Experts confirm negligence at the animal shelter in Bystry near Giżycko

Veterinary, veterinary and animal welfare experts’ opinions confirmed the previous results of the investigation in case of negligence at the Animal Shelter in Bystry near Giżycko. The analysis of secure documents continues.

– In the process of violations in the activities of the Animal Shelter in the city of Bystry, a number of witnesses with significant information about the activities of the institution and the health status of animals kept there were interrogated, the opinions of veterinary experts were heard. Medicines, veterinary medicine and animal welfare have been obtained, confirming the results of the research conducted so far – we have been handed over Prosecutor Krzysztof Stodolny, spokesman for the Olsztyn District Prosecutor’s Office. – At present, the search and analysis of the documents provided during the search in the shelter is underway, but due to the large number of documents, this activity is very labor-intensive.

“I can’t say anything else for the sake of the investigation,” prosecutor Stodolny added.

Let me remind you. The shelter in Bistri, near Giżycko, became popular not only in Masuria but all of Poland after prosecutors and animal rights activists entered its premises last fall.

Bystry actually had two shelters: a municipality, a legal one, with a veterinary number, supported by public money, and run by a private, unnumbered, person by the same people.

For a long time, many people accused the shelter owners of obstructing the adoption of dogs, even of the extreme conditions in which the animals were kept, of not being able to enter the building and of the lack of volunteers. In October last year Olsztyn-Northern District Prosecutor’s Office Warmia and Mazury Voivodship have launched an investigation into the non-fulfillment of obligations by the Veterinarian due to the abuse and unreliable control of the animals in this shelter.

On November 8, 2021, Olst’s prosecutor and police, as well as representatives, entered the shelter. OTOZ Animal Association and Mondo Cane Foundation. The prosecutor confirmed that the bodies of the animals were found during the inspection and that the conditions of keeping the animals were unacceptable. All dogs were taken from Bystry.

The couple, who run the shelter, heard allegations of violence against K. animals. Although the shelter was officially registered as a woman, it was practically run by her husband. The prosecutor placed them under police surveillance and banned them from using shelters and caring for animals. K.’s marriage did not find him guilty.

Currently, dogs from Giżycko district are housed in the shelter. Pudwągach near Kętrzyn. Maybe this solution is enough? As he provided Mayor of Giżycko Voyciech Karol IvaskievichThe city still intends to manage its facility, but in a completely different way – in an innovative formula.

– Although it should be noted that from a purely economic point of view, this does not justify itself, because from November 2021, only 11 dogs passed through the shelter in Pudvag, 6 of which were collected by their owners. Now 5 people are waiting for adoption: Rexio (owner dead), Chuck, Boston, Jasper and Anubis (owner dead) – he adds mer.

Giżycko authorities have a valid permit to build a new shelter in Bystry [teren gminy wiejskiej Giżycko – przyp. red.] and preparations have already begun. The contractor has not yet been selected due to ongoing administrative procedures.

– On March 7, the Warmian-Masurian voivode suspended proceedings at the request of the head of the Giżycko commune to overturn the Giżycko starost decision, approve the construction project and issue a building permit for the administrative and social shelter building. on the site of the building to be demolished – explains Mayor of Iwaszkiewicz. – Also on March 7, the voivode sent an application to the Court of Appeal of the Local Government in Olszyn to overturn the decision of the head of the commune of Giżycko on the conditions of development and land development for the construction of a shelter.

– Voyevoda noted violations in the decisions of the head of the Giżycko commune on the conditions of development, on the basis of which the Giżycko commune received permission with the location parameters specified in these decisions – explains the mayor. – This means that the commune of Giżycko could have made serious mistakes.

The next steps in the construction of a new shelter depend on the final outcome of the administrative proceedings. The funds will come from the city budget (with possible co-financing).

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