83% of Poles will solve the tax for 2021 via the Internet

83% of taxpayers will be registered online. According to KPMG’s “Annual Polish Tax Returns PIT 2021” report published on Tuesday, this means an increase of 2 percentage points compared to last year.

The most popular children’s relief

According to the KPMG consulting company, about half of the taxpayers who are required to settle accounts with the tax office (47%) filed a PIT tax return in March, and 31% paid in February. taxpayers. This year, 46 percent of tax breaks will be deducted from the annual tax return. Taxpayers will be applied by more than half of those who benefit from the cut, which is the most popular child tax credit.

The most popular online settlement with the youngest

From the information provided in the report, he will present the PIT for 2021 via the Internet 83 percent are Poleshalf using your e-PIT system. Your e-PIT service is the most popular among the youngest Poles – 73 percent are taxpayers under the age of 26 with the help of this system is calculated by the tax administration.

It was added that when using the Twój e-PIT service, about half of the taxpayers stated that they accepted the tax return originally prepared by the National Tax Administration without any changes.

“31% of Poles changed some of the information in the statement, and 16% (an increase of 7% compared to the previous edition of the survey) rejected the annual PIT tax return prepared by KAS and filled it out themselves. In turn, 8% of respondents admitted that they would do nothing – therefore, when the deadline for the tax solution for 2021 expires, the PIT declaration will be considered adopted and submitted, “the KPMG report said.

He noted that almost all Poles who use your e-PIT system (98% of responses) consider it friendly and transparent. At the same time 90 percent. did not face any problems in his work. If there are any problems, they are mostly related to system authentication.

“The popularity of online PIT settlements has been growing steadily for several years. Undoubtedly, this is due to your e-PIT system, which was introduced a few years ago. Importantly, electronic payments give the taxpayer many advantages, including the ability to return taxes faster. If the taxpayer sends the tax return through your e-PIT service or e-Declaration, the overpayment will be refunded within 45 days from the date of submission of the tax return. However, if the tax return is resolved and sent in paper form, the possible tax return is 3 months, “said Andrzej Marczak, a partner of KPMG in Poland and head of the PIT group.

Half of the Poles will fill in their statements themselves

According to the report, half of Poles will fill out the PIT declarations for 2021 alone – a decrease of 8 points. percent compared to the previous edition of the study. Compared to last year, in turn, up to 9 points. percent The percentage of Poles who order someone else to file an annual PIT tax return has increased (39%). 11 percent of Poles admitted that the PIT annual tax return will be prepared by them, but they will partially benefit from the help of others. Poles who ask for help to fill out an annual tax return most often turn to an accountant (42%), family (32%) or friends (19%).

“Although half of Poles order someone to fill out their statements or partially assist in their preparation, more than 60 percent believe that the obligation to fill out a PIT form is more or less an easy task that most taxpayers take up to half an hour,” KPMG said. assessed in the report.

Recall that some tax changes under the Polish Order, which came into force on January 1, 2022. However, there are a few exceptions that can be taken into account when calculating for 2021. In the event of disagreement between them, among others, between taxpayers who jointly exercise parental authority over a minor by a court decision, the category of additional costs as part of rehabilitation benefits or joint parental authority in the event of divorce or court decision in respect of a minor new rules for payment of family benefits in case of disagreement between taxpayers. Settle PIT tax accounts with a group of spouses who have the right to separation (alternative guardianship) and joint care.

“The KPMG survey shows that half of the taxpayers are unaware that some of the provisions presented as part of the Polish Order also apply to tax returns for 2021,” the report said.

KPMG’s Polish report, “Polish PIT 2021 Annual Tax Returns,” is based on a survey of 800 adult Poles using the CATI (Computer Assisted Telephone Interview) method. The questions were answered by those who are indebted to the tax authorities for 2021. The group of respondents did not include those who prepared and submitted tax returns by ZUS. The study was conducted by the research company Norstat on March 14-26, 2022. The aim of the study was to learn how Poles calculate income tax for 2021 (PAP)

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