The speed of the Internet connection is not always in line with the contract

– We have 32,000 applications to measure the quality of the Internet after a year of operation. In total, more than 440 thousand registered users. measurements, including more than 29 thousand. Those who receive certified measurement status – says Dominique Kołtunowicz, director of the Control Department of the Electronic Communications Department of the Newseria Business News Agency.

The UK reported in August that 8.1 million Poles use landline internet, and almost 4/5 of households in Poland have broadband internet access (fixed and mobile). The number of subscribers is growing every year. UKE’s consumer survey shows that the average monthly payment for landline internet is 51.5 PLN, but the billing amounts declared by the respondents ranged from 25 PLN to 200 PLN per month. The main criteria for selecting a fixed line internet provider are speed and service cost (“Analysis of fixed internet access prices in Poland”).

Under EU rules, landline ISPs must include in their contracts information on the minimum and maximum data rates that are usually available. If the consumer shows that he has exceeded them and proves that the service he received does not comply with the contract, he can advertise it with the supplier. Until now, this has been done using pass-through measurements that can be performed on popular websites, but these have not provided reliable evidence.

“Operators did not have to include them in the complaint process,” says Dominik Kołtunowicz. – Starting from December 2018, the President of UKE has certified the existing internet research mechanism tailored to our needs. This is a PRO Speed ​​Test application that differs significantly from other tools on the market because it thoroughly researches the user environment to make the test result as objective as possible. The application checks basic information such as CPU load, available VPN connections, and even whether we are using other devices that use the home network during testing.

The UKE-certified measuring instrument includes a website and applications for desktop computers, as well as WEB and mobile applications (running on Android and iOS systems). Thanks to the applications, the user can check the data transfer rate (download), data download speed (download), as well as the delay time and its variability (citter).

– Use of the program is free. To be able to create measurements and reports, the user must first register. One-time registration creates an account where the results of subsequent measurements are stored, so the user has access to his history. On this basis, it will be able to determine whether the quality of service is stable, improving or deteriorating, says Dominic Kołtunowicz.

PRO Speed ​​Test allows you to check the speed of the service you provide and protect your rights in case it turns out that the provider does not comply with the contract. However, there must be a special, certified measurement performed under certain conditions. Importantly, the approved measurements only apply to landline internet.

– To do this, the user must take at least 6 measurements a day. The interval between these measurements should be at least 30 minutes. Then the same procedure should be repeated on another day, but the important thing is that the interval between them should not exceed 6 days. If the user meets these conditions, he will be able to create and print a report that will be used for the appeal process or litigation in case the operator does not comply with the terms of the contract, explains Dominik Kołtunowicz.

Previous measurements show that the average data download speed was 123.4 Mb / s for landline internet and 23.4 Mb / s for mobile internet. On the other hand, the data transfer speeds were 44 and 11.1 Mbps, respectively.

– The educational significance of these measures is equally important. At present, every Internet user can learn how many factors affect the speed and how to build their own home network to achieve the maximum capabilities offered by the operator network, – says Dominic Kołtunowicz.

According to the statistics of the Electronic Communications Department, the value of the market of Internet access services in 2018 reached 5.4 billion PLN, which is about 14 percent. The whole Polish telecommunications market. Over the last five years, the number of high-speed (30 Mb / s to 100 Mb / s) and super-fast (more than 100 Mb / s) landline lines has increased dynamically. About 43 percent last year. All landline Internet lines in Poland had a capacity of more than 100 Mb / s. On the other hand, lines with a capacity of more than 30 Mb / s accounted for almost 2/3 of all used subscriber lines.

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