to 121,250 PLN. If someone can spend so much money on a city crossover, it is worth paying an additional 300 PLN for a more powerful, 155-horsepower version.

Version / Engine Titan Titan X ST-Line ST-Line X ST ST X
1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 125 horsepower MT6 99 500 PLN 108 350 PLN 104,200 PLN 113,050 PLN
1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 125 horsepower AT7 116,550 PLN 121,250 PLN
1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 horsepower MT6 107,500 PLN 116 350 PLN
1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 horsepower AT6 124,550 PLN
1.5 EcoBoost 200 horsepower MT6 113 90 PLN 146,400 PLN

Is it worth paying extra for the car?

I didn’t like the Ford Puma with automatic transmission, because I prefer to feel and “swing” the lever in cars that are very fun to drive, but most people pay attention to comfort when choosing a car for the city. The automatic machine relieves the driver of the obligation to deal with the clutch and jack, and is most irritating in congested agglomerations. For those who love to drive, but sometimes still have to carry their family and do a little more shopping, it’s hard to find a better option in the high-end urban segment. My words are reflected in the statistics, because Puma is now a very desirable model – both in Poland and in the West.

Ford Puma – 1.0 EcoBoost mHEV 155 horsepower AT7

MOTOR R3, 12V, turbo
Fuel gas
Capacity 998 cm3
Maximum power 155 horsepower at 5500 rpm
Torque 220 Nm at 3000 rpm
Maximum speed 200 km / h
Acceleration 0-100 km / h 8.7 p
Transmission automatic, 7-speed (Power Shift)
Drive front (FWD)
Fuel tank capacity 42 l
Catalog average fuel consumption (WLTP) 6.1 l / 100 km
CO2 emissions 132-145 q / km
Length 4207 mm
Width 1805 mm
Height 1534 mm
Wheel base 2588 mm
Own weight 1,334 kg
Luggage compartment capacity (seats folded) 456 l
Front / rear brakes ventilated discs / discs
Front suspension McPherson struts
Rear suspension torsion beam
Front and rear wheels (test model) 215/50 R18

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