The “Hello Girls” campaign and the collection of donations for Ukrainian women – forbeswomen have begun

You can find and sign the letter on the website aimed at Ukrainian girls. Signed by many famous Polish women – entrepreneurs, journalists and actresses. Below we publish the full text of the letter and the list of signatories.

The fund will finance projects aimed at providing girls from Ukraine with:

  • food, clothing;
  • hygiene measures (including menstrual hygiene measures);
  • access to medical care;
  • participation in psychological support groups;
  • Polish and English classes;
  • meetings with career counselors;
  • translations of necessary documents;
  • free seminars and meetings with animators for children;
  • transport to organized activities;
  • didactic materials necessary for the acquisition of knowledge;
  • long-term care and professional support;

and many other needs to be diagnosed during the implementation of planned projects. Below is the contents of the letter.

Hi girls!

Welcome to Poland. It’s good that you’re there. Complete and healthy. This is the most important.

We know that your sons, fathers, sons and friends stayed in Ukraine. And this is very difficult for you. Fear, despair, confusion, sadness, longing. And so every day. And hope, against everything and everything.

We do not understand what happened. We do not even know how to react. However, we know how we feel and what we can do. We want to try to create a second home for you. This is a house where you will wait and stay for a terrible time. As long as you want.

We know that you still have to solve everything. Live, work, look after children … But don’t worry. We will help you. We are here for you.

You are not alone. And you will never be alone. You can count on us.

Girls from Poland

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We are kindly asking Poland. Mi radі, що Bi вже тут, цили та здорові – це головне.

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I do not understand what is being built. I know what is new or not. Odnak mi rozumієmo svoї vіdchuttя й що can all zrobiti. My hochemo stvoriti mulberry for you other dim. I, somewhere Vi zmojete perechekati cey jaxliviy chas i one all Vi zalishitesya. Submit, you’re fine.

I know, scho on the Vas own bagato sprav, or the need arises. Pomeshkanya, robot, doglyad for ditmi… Nothing. We will help you. We are here for you.

I’m not myself. There is nothing. Contact us.

Divshchat from Poland


Kulczyk Foundation


Action Menstruation, One Day Foundation, Endometriosis Overcoming Foundation, How to Raise Girls, Hrubieszów, Patronit, Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, Masterki Project, Risk in Warsaw, Szajn

Media partners:

“Fact”, “Forbes Women”, “Gazeta Wyborcza”,, Noizz, Ofeminin, Onet, TOK FM, Wirtualna Polska, Agora Publishing House, “Wysokie Obcasy”

Signature of the letter:

Sylwia Abram-Gregorczyk, lawyer

Małgorzata Adamkiewicz, entrepreneur

Magdalena Chorzewska, psychologist

Natalia de Barbaro, psychologist

Sonia Bohosiewicz, actress

Oliwia Bosomtwe, journalist

Ivona Chmura-Rutkovska, teacher

Sylwia Chutnik, writer

Irena Cieślińska, journalist

Ewa Drzyzga, journalist

Ada Fijał, actress

Agnieszka Filipiak, journalist

Karolina Kaja Goluchovska, journalist

Joanna Górska, journalist

Katarzyna Yaroshinska, journalist

Alexandra Karasinska, journalist

Katarzyna Kasia, philosopher

Katarzyna Kucewicz, psychologist

Renata Kim, journalist

Alexandra Klitsch, journalist

Dominika Kulczyk, entrepreneur

Qrażyna Kulczyk, entrepreneur

Danuta Kuroń, social activist

Paulina Koziejowska, journalist

Jolanta Kwaśniewska, former First Lady

Natalia Lesz, singer

Carolina Lewicka, journalist

Martha Majewska, mayor of Hrubieszow

Jagna Marczułajtis-Walczak, athlete

Joanna Miziołek, journalist

Omena Mensah, journalist

Joanna Mosiej-Sitek, journalist

Agnieszka Mrozińska, actress

Małgorzata Ohme, psychologist

Dominika Olszyna, journalist

Małgorzata Omilanowska, historian

Maya Ostaszewska, actress

Ilona Ostrowska, actress

Joanna Parafianowicz, lawyer

Monica Płatek, lawyer

Alexandra Popławska, actress

Teresa Rosati, designer

Weronika Rosati, actress

Anja Rubik, model

Ewa Rumińska-Zimny, economist

Antonina Samecka, entrepreneur

Natalia Siwiec, model

Alexandra Sobchak, journalist

Magdalena Schroeder, scientist

Katarjina Stoparchik, journalist

Hanna Stolińska, clinical dietitian

Dorota Suminska, veterinarian

Agata Tuszinska, writer

Małgorzata Trzaskowska, social activist

Dorota Warakomska, journalist

Joanna Warecha, journalist

Dorota Wellman, journalist

Iwona Wegrowska, singer

Dominika Wielowieska, journalist

Katarzyna Zielińska, actress

Joanna Zientarska, journalist

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