For BookNation or book love. Girls from secondary school No. 1 organize a fair

Interest in literature is becoming increasingly popular among young people. Ogólnokształcące im Another group of girls from 1st Liceum. Fr. Elizabeth in Szczecinek. The students created the BookNation project, and this Saturday (2.04) they are organizing a fair – a book exchange.

The BookNation project was created by five young girls from Szczecinek High School No. 1 as part of the Free Theory Olympiad. Maya Dołębska, Patrycja Moszkowicz, Zofia Żonko, Anna Broniewicz and Julia Trusewicz love literature in all its forms and want to popularize it.

– Since the beginning of our activity, we have organized many meetings with young people: reading sessions were held in kindergarten, scout and several other places. The team also works extensively on the Internet, focusing on social media in the form of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and Twitter.

– The girls report.

– It was customary to add reviews to books of various literary genres, but due to Russia’s attack on independent Ukraine, the articles appeared only on works written by Ukrainian authors.

As they say, each of the girls is different, has a history of loving reading and says something different:

– In my free time I like to listen to music, play basketball and read books. Why books? As I read, I can travel to another world and feel what the characters are doing. I believe that reading a book is really important, especially today, because it can bring many benefits. That’s why I joined the project. Show others how useful and fun reading can be, and encourage them to read as much as possible.

– Patrycja Moszkowicz said.

– In my spare time, despite winning all kinds of media, the art of speech is unique to me. Books have always had a special place in my heart. They allow me to move to a completely different universe. Thanks to them, I forget the daily reality. I understand them as a little free teleportation and travel at the same time. That is why I am participating in the project. I want to introduce people my age to the power and value of books

– Zofiya Zonko spoke about her feelings.

– I have always loved spending time outdoors. I like roller skating and badminton. In my free time I like to read books. Books have always been a springboard for me in everyday life. I often read fantasy. I love to enter the world created by the author. This allows me to let my imagination run wild. Today, the number of people reading books is declining. I enjoy preaching. I like to make people read books and show them that reading is just a benefit

– Anna Broniewicz said.

– I always liked to talk about books, but I was not with anyone. It’s different now. I had the impression that the project was very successful for us, because each of us is in love with its theme. Books expand your vocabulary, develop your imagination, and allow you to take your mind off your daily routine for a moment. We often hear that today’s society cannot be encouraged by anything else. They have millions of books, even in electronic form, and the statistics are always falling. I think it’s worth hoping for, and I’m a good example of how readers can believe. I reluctantly read what I read in grades 4-6. It turned out that it was enough to find someone who liked my 12-year-old taste, and then there was more. Our team helps to find just such a book; it will help you reach out to someone else and arouse the passion of your heart

– Maya Dołębska said.

Julia Trusewicz also spoke about herself and her passion for reading and writing:

– I have loved books almost forever. I am very grateful to them for how they developed their imagination and literary skills. Almost today, thanks to reading, I am seriously developing my passion. In books, I often like to run to a completely different world, to different problems. This can be refreshing, depending on the plot.

This is not the end. BookNation is working with partners to plan future activities to encourage the public to read.
On Saturday (2.04) in Szczecinek will be a fair, or rather a book exchange.

– This is a perfect opportunity to update your bookcase. To participate, simply bring books that you have not read so that others can use them. However, please note that these are items worth checking out (modern and in good condition).

girls say.

The event will take place at the Wolność Cinema, 65 Wyszyńskiego Street. Approximate time is 10:00 – 13:00. Implemented in cooperation with SAPiK.

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For BookNation or book love. Girls from secondary school No. 1 organize a fair. If you think the comment should be deleted, please let us know using the “report” link.

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