The best Internet to play online – which one to choose?

Need a player and the best internet gaming experience? You will appreciate both the fast data transfer and the low latency of both the download and the download. You need a fast and stable connection to be able to play comfortably. How to Choose the Right Game Internet?

Last update: 03/14/2022.

What is high speed internet?

Anyone who has been in contact with online games at least once in their life knows the importance of high speed internet. Interruptions, delays, failures caused by temporary freezing of screens – the list is really long. Often the culprit is one – PING. What is it really?

PING is the most important measure of internet speed in games. It is denoted by values ​​in milliseconds that indicate how long it takes for the computer to respond to a request from the network. This is what you will see on the screen after what happened in the game. Therefore, for example, PING is the main value when playing shooter and you want to be able to get an accurate target. These values ​​are, of course, very small, but it is possible that the opponent will no longer be there after you hit exactly. PING should not be confused with FPS, ie the number of frames per second will depend on the speed of your computer, not the speed of the Internet.

Which gaming computer? ->

To check the current PING, it is a good idea to go to a website that measures the speed of your Internet connection, for example, Values ​​up to 50 ms are acceptable, higher does not mean that the game will be less fluid. However, problems can start from 100 ms, so keep that in mind.

Features of high speed Internet:

  • fast download speed
  • high reception speed
  • low ping
  • fixed connection

Why fast internet?

The speed of the network should be taken into account when choosing an Internet offer, taking into account video games. Sometimes things are forgotten download speed is important here, is quite high, and it is worth remembering that it is often several times lower than the download, and sometimes allows you to quickly transfer large amounts of data, which is useful in games. High download speeds will also be appreciated by broadcasters, as the network load can be really high.

However, download speed is very important. This will show how quickly the information will be downloaded during the online game. It is worth not to limit yourself here and select the fastest transition possible.

Download speeds are useful for another reason – today’s games are real programming wonders. Sometimes Online game updates can take several gigabyteseven if the game looks small. For example, Hearthstone, which also has a mobile version, may ask you to install a data package of several gigabytes in size. Cyberpunk 2077 was introduced after a bug-filled premiere Patches weighing more than 30 GB!

Another important element that games have their own size is worth remembering. Of course, some of them can still be purchased on convenient and fast Blu-Ray discs, but certainly not all. Downloading the whole game on a slow internet can take forever. For example, Call of Duty: Vanguard weighs 95 GB, and with the Warzone network, we should be ready to download … 270 GB. With slow internet, this can be forever.

Permanent connection on 5G or optical fiber?

The next generation of wireless network is the next stage in internet connection. This is an important and, above all, extremely fast way to connect to the network. It is expected to handle 10 gigabytes per second! Unfortunately, in practice it is less.

5G Internet ->

For less advanced players and those who play games on Sundays mainly on mobile phones, the 5G network will certainly be enough. With an extremely strong signal, it may suit more demanding ones. This is the problem with the 5G network and mobile internet in general operators impose transfer restrictions on users. Although it is very difficult to use an online package to play, for example, Pokemon GO, especially if it is larger than 5 gigabytes. Updates and software downloads are another matter – even major mobile game updates can cause the package to expire indefinitely.

Example 5G Mobile Internet – Premium Mobile Offer:

Optical fiber sample – Vectra offer:

because The best solution for the player will be constant contact, the faster the better. The fiber-optic network reaching the highest speed is completely unrivaled. Plus, there’s no bandwidth limit, so even the biggest updates and games shouldn’t be a problem. For example, Netia’s offer download speeds start at 300 Mb / s and 50 Mb / s for data downloads, which should be enough for each player.

Of course, there are people who, for various reasons, aside from optical fiber, will not be able to install wired Internet in their homes. In this case, you should be interested in the offer of operators with “infinite” mobile packages.

Unlimited mobile internet ->

If you choose LTE / 5G mobile internet:

  • You do not play online games that require fast and unlimited communication (for example, RTS)
  • You care about mobility
  • You use more laptops than computers

If you choose optical fiber:

  • you play a wide range of online “giant” games – patches, updates, etc. GB with high demand for.
  • you should make sure you have enough internet by the end of the month
  • You are not against a possible Ethernet cable

Internet for gamers – what else do you need?

Along with gaming equipment and high-speed internet, a few other small decisions need to be made. First, it is worth knowing which router your operator will provide the optical fiber with. If you decide to choose a fiber optic network, keep in mind that the device must have ports LAN and WLAN with a bandwidth of 1000 Mb / s. Your home network will run on two frequencies, 2.4 and 5 GHz, which will improve the quality of the game.

Of course, it is also possible to connect to a console or PC with an Ethernet cable. There is such a solution with high speed Internet undoubtedly the most reliable. This will not only allow you to squeeze the final juices from the selected transmission speed, but also prevent the increase in PING.

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