What to do with your dog on vacation?

Each of us is looking forward to the long-awaited vacation so that we can finally relax and forget our worries. But what to do with your dog when you are away? There is no clear answer to this question, because it all depends on the type of holiday and the nature of the pet. Some dog lovers like to take their pets on any holiday trip, while others prefer to keep them in a safe place during the holidays. In this article, we offer you how to plan your dog care during a vacation trip.

Should I take my dog ​​on vacation?

Your pet will no doubt enjoy the trip together and will be able to experience new situations and stimuli that will have a positive effect on his socialization during the trip. If you decide to take your four-legged friend on a trip, remember a few important points:

  • Choose a place where pets are accepted. Unfortunately, such places are relatively few, especially when it comes to prestigious hotels. If you find such a place, be prepared for the extra cost of keeping your pet in the room. There may be minor mishaps, such as furniture bites or carpet crashes, for which you have to take financial responsibility.
  • If you go to the sea with a dogIt is worth remembering that pets are prohibited in the summer on some beaches.
  • When car travel awaits you, make sure you have a place for your dog and preferably invest in a transport cage. This is the most comfortable and safest option for your pet to travel. If you do not have a cage, fasten your dog with special seat belts before starting the trip.
  • Do not feed your dog before or during the trip. This can lead to unpleasant symptoms of motion sickness.
  • Make frequent stops for your dog and provide constant access to clean water.
  • Do not forget to take a spatula and a bag for feces.
  • If you are going abroad, you must bring your dog’s health booklet with all valid vaccinations and a passport.

If you are sure that your dog just loves to travel, has no problems driving a car or other vehicles, and will not bother other guests relaxing at the hotel (for example, howling at night), take him on vacation. or excessively disobedient). When you go on vacation with your dog, you need to know his behavior and react accordingly. The key is knowledge and the ability to easily communicate with your dog. 🙂

What about a dog when you go abroad?

What do some dog parents think they will do if they can’t take their dog on vacation? Sometimes pooch does not tolerate travel well and it is better to save him from unnecessary stress. Holidays abroad should not be a concern if everything is well planned in advance. Then the holiday will take place without much stress from pets and their human parents. 😉 What are the options?

Hire a pet caretaker

Petsitting is a pet care service for growing pets. At certain times, a caregiver may come to your home to take care of your dog or cat – feed them, play with them, take them for a walk, or clean the litter box. A pet can also take the pet home for day and night care, where the dog can feel at home.

Not sure where to look? Find a home caregiver at Pethomer.com – is the basis of animal lovers who will take the best care of your pet. A home hotel for dogs allows you to leave your pet in the home of one of the guardians, where the dog will be surrounded by a safe and family environment. Before you look, you can make an appointment with Pet Sitter to get to know him and make sure your dog likes him. 🙂 Dogs from Pethomer in Krakow offer conditions that satisfy even the most demanding dog parents and their pets. The pet will be able to relax on the couch or in bed, run during long walks and play with the manager in their favorite games. At this time, you can relax on vacation without worrying about anything.

home caregiver pethomer.com

Leave your dog with family or friends

If you have loved ones who are feeling well, it’s worth asking them for help with pet care. The advantage of this option is that it only costs us a thank you or a small gift. The downside is that if a dog is stressed by the absence of a loving parent, it can be a problem for friends. Many dog ​​parents are interested a longing dog may not eat? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. A stressed and bored dog can completely lose its appetite. If you don’t get your dog used to being alone, he or she may be under a lot of stress from separation anxiety. Remember to be calm when saying goodbye to your dog. When you need to leave the house, do not look like a dog and do not call him. Make it easy to leave without letting him feel that you have any feelings. This behavior will definitely help your dog cope with a long separation, because he knows that he will return soon without saying goodbye. 🙂

hotel for dogs

It is better to ask about a dog hotel among friends who can tell you where they are checking. Before you leave, visit the hotel of your choice to find out exactly where your pet will stay. Pay special attention to the rooms where the dogs are and evaluate them for cleanliness. The next task is to enter the paddock and protect the area from dog escape. Also pay attention to the hotel rules and the specialties of the guardians. When choosing this type of service, first of all, be guided by the well-being of your pet. An alternative to the dog hotel is the pet house in Pethomer, where you can choose a caregiver, talk to him and see his qualities before making a decision.

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