The first Spark-1TM satellite is now in space

Omnispace Spark-1TM is already in orbit. The launch of the satellite into orbit is one of the first steps in the Omnispace project to create NTN’s global hybrid network.

Omnispace and Thales Alenia Space, a joint venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%), will launch the Omnispace Spark-1 satellite on April 2, 2022.TM came into orbit with the SpaceX Transporter-4 rocket. Omnispace Spark-1 programTM aims to develop the world’s first standardized global hybrid network.

Thales Alenia Space designed and built the first of two satellites to be installed in the Omnispace Spark program. Omnispace Spark will support the 3GPP standard of the mobile industry in the n2561 range and will allow direct communication with devices running on this standard.

The program aims to develop and implement NTN’s global hybrid network technology.

– Omnispace is an idea that will completely change the face of mobile communication. An evolving global hybrid network is a modern solution that can be accessed from anywhere in the world for users looking for innovations in mobile technology. – said Ram Viswanathan, President of Omnispace LLC. – We are very pleased to work with Thales Alenia Space and their world-class experts. Thanks to their support, our vision of a homogeneous and global Internet hybrid network is becoming a reality.

The launch of the Spark-1 nanoparticle into orbit, created in collaboration between Syrlinks and ANYWAVES, three leaders in the NanoAvionics industry, is also unusual for me. This shows that our company is able to create individualized spatial solutions to meet the expectations and needs of our customers through innovative partnerships with small and medium-sized businesses. I am confident that the combination of flexible management and multi-year experience is the answer to current market needs. Thales Alenia Space CEO Herve Derrey said.

Spark-1 has reached orbit aboard the SpaceX rocket. He was responsible for supporting the implementation of the Exolaunch, the integration of all processes, as well as the management of the entire mission and, finally, the launch of the satellite itself into space.

Thales Alenia is the leader of the Space Omnispace partnership. The activities are supported by NanoAvionics, which specializes in providing satellite subsystems, and it even supports space missions before launch. An important contribution to the Omnispaces mission is made by ANYWAVES, which is responsible for setting up both satellite payload antennas and Syrlinks that operate S-type instruments.

– The launch of the Omnispace Spark-1 is a testament to the extremely effective cooperation between the NewSpace sector and the traditional space industry. The partnership allowed us to exchange technological know-how with our main partner Thales Alenia Space – Vytenis J. Buzas, founder and president of NanoAvionics, says.

– Our company specializes in providing COTS solutions, and participation in the Omnispace initiative has allowed us to expand the range of our activities by delivering space cargo. Cooperation with Thales Alenia Space in such a large space project is a source of great pride – emphasized the General Director of ANYWAVES.

– We are very proud to participate in the first phase of the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). We would like to thank Thales Alenia Space for inviting Syrlinks to contribute to New-Space Radio Frequency Load Technology, which enables the reception, processing and transmission of IoT signals. Eric Pinson, Syrlinks’ director of space activities, said.

The 5G Internet offered through a global hybrid network is an opportunity for breakthrough technological change and the opportunity to popularize innovative communication solutions for the 21st century. The evolving network will transform the telecommunications industry, giving both operators and intermediaries a powerful impetus for the development and application of communication innovations for billions of users around the world.

About Omnispace, LLC:

The project is located in the Washington region. The project is implemented by specialists in the telecommunications and satellite industries. Omnispace’s mission is to make a leap forward in the mobile market. Using 5G technology, the company paves the way for the widespread use of satellite systems to connect users to IoT devices anywhere in the world through an integrated network.

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