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On Sunday afternoon, the crowd sat in a beautiful stadium in Ostrów Wielkopolski. There was a lot of talk before the match that maybe this will be one of the matches that will bring one of the teams closer to technical service. The visitors arrived in Ostro, weakened by the absence of Vadim Tarasienka, and emotionally damaged after a fight between their leaders during the MPPK finals. Although a lot happened on the track, in terms of the result, it was not necessarily the case, because the players of Grudziądz won with a score of 55:35!

In the first round of the premiere race, the fans’ heartbeats rose in addition. Niki Pedersen, who lost a little start to Oliver Berntzona in the first attempt, used his experience to push his young opponent to the edge of the track, and Grzegorz Valeshek tied him to the hook. The referee found no flaws in any of these clashes and decided to repeat the team of four. In the second match, Berntzon again fell in the first corner, and this time he was already removed from the game by the referee. Despite a good start in the third attempt, Grzegorz Valasek could not find a place in the first corner between Pedersen and Frederick Jakobsen and tried to chase the last of the four laps. Skin exercises

The escape of young people brought another excitement. After a sharp attack on Jacob Krawczykin Kacper Łobodziński, the first entered the field, but continued to drive. After the race, of course, he was left out. There was a fierce struggle for the first place. Kacper Pludra passed Sebastian Szostak a little wider, increased his speed and made his way to the last straight. Although Chris Holder lost the start in the third half of the day, he took the lead in the first lap with a spectacular maneuver, giving hope to the hearts of Ostrow fans. And if it weren’t for the hatred and broken chains of the dead by Kacper Pludra in the final lap of the fourth speed, it would be the only moment in the first series where the fans raised their hands as a victory gesture. The young guests were sensationally different from the start and acted confidently. Out of 10 “planned” advantage points, the guests had only 6.

At the start of the second start series, Matias Nielsen scored premiere points at the PGE Extraliga. He was helped by the maneuver of Grzegorz Valasek, which probably did not deliberately block Jacobsen completely. Pawlicki brought the other 3 points. In the next race, Nikki Pedersen confirmed that it was extremely difficult to pass it on the route. Holder was faster, but Niki stopped his attacks in a very thoughtful, yet sporty style. The whole show took place behind Krzysztof Kasprzak. The seventh race is a good performance of Tomasz Gapinski and the victory of the first team of the hosts. But the result was 17:25, and the victory was getting further and further away from them.

The start of the next starting series is the first defeat of the Pawlicki brothers’ seniors and Jakub Krawczyk’s fine chase after Jakobsen. The ninth competition is a demonstration of the “old masters” of Grudziądz. Niki Pedersen won at the start, Krzysztof Kasprzak cut the chalk, and in the second corner the advantage of the guests was half straight. Berntzon also tried to follow, but did not reach the distance. In the tenth run, Pawlicki and Pludra tried to drown the hosts, but Nielsen and Walasek passed the young visitors at a distance. However, this did not change the fact that the result of the match was 24:36, and fans wondered when Chris Holder will leave the tactical reserve. However, it was clear that head coach Stashevsky saw the need to “escape” more players.

Tim Sorensen’s warm-up as a tactical reserve surprised the coach before 11 p.m. Pawlicki and Pedersen, very strong, had to stand on the other side of the barricade. At first, he seemed quite optimistic about the homeowners. Nielsen drove before Pawlickie and Sorensen before Pedersen. However, both young Danes lost their positions. Holder went as a tactical reserve in the heat of the 12th and won after a fine fight with Kasprzak, but Szostak reached the finish line last and the match settled at that point.

Candidate competitions are a demonstration of the guests who have won a worthy victory. Norbert Krakowyak took the opportunity and showed that he was very fast that day.

In summary, homeowners have probably fallen victim to non-compliance with their surfaces, as it is difficult to assume that they are very different from the Extraliga. Very fast Chris Holder and brave Matias Nielsen, who played the role of team leader, showed themselves on the positive side. The rest of the team struggled, tried, but did not score. In the visiting team, the trio of Przemysław Pawlicki, Nicki Pedersen and Krzysztof Kasprzak were in their classes. However, all the players added important points, each of which defeated their opponents.

Despite the defeat of the local fans, they definitely watched an interesting show like PGE Extraliga. The first cats for fences will still be beautiful. Guest fans can rejoice that despite many difficulties, ZOOleszcz GKM starts the season at a high level, perhaps as the leader of the tournament table after the first round.

1st round of PGE Extraliga:

Arged Malesa Ostrów Wielkopolski – ZOOleszcz GKM Grudziądz 35:55

Arged Malesa: Oliver Berntzon 2 (w, 1,1, -, 0), Tomasz Qapinski 6 + 1 (2,3,0,1 *, 0), Qrzeqorz Valasek 3 + 2 (1,1 *, 1 *, -), Matias Nielsen 7 (0,2,2,2,1), Kris Holder 14 (3,1,3,3,2,2), Yakub Kravchik 1 + 1 (w, 1 *, 0), Sebastian Szostak 2 ( 2.0.0), Tim Sorensen 0 (0)

ZOOleszcz GKM: Nikki Pedersen 15 + 1 (3.2 *, 3,1,3,3), Krzysztof Kasprzak 10 + 3 (1 *, 3.2 *, 2.2 *), Frederik Yakobsen 3 + 2 (2 *, 0, 1 *, -) , Przemysław Pawlicki 15 (3,3,2,3,3,1), Reserve player, Kacper Pludra 3 (3,0,0), Kacper Łobodzinski 2 + 1 (1,0,1 *), Norbert Krakovyak 7 ( 2,2,0,3)

Avoid running after:
1. PEDERSEN, Yakobsen, Valasek, Berntzon (w / u) 1: 5 (1: 5)
2. PLUDRA, Szostak, Łobodzinski, Krawczyk (in) 2: 4 (3: 9)
3. HOLDER, Krakowyak (ZZ), Kasprzak, Nielsen 3: 3 (6:12)
4. PAWLICKI, Gapinski, Krawczyk, Pludra 4: 2 (9:15)
5. PAWLICKI, Nielsen, Walasek, Jakobsen 3: 3 (12:18)
6.KASPRZAK, Pedersen, Holder, Szostak 1: 5 (13:23)
7. GAPIŃSKI, Krakowyak (ZZ), Berntzon, Loobodzinski 4: 2 (17:25)
8. HOLDER, Pawlicki, Jakobsen, Krawczyk 3: 3 (20:28)
9. PEDERSEN, Kasprzak, Berntzon, Gapinski 1: 5 (21:33)
10. PAWLICKI (ZZ), Nielsen, Walasek, Pludra 3: 3 (24:36)
11. PAWLICKI, Nielsen, Pedersen, Sorensen 2: 4 (26:40)
12. HOLDER, Kasprzak, Loobodzinski, Szostak 3: 3 (29:43)
13. PEDERSEN (ZZ), Holder, Qapinski, Krakowyak 3: 3 (32:46)
14. KRAKOWIAK, Kasprzak, Nielsen, Berntzon 1: 5 (33:51)
15. PEDERSEN, Holder, Pawlicki, Gapinski 2: 4 (35:55)

Judge: It was Paweł Słupski

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