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A new phase after Vodafone UK chose Samsung as the main supplier supporting the commercial implementation of Open RAN in Europe

SEOUL, Korea – January 19, 2022 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Vodafone UK have announced the launch of a 5G Open RAN network serving traffic in Bath, the UK’s number one destination. Thus, the construction of a large-scale architecture of the Vodafone Open RAN network has begun in Europe, and as part of it, another 2,500 stations will be commissioned. The highlight of this big event was the successful establishment of a live 5G video connection using Samsung’s virtualized 5G radio network (vRAN). In the UK, this first commercial Open RAN 5G network was connected between Vodafone UK Network Director Andrea Donà and the British Government’s Minister of Media, Information and Digital Infrastructure Julia Lopez.

In June last year, companies announced that Vodafone UK had selected Samsung as a major supplier to support large-scale commercial 5G deployment based on the Open RAN architecture, which is equipped with a vRAN network in Europe.

– An open RAN network can have a great impact on the development of the telecommunications industry, so we are very pleased to promote this technology in the UK. Vodafone UK network director Andrea Dona says. – Although the ecosystem is only a few years old, the progress we have made is remarkable. Not only did we start deploying the first scale in the UK, but we also launched the 5G Open RAN network in the first place. Open RAN is now a real-world technology, and it’s exciting to see it grow.

– Samsung is proud to work with Vodafone UK to launch 5G Open RAN In the first place in the UK – says Thomas Riedel, head of Samsung Electronics’ Samsung Networks Europe division. – This will benefit millions of Vodafone UK customers with our 5G vRAN solutions. The commercial experience in the field of 5G vRAN, which we gained while working with leading operators in major global markets, is eagerly awaiting us to expand the boundaries of technological innovation and support the introduction of 5G in Europe..

In the coming months, Vodafone and Samsung will test Samsung vRAN performance indicators and features, including security, radio access technologies (inter-RAT), mobility and frequency transmission, as well as compliance with Open RAN specifications. Samsung’s fully virtualized RAN software is software-powered and runs on commercial (COTS) servers, offering features and performance compatible with traditional hardware solutions. With a container architecture designed for cloud computing, the company’s vRAN allows mobile operators to be more flexible deployments and network management efficiencies, helping them meet the requirements of new and existing services.

The companies will also test other advanced networking solutions that use both LTE and 5G technologies to improve the mobile user experience. They include Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) technology and E-UTRAN New Radio Dual Connectivity (EN-DC), which allocate time-based resources based on traffic demand to serve both LTE and 5G users in the same frequency range. Combining the resources of 4G and 5G networks increases 5G speed, reliability and range. The tests will be held in the first half of this year.

Samsung is a leader in successfully delivering 5G solutions, including chipsets, radio receivers and transmitters, and backbone technology. Through continuous research and development efforts, the company develops industry-leading 5G networks with market-leading devices, from fully virtualized RAN and backbone systems to private network solutions and artificial intelligence automation tools. Today, Samsung offers network solutions to mobile operators that offer connectivity to hundreds of millions of users around the world.

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