“A friend consoled himself very quickly after the death of his girlfriend. For twenty years he hid a terrible secret. ”- Real Life

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I was born in the town of M., about thirty kilometers from Wroclaw, and I still live there. There is a beautiful market square, a district prosecutor’s office and a court, and we publish a local newspaper. I love my city – almost everyone here knows each othereven if only by hearing or seeing. It is such a small country that people live by their own standards and they are mainly based on traditions and beliefs.

Young people trying to escape from this nest are trying to stay together in the wider world. It was the same with me and monames his peers. After graduating from high school, six of us studied in Wroclaw. In Poland, I graduated from law, Heniek and Zenek, Danka in veterinary medicine, and two boys became engineers. Throughout our education, we created a harmonious group and supported each other financially, not morally. Then fate scattered us across the country.

Only Heniek and I returned to the city. Today I am the publisher of a local newspaper. Heniek became a prosecutor. However, one weekend a year, usually in early July, everyone comes to my house by the lake with their wives, children and pets. The cottage is huge, and because I also run an agritourism farm – there is always room for everyone.

This has happened almost every year for the last 20 years – greetings, Polish night conversations, laughter, a little alcohol (less and less over time). Two days were enough for us to discuss what happened last year, let’s discuss which of the children is brilliant and which only has skills like Copernicus or Curie-Sklodowska. The boys enjoyed beer and the girls enjoyed wine, and we all spent the evenings grilling and singing together. But last year there was an event that turned everything upside down.

He was shot in the head and immediately killed

The postman gave me a letter – a large envelope. When he opened it, a small package and a letter fell out. Poczta Polska apologized, but the package was sent to me as a result of incomprehensible accidents and various accidents. Available now, June 1999. I looked at the package – in fact, it was addressed to me, although it was the old address. I did not recognize the handwriting.

I went to the kitchen and opened the door. There was a tape inside and a small card: “This video is just for you. Don’t show it to anyone yet. Katie. “

Katie ?! It was a real shock. Until my legs were bent under me and I fell into a chair. My heart began to pound in my chest. It’s like I had a dream!

Katie In her third year of college, she joined the six of us as Henry’s lover. They were always together, at parties, shopping. They are reserved only for classes, because Kasia is studying in another group of lawyers. After graduating, they both began a three-year apprenticeship. They went perfectly for Kasia, but were tortured for Heniek. Everyone expected that Heniek would fail the final exams and that Kasia would reach the prosecutor’s office.

However, life writes its own scenarios. It was the end of June 1999. Kasia lived with Heniek in a rented apartment in Wroclaw. He went to M. and Kasia stayed in Wroclaw to finish something. The thieves broke into the apartment. One of them pushed him, because he was lying on the ground, his head on the stone frame of the fireplace. He fell and hit himself and died on the spot.

Despair manifests itself in various ways. Fortunately, he showed himself to Henry that his whole world was confined to law books. Thanks to his hard work, he was presented to the prosecutor’s office a year later. It was a great success. I liked it less very quickly found another girl. Dorothy. As the saying goes: the wedge must be hit with a wedge, and the best medicine for love is second love. Since then, I have liked him less than Heniek.

Fortunately, Dorothy is his His wife and three children were born to him, and he adapted perfectly to the life of a small town and in our package. Although he was from Wroclaw. I liked him, he even became my friend, so years later, after Cassia’s death, I forgave Henie for his rudeness.

Now you understand why I was shocked when I wrapped the tape in my fingers. What is written on it? And how to recreate it? The last tape player I threw about ten years ago!

I called Rysiek, one of our packages, who is the head of an electronics company in Yelena Gora. He promised to find the player and bring him to our meeting. So, as usual, on the evening of the first Friday in July, six families came to my yard. I saw Heńka every day, but Dorota and the children, now adults I always hugged others.

That evening we lit a big fire. We remembered the old years again. It was wonderful! At lunch the next day Rysiek took a tape recorder from the trunk of the car and place on the table.

– You want this garbage. Will you tell us a secret – why? Are we having a party in the old style today?

Then I told everyone that I had received a package sent more than 20 years ago.

“From Cassia,” I said, and looked at Heniek, for I hoped it would be after that Although 20 years have passed, the past no longer matters to him. – He wrote that I have to listen to myself, I have not played to anyone yet. But I think 20 years later, the “present” is over, isn’t it?

I saw Heniek harden.

– Excellent! Rafael shouted.

– You have to recreate it.

– For hell ?! Heniek shouted. – It must remain in the past in the past. I don’t want to hear anything on that tape. “Give it back to me,” he demanded, looking at me intently.

He told us how it was …

Maybe if he acted differently, if he asked, or if he knew it was painful, I would give it to him. But I am I never liked to order. Thus, the spirit of independence entered me. I turned off the tape recorder.

– Justina, don’t do that – Heniek drew and felt a threat in his voice.

Everyone was silent on the terrace.

– Or what? – I asked.

– Because his memory belongs to me.

“You haven’t remembered him in a long time,” I said, and looked at Dorothy apologetically.

Someone with a raised eyebrow looked at her husband. As I was placing the tape on the player, Heniek turned to death, then suddenly got up from his chair and tore the power cord. The world froze for a moment. We looked at Heniek, and he looked at the tape recorder as if he were a cobra about to attack and bite.

– Heniek, what do you think is on the tape? – Rafal asked. “It’s not proof that you killed him, is it?” – and laughed.

Heniek was silent, so Rafal stopped laughing. The temperature around me dropped by ten degrees because I felt cold.

– Heniek? asked his wife Dorothy. “Why don’t you deny it?”

Heniek collapsed into his chair.

“I didn’t want to,” he said in a strange, distant voice, as if he were on the verge of hysteria or had finally lost his conscience. – I was in M., he had to come late. But he called and said it was a surprise for me. When I arrived, he went to the doctor and told me turned out to be pregnant. But I had … plans. I loved him, just … he couldn’t give me anything. I said that if he could not count to 28, he should live alone with results. I wanted to leave, and then he clung to me. He said he loved that I could build a career and look after household chores … I pushed him. He stumbled and … I ran to him, but it was too late. What could I do? I lied and … ”He hid his face in his hands.

Dorothy shouted: “Then you gave me greasy eyes so that my father, who was on the exam committee, could help you apply! Unlike this poor girl, I had something to give you!

Dorothy jumped up and ran to the car. Heniek didn’t try to stop him. He called a taxi without looking at us and disappeared.

We did not know what to do when we were alone. It turned out that one of our herds was a killer. And in addition … The interesting thing is that I was not surprised that he was a Heniek.

Finally, Romek, a lawyer in Poznan, spoke.

– There is a good chance to cope with it. A crime punishable by a minimum term of imprisonment of at least 3 years 10 years. And so it can be here.

Along with the law, there is justice I answered through clenched teeth. – Oh There is nothing more to look for here. He can also say goodbye to his career. And now…

I put the tape on the player.

We heard Kasia’s happy voice:

– I tell everyone that I am Pregnant. Heniek and I will have children. Lets play!

Then the songs were played.

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