75% of Poles buy a car in the salon, not online

Deloitte conducted a study: “Global Automotive Consumer Survey 2022”. We can conclude that 75% of Poles buy a car from a car dealership, and are skeptical about online shopping. Why?

People who are planning to buy a car often go to stationary salons to compare interesting models. Maybe they analyze earlier car teststherefore, they have an approximate outline of what to expect and which models to look for. In short, 75% of Poles buy a car at a car dealership, and despite the change in expectations, we still prefer to spend time analyzing “live” specific purchase options when talking to the seller.

Lukasz Murawski, a branding expert at Gdynia Banking University, comes to an interesting conclusion. “An element of the market game of companies is to do something better, faster or smarter than the competition. This is especially true for products that do not differ from each other. Assuming that in a big city there are two or three showrooms of the same brand offering the same car models, the distinguishing feature is the customer’s experience along the entire shopping path. “

75% of Poles buy a car in the salon, not online. BMW 640i Gran Turismo shown.

75% of Poles buy a car at a car dealership. Or maybe you can choose to shop online?

Until a few years ago, customers often visited the salons several times. First, to analyze which model is suitable for them. Then the funding was chosen, the details were chosen, and the price negotiations emerged. Today is completely different.

Customers are spending less and less time buying cars and are less visible in showrooms. If a few years ago, when buying a car, they visited the salon several times, today there are usually one or two visits. Those who are interested in buying come to us with some knowledge they have acquired on the Internet. Often the buying process starts here. We allow consumers to go through the entire online process. They decide when, if and at what stage they will meet with the consultant in the salon. Both sales paths are parallel and interconnected. When a consultant submits an offer using new technologies, the virtual world also accompanies clients in the salon – says Wojciech Dopierała, Manager of Inchcape Polska Marketing Department.

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75% of Poles buy a car in the salon, not online. BMW 330i xDrive Touring is displayed.

Inchcape offers customers a hybrid model

It is interesting to sell both fresh and is used Inchcape Poland, Is known for selling BMW and MINI brands. The company makes it possible to buy a car online. However, the company uses a number of technological innovations that make it easier for customers to get acquainted with the car. Examples? Using virtual reality, consultants can individually customize the car model or its functionality. Another interesting idea is to organize online test discs. It is better to communicate with the mechanic via video chat. We don’t waste time traveling to a service station and still know everything about potential car repairs.

We return to the test drive. In some cases, the seller offers to choose which route. It’s completely different in Inchcape. We can not only choose the direction we are going, but also test the driver ourselves. For example, we can go home to see if the car … is well parked in the garage.

BMW 750i xDrive: This is a rudder, a sailor, a ship
75% of Poles buy a car in the salon, not online. The picture shows the BMW 750i xDrive.

There are seven points of contact when selling a car, the main points that sellers take care of a unique customer experience. The first experience takes place in the digital world, then the client comes to the salon and talks to a consultant. The other is a trial run that can be followed by negotiations and purchases. Will there be a special moment? After completing the operation, we wait for the machine to be assembled or delivered. Will there be an event? This is also not the end of the buying route, as there is a after-sales service (e.g., service) and a after-sales relationship. – Says Lukas Murawski from WSB in Gdynia.

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