Scudetto 2022 – Inter Milan

The fight for this year’s Scudetto promises to be extremely exciting. The title can be compared to an attractive girl who fights for the interests of several gentlemen. Each of them is a little afraid of him and at the same time they do not want to seriously hurt their opponents. In the whimsical heart of an attractive lady, a new lover sometimes appears. However, subsequent mistakes still condemn the bride to wait alone.

Separation from the past?

Championship Inter Antonio Conte is a strong company, full of fierce and strong arguments in battle. Unfortunately, as we recall, the departure of key players changed the face of the Nerazzurri. Inzaghi himself seemed to be the perfect successor to a slightly cheaper version of Inter with substitutes. The changes were called valuable, but there were no declarations of wishes after the word summarizing the transfers. The goal was to get into the TOP 4, which was probably intended to raise the pressure a bit, but let’s face it, it didn’t satisfy our dormant ambitions. By the end of the year, everything was fine. Until the beginning of the known and understood winter crisis in Milan. His scattering of points in the last two matches is probably the highlight of the season.

Experts first analyze the schedule, assessing the chances of defending the title. Inter, like other rivals, can lose points to almost anyone. Therefore, for Scudetto, they need the attribute of Conte’s team. Regularity. Systematic confirmation of superiority over competitors from the middle and bottom of the table. After all, as the old Italian saying goes, the master wins. The good thing about this arrangement is that Inter has everything in their hands and feet. The main thing is to make the attack effective, because the laziness of the shooters usually starts with the problems of Inter. After the match in Turin, the defenders, of course, gained experience.

What’s worse is that the club’s balance sheet still periodically incites the board to sell key players. Leaders seem to be coming back to life these days. Skriniar, Brozović, Barella and Perisić. Inter’s game and the final result will depend on them. However, the future is not bright. Especially if Inter does not change generation in the attack we breathe with our arm. Setting a goal also creates some conditions, so, of course, it would be better to have this Scudetto …

Friendly zone

The never-ending relationship unites Luciano Spalletti and Napoli, who won their last league title in the 89/90 season. On the one hand, this is a disturbing mix, as it is difficult to find a more motivated connection to fight for success. On the other hand, it is an almost certain eternal friendship with a premium place. However, such an experienced coach with a dangerous and high-quality SSC Napoli should never be underestimated. Spalletti won the only championship title in Russia, but, for example, by leading Inter, he proved that he could get out of the nervous end of the season without injury.

Naples’s problem is home matches. If you take into account the games played by Spalletti’s team, they would only be in 7th place. This is confirmed by the last meeting with Fiorentina. And more broadly, the better Napoli play, the fewer points they score. The last failure with Fiorentina is the accidental repayment of the debt incurred by the players in the game with Atalanta, who scored 3 points. Visit the stadium Maradona will include companies such as Roma and Sassuolo. Each of these meetings will be under great pressure.

It ends very quickly

Milan also suffers. It is a feeling that Juventus have won titles for ten years, and it is still difficult to overcome this situation effectively. The red part of Milan is fighting with several spirits. These usually include matches with beginners and the latest shooting laziness. There are no pure snipers in Italy at the best age of life. Reaching Zlatana, of course, frees up some voluntary properties, but does not fuel for longer trips. The same goes for Dzeko, nomen omen. Enriched by Vlahovic’s goals, each of the Milan teams would quickly leave their opponents behind.

It should be noted that Milan is a developing team. He recently returned to the Champions League and is confident he will be in the top four today. Europe was not so happy for Milan, its fate began with the draw of the group stage. Donnaruman’s free trip is also a blow to the pace of development. Lazio and Atalanta are also waiting to spread this year. Nothing less.

A blind history

Candidates 2 and 3 are similar to candidate 1 several seasons ago. They are closed by coaches, because both Pioli and Spalletti coached Inter. First they struggled to play in the European Cups, and then they reached a certain glass ceiling without piercing the ceiling with a gate with the inscription Scudetto. Just because something hasn’t happened doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

Perhaps this is the last whistle for both coaches to make a historic leap. Mainly because you can feel Juventus breathing in your back, it will be even stronger next season and will return to the championship after an average of two years. Following the World Cup frenzy, watching Inter, Milan and Naples, we will no doubt be amazed and may be surprised when asked about the fate of the 2021/22 season champion.

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