Internet can become more expensive. Uncertain assessment of the bill

Restricting competition risks creating a less favorable commercial environment, but state security cannot be understood only from a financial perspective, said Krzysztof Dyki, a telecommunications market expert and president of ComCERT, referring to one of the provisions of the amended law. National Cybersecurity System. In turn, the President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce Andrzej Arendarski said that any regulation should not contradict the principles of equal access to the market.

  • The act is a good step forward, so, among other things, the backwardness of our country will not significantly increase the level of security.
  • Today, a center in the field of cyber security, a specialized analytical research and certification service center must be established.
  • The new version of the draft law on the National Cyber ​​Security System is effective from March 15 this year. On the website of the Government Legislative Center (RCL).

Work on a new version of the Law on the National Cyber ​​Security System has been going on since September 2020, evoking emotions in a large part of the telecommunications industry. A new version of the bill was published on the website of the Government Legislative Center in mid-March.

Not for companies outside the EU and NATO

Despite protests from the telecommunications industry, the bill still includes a provision to exclude telecommunications companies outside Europe from building Poland’s 5G network.

“Restricting competition will, of course, result in the risk of less favorable commercial conditions, but the security of the state cannot be understood only through the financial prism,” said Krzysztof Dyki, a telecommunications market expert and president of ComCERT.

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According to him, if the government decides to exclude certain groups of entities, it can be assumed that it has conducted an analysis and is aware of the financial consequences of the solution, which we consider optimal for our security.

“If such an analysis is made and the risk of abuse of a dominant position by other contractors is officially acknowledged, there is no risk that the restriction of competition will have a negative impact on future costs associated with the purchase of hardware, software and services,” he said. Krzysztof Dyki.

High cost of telecommunication services

President of the Polish Chamber of Commerce Andrzej Arendarski is ready to argue this thesis.

– The main result of the exclusion of companies from outside Europe, and thus restricting the activities of cheaper companies in the Middle Kingdom in this market, may be a rise in prices. Finally, consumers will pay for the hardware and software replacement process of high-risk suppliers. The small number of telecommunications service operators is a bad forecast not only for households but also for small industrial companies, which will lose their position in the local market in favor of large operators, predicts the president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce.

In the final draft of this act, Krzysztof Dyki shows which solutions are useful and which can be challenged.

– It is a good step to accept a telecommunications commitment as a party to continue with high-risk suppliers. The expert notes that, on the one hand, the issue of an institution with official authority to test and certify cybersecurity, on the one hand, and with such authority on the other, remains unresolved.

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