We are together! Wroclaw University of Science and Technology joins the European University Network

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology “Unite!” – University Network for Innovation, Technology and Engineering. The goal of this elite organization, which unites universities from seven EU countries, is to create a model of education that meets the challenges of modern times. the world.

“By joining one of the strongest networks of European universities, mainly by combining polytechnics and targeting the modern education of engineers who can meet the current and future challenges of civilization, our university implements a plan to fundamentally restructure the educational offer and improve education. The quality of research conducted with a strong commitment to European cooperation. “

Wroclaw University of Science and Technology strives to participate in the Unite network! it was a natural response to our community’s desire for broadly understood Europeanism and academic excellence. On the other hand, the selection of our university by such an influential network confirms our potential and the correctness of the adopted strategy. – says the rector prof. Arkadiusz Wójs.

Engineering, science and technology in a social context

Combine the logo!

Connect the network! It was established in 2019 at the initiative of the European Commission, which envisages the establishment of the European Education Zone by 2025. European Universities is a consortium of universities in the Commonwealth and allows students to earn degrees by combining education in several EU countries and contributes to the international competitiveness of European universities.

It is now part of Unite! It includes seven leading European universities. These are:

  • University of Grenoble, France (INP UGA) (101-150 *),
  • University of Lisbon, Portugal (201-300 *),
  • Stockholm Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden (201-300 *),
  • Aalto University from Finland (301-400 *),
  • Darmstadt Technical University, Germany (501-600 *),
  • Turin Polytechnic (501-600) from Italy,
  • Technical University of Catalonia, Spain (Barcelona Tech) (701-800 *).

* University’s place in the 2021 Shanghai Rankings

Network members – incl. through joint curricula and a flexible learning path – they want to develop a new model of European university education. This will allow, among others, to obtain a diploma that combines education in several countries of the European Union. The main thing is that while educating students, members of the network try to combine the exact and natural sciences with the humanities – so that their graduates can find the social context of their work.

One of the main goals of universities related to Unite! is didactic perfection. Academic teachers are constantly using innovative teaching methods, using new tools and improving their skills in this area. The network is now, among others, a metacampus, a virtual, multimedia platform that enhances digital mobility and provides virtual spaces for students and scholars.

Education is our strength

Wroclaw will be the first to be represented at the University of Science and Technology Unite! The eastern part of the old continent. We will bring, among others, a comprehensive English-language education offer for students and doctoral students, access to educational resources, laboratories and unique research equipment.

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– Join the union! is a great success of our university. In addition to prestige, we will be able to organize guest lectures and joint research, strengthen the mobility of our scientists and students, and conduct doctoral dissertations virtually, – said Prof. Wójs.

Along with Wroclaw University of Technology, the Austrian University of Technology in Graz will also join the network.

Students come first

In general, “Unite!” The universities included in the network receive about 170,000 studies. students and about 37 thousand graduates each year. graduates. Universities work closely on more than 80 projects, and more than 2,000 students have already benefited from student mobility opportunities within the network. Nation.

Unite coordinator! Darmstadt Technical University and its chairman is prof. Tanya Brühl, Rector of the University of Germany.

So far as part of Unite! Interdisciplinary education and summer school programs, joint student projects and hackathons were organized, among others. An inter-university student forum was also established, Erasmus + projects were organized, and a general so-called Quality Management Guide was developed.


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