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Is there anyone here who eats sweets without me? – Jenny Malesevic Draga
Only adults are not afraid to miss something. I wonder what my mother does when I’m in kindergarten? Does he eat cake while driving a pony?
What about Grandma? Jumping on a trampoline? What about the father? Maybe he climbs trees and chews gum? noooo. They always think about me and hope I have a good time. And they will never, ever eat sweets without me. The truth ?!

Who ate the lady beetle? – Hector Dexet
Where is the ladybug? The lion ate him, maybe the squirrel? Look together in this unusual space book with cardboard pages. And don’t worry: it’s a story with a happy ending!

Construction Demolition Day – Duskey Rinker Sherri

Continuation of the bedtime book loved by children all over the world! Today, the crane is swinging its ball correctly. Big cars from the construction site and their little friend Brumka Brzdąc have to demolish an abandoned house that has long since fallen into disrepair. But is the demolition just a disintegration, a noise, and a terrible commotion? None of this – even on Demolition Day, you can take care of the planet. Cars will soon realize that the demolition pile is not rubbish, and the separation of raw materials is fun – especially in good company!

Black cats, white cats – Anna Cerasoli
Only one of the city’s many neighborhoods could boast that all the cats living there were black. The large writing on the blackboard proclaimed this fact. Suddenly a completely white cat appears and the truth is outraged! There are more white cats and in addition there is a family of red cats. “Black Cats, White Cats” is a funny and ironic story that allows children to learn the basics of logic and develop logical thinking.

Smopsy – Justyna Bednarek
An angry Arkonali Jaromir hunts animals, ie dragons. He has already been able to locate three of them. Now he just has to catch them! Meanwhile, the dragons, social, delicate creatures, became friends with the witch Świętosławą, who surrounded them with magical protection. They don’t want to fight Jaromir at all! They can escape – Świętosława opens a time corridor for them … A frantic and funny story about the power of anger (arising from childhood bullying) and the power of friendship that can shake mountains.

Kitty Kotty helps clean up – Anita Głowińska
The best-selling Kitty Cat series is now in English! Poland’s best-selling series is now in English! Kitty Kotty, a naughty little cat, will take you everywhere, even into space! Also to the library, preschool, pool, playground, beach or train ride. With Kitty Kotty, kids are able to make some adjustments and rework, they can cook, play musical instruments and much more! Kids will never miss Kitty Kotty!

Nothing will scare a teddy bear – Elizabeth Dale, Paula Metcalf
On a moonlit night in the teddy bear family, Malec wakes up and makes sure he hears the monster. Daddy Teddy is determined to show his baby that there is nothing terrible outside. They walk slowly through the forest and meet only small, cowardly creatures … In any case, none of them can scare the bear … An easy-to-explain, amazing and at the same time soothing rhyming story about childhood fears. softened. The perfect light reading material to read before bed.

Kocia Szajka and dreams in the theater – Agata Romaniuk
Join the cat detectives, have an exciting adventure and help Morpheus solve the detective mystery. Crowds gathered for the premiere at the Cieszyn Theater. Here begins the play with the magnificent Helena Cerna in the lead role. Suddenly, the audience panics and the Czech actress starts screaming down the stairs. The Morpheus cat has no doubt – it can’t be a coincidence. Who activated the rotating mechanism that caused the accident, and why? Are they dreams, as the theater director claims? And what do the talking parakeets Pola and Tola say about it? Only Kocia Szajka can solve this riddle – a group of experienced detectives who are not afraid of any criminal problems!

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