Was the journalist afraid of people? Surprising confession from her ex-boyfriend!

JournalistThe author of one of Poland’s most popular podcasts, he finally caught on. Not only was his face exposed on the Internet, but he was also found to be in debt to the State Treasury for paying hundreds of thousands of zlotys to Poczta Polska and individuals. In addition, a printing press in Bydgoszcz accused him of failing to pay for the publication of several editions of his book, and the Thorun prosecutor’s office even demanded his arrest.

Although the journalist created a romantic image on the Internet, it turns out that his loving heart is nothing more than an ordinary car. Her ex-boyfriend, who had the opportunity to live with her for 3 years, spoke about her relationship with a man.

At the beginning of the relationship, everything looked good. Ola gets acquainted with the journalist through mutual acquaintance and falls in love with him. Unfortunately, his feelings were exhausted.

The young girl begged her parents to put the journalist under their roof. The couple lived with them for three years, and then decided to leave on their own because of a conflict with the boyfriend’s family.

Apparently, to deceive, to take advantage of someone’s goodness is a journalist’s daily bread. He deceived not only large companies that allegedly did not pay for marketing campaigns, but also people close to him. Including Alexandra and her parents.

Ola and her family did their best to help others who were important to her. Thus, he lent money that disappeared from nowhere and created more debt than profit. It turned out that the journalist took eternal loans not only to Olay, but also to other members of his family.

Even living together and getting rid of troubled parents has not changed the journalist. The man was still looking for his girlfriend’s salary, doing business on the sidelines. He did not praise what he was actually working on, what he was spending his money on, why he still had debts and bailiffs on his back.

Maliszewska also referred to an image created by her former partner on the Internet. The girl decided to warn teenagers who fall in love with her of naivety. As he noted, the journalist likes to have a lot of women around him.

Wounded Ola also said that she was separated from the man. After a three-year relationship, the journalist was afraid to face his girlfriend. When he came to get his things, he did not even leave the bathroom.

Numerous scams tied the man to debts he could not pay. In addition, he gained many enemies. There were cases when the journalist was afraid to leave the house, claiming that someone was watching him. Presumably, for the same reason, he has been hiding his image since he started working on the Internet.

Pudelka’s reports are shocking. We have to wait for the protagonist’s comment on this issue – so far the journalist has not referred to the story of Alexandra Maliszewskaya. Unfortunately, all the revelations that have taken place so far shed a negative light on his figure.

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