How to find an employee through the Internet. 4 effective methods

Labor market research shows that today 9 out of 10 Poles aged 24-39 are looking for a job online. The Internet has great potential for convenient and effective search of employees. You just have to know how to use it effectively.

There are many benefits to looking for a job online. First of all – save time. Second, such a solution allows access to a wide range of experts from all over the country (or the world). Advertising published on the Internet also allows you to create interactive content that attracts the attention of future employees, which creates a positive image of the company as modern.

However, for the measures to be effective, companies need to pay attention to several issues.

The search for a job on the Internet begins long before the recruitment announcement. Potential employees and professionals in their fields do not focus only on the level of salary or the scope of their duties. Before applying for a particular position, they check the employer’s views on quality and brand credibility.

Thus, the best shop windows of the company are not only satisfied customers, but also satisfied employees. Their positive feedback about the brand as an employer is a clear signal to others that it is worth applying to a particular company.

– As part of our employer branding activities, we recommend, among other things, to take care of the content that appears on the Internet after entering the sensitive expressions “brand + business” – suggests Sebastian Kopiej from PR Commplace. “Whether they are positive or negative affects the company’s image as an employer,” he added.

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2. Social media is a new way of hiring

A study by the Randstad Research Institute shows that 9 out of 10 employees use social media. Facebook is the most popular – 85% use it. respondents. More than half, 17 percent, use Instagram. 16 percent from TikTok and the usual LinkedIn business.

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According to a survey by, it is already 54 percent. When looking for job offers, job-seeking Poles turn to general social media channels. It is the second most important tool for job search after portals with 72% of job offers. respondents.

Business social networking sites are less common (28%), but are still quite popular among people looking for employers ’offers.


Thanks to social media, employers can now reach candidates faster and at a lower cost. Unlike advertising agencies or websites, recruitment on social media is completely free. Social media tools allow employers to connect with their target audience and easily determine if candidates are culturally appropriate for the company.

3. Take care of the website

The company’s website is where they end up. In addition, the InterviewMe report shows that, among others, almost 40 percent. Candidates, job offers are searched directly on the employers’ website.

– It is worth considering when creating a career / work tab. This is mainly because, although we do not have full control over what users write on social media, the company’s website is a place where we can create anything, says Sebastian Kopiej.

According to him, the career label on websites should offer real value to candidates on the one hand, and should be different on the other. How?

– For example, through task descriptions in the form of videos, games or online competitions. He emphasizes that due to the increasingly digital lifestyle, more distracting than ever is the task of the employer, to “sell” to the desired audience.

photo: Pixabay

photo: Pixabay

4. Automation is the key to success

Simplification of the recruitment process can be one of the important areas of creating a competitive advantage. Automation, for example, in the form of a job application, will save you time and speed up recruitment as much as possible.

– The online recruitment process has evolved from a simple job posting option to an automated service that is fully controlled by the company. To ensure maximum hassle-free employment, you can tailor it to your needs and integrate it with a website, explains Sebastian Kopiej.

How to find an employee on the Internet using the application? With its help, you can, for example, make the first stage of the recruitment process interesting, create an interactive game with tasks or an obstacle course.

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