The end of star tests! He will remain in prison for many years

A final verdict was handed down on Rafał Szombierski on Monday. The former winner of the World Junior Championship was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months in prison for drunken driving and fleeing the scene.

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Former ROW player arrested

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This ended the trial of Rafał Szombierski (who agreed to publish his picture). On Monday, the final decision was made on the former speed racer and the bronze medalist of the world championship among juniors. A 40-year-old man was sentenced to 9 years and 4 months in prison.

Thus, in November 2021, the Rybnik District Court upheld the previous decision of the first instance. At the time, lawyers for former ROW player Rybnik and Włókniarz Częstochowa, who considered him too harsh, appealed the verdict. The injured party also had reserves.

– The court does not doubt that the guilt of the accused is innocent, but all these cases can not be a mitigating measure. The accused committed the crime under the influence of alcohol and with more than 2.3 per mille of alcohol in his blood, and also fled the scene, “said Judge Olga Nokon.

– Immediately after leaving the car, he went to the allotted places. He was arrested due to the intervention of a witness, but he denied in a conversation with police that he was the cause of the accident. He claimed to have returned from a walk and then from a girl. The only culprit in the accident was the accused. He conducted the incident on a flat surface with good weather conditions. He was driving at the residence and was not sure if he could overtake. His car was technically operational, and only the defendant’s behavior led to tragic consequences, Noco added.

Announcing the verdict, the judge noted that the incident that took place on March 24, 2020, was a tragedy for both the family of the accused and the victim. However, Beata Leshnevska, who was driving the car that evening, was not guilty in the accident and received injuries that endangered her life and health.

– His misfortune was to track down the accused who acted in this way. That had to be taken into account. It was properly taken into account by the court of first instance, Judge Nokon said.

Rafał Szombierski, legally convicted

On Monday, the court rejected defense motions – including the termination of the criminal case due to insanity caused by alcohol intoxication and public speaking. Judge Olga Nocoń noted that there was no need for this in the event of a car accident.

– We previously had documents related to the criminal record, as well as documents issued by speedway clubs, a prison opinion and a certificate of use of care provided by a mental health clinic. There was no need to expand these findings with the testimony of the accused’s wife and long-time friend about coping with pressure during his fast passenger career, Judge Nocoń explained.

Judge Nocoń also ruled that court costs should be borne by the State Treasury. In this regard, he pointed to Szombiersky’s unemployment and support for his 15-year-old daughter. – In this case, the prospect of paying court costs of 16,000 PLN is an illusion, – said Nocoń while announcing the verdict.

Szombierski pays for the accident in 2020

Szombierski is in jail for a serious accident while intoxicated. According to the final decision of the court, he must be there by July 14. It should be borne in mind that the length of time spent in the detention cell will be counted towards the future sentence of the former fast passenger.

The current problems of the former highway driver are the result of an accident in Ul in late March 2020. Raciborska in Rybnik. Szombierski got behind the wheel drunk, drove illegally and collided with a properly driven car. He fled the scene, did not help the victim, and initially gave them false information, naming them when apprehended by officials.

Rafał Szombierski was considered a great talent years ago
Rafał Szombierski was considered a great talent years ago

According to the regulations, the prosecutor can demand a sentence of up to 15 years in prison for a former speeding passenger. Finally, the Rybnik District Court sentenced the 39-year-old to a lower sentence, but ended up with a 13-year sentence.

Beata Leśniewska suffered in an accident caused by a speedway driver, and despite the tragic events two years later, she still could not return to her former life. There is still an online fundraising campaign for the treatment of the injured woman (link below).

– At night I would hold my daughter’s hand and listen to her breathing. And during the day, I fed him with a syringe, washed him, dressed him and put him in a cart. Our lives have been like a nightmare since the accident, Berena’s father, Ireneusz Leśniewski, told WP SportoweFakty in early 2022.

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