Fame MMA will release NFT … and TWO games in 2022: O

Fame MMA will officially launch its NFT in partnership with Metahero. In addition, a major sponsor of Fame MMA 14 has been announced. What does all this look like?

Are you waiting for Fame MMA 14? Well, such an announcement can make the process of waiting for the next battles more pleasant for you. This time Fame MMA has finally announced its release NFT. There have been rumors and unconfirmed reports about it – so far. Including what the company will release. Boxdel and Wojtek Gola?


Simply: In collaboration with Metahero, Fame NFT will release “Fame MMA Based Fighter and Celebrity”. Because yes, Metahero must have advanced scanning technology, including People.

FAME MMA & Metahero Announce Official Partnerships

Metahero is the gateway to metaversum […] Our cooperation with Metahero will allow us to use their advanced metascanner technology and Fame will allow you to create NFT based on all the fighters and celebrities involved in MMA. It is an important part of the Glory ecosystem and will create a powerful tool for the Glory badge and benefit from the strong brands and popularity that each of our players has.


These NFT collections will be available in the most popular markets such as the future Metahero or Opensea market. In the near future, Fame will launch its own special NFT marketAll these collections can be purchased here only with the Glory badge – we read in the official statement.

FAME Tokens

Just a little gas… and a few more assumptions about the sign of fame. Here’s what the developers want to get with the Fame token so you don’t get bored:

  • Ability to pay for Fame MMA gal broadcasts;
  • Maybe even in FAME MMA 14 ?;
  • Before the sale, the token will cost $ 0.01, which is just one cent;
  • In the final form of the “evolution” of the system, only Glory tokens will be accepted – but “a system will be created that will automatically convert normal currencies into Glory tokens.”

Game of Fame MMA x

Fame plans to be released Two games in 2022. Both should operate on a “play-pot” basis. The standard has been known for years.

We believe that with our available capabilities and popularity, we can create a strong gaming community and an additional opportunity to earn our local tokens.

The first game is already in the “final stage of production.” Fame will provide more information on social networks in the near future. The second game will be based on advanced photogrammetry technology. Tl; dr?

Photogrammetry – the future of real graphics in games? [tvgry.pl]

Fame probably also published a screenshot of the first game. ah.

Screen of white paper of fame
Screen of white paper badge of fame (Press materials)

Marketing evil

We learned a little bit about marketing. In short, it is not worth quoting in its entirety, because:

  • Fame makes it clear that using players’ fan base “reduces marketing costs” and “the business model is very efficient”;
  • Opponents must “receive a share of the battle pay” on the Badge of Fame;
  • Fame MMA trade promises to expand in partnership with the fighters;
  • Fame MMA is preparing to become a franchise that exists all over the world.

Is there something wrong with crypto?

You may come across different opinions about Glorify MMA collaboration with Metahero. Some say it’s another “pump,” while others say it’s a “smart thing to do.” President and founder of Metahero Robert Gryn, entrepreneur and manwho … well, there have been some controversial behaviors in the past.

on the other hand his company was extremely successful – employees praised their surroundings. Overall, Robert has a really good reputation on the internet, and Metahero is an interesting thing. In fact, Robert’s company was Boxdel, who worked at Codewise:

BOXDEL shows where he works outside of YouTube and how much he earns

What is the truth?

We can’t really learn. Of course, with all my heart I recommend one thing to you: be careful. If you want to enter NFT, cryptocurrency or even stock exchange – do it thoughtfully. Don’t accumulate everything on a random / new coin that promises you a million dollars in savings.


The same goes for Fame.io: Fame has an MMA stamp, but it’s never a good idea to invest all your money in something so new and unreliable. Do you want to buy something? Cool, but take it for fun.

Other materials: Everdome sponsors FAME 14

On Sunday, Fame officially announced that Everdome is a “hyper-real metaverse.”Fame has sponsored MMA 14:

We told you we have bigger sponsors to announce and we’re not kidding! We are pleased to announce that Everdome is the Official Sponsor of our Fame 14 event in May!


Everdome is the first hyper-real metaversion on the digital frontier. They create a place where Metahero’s amazing technology and scans can live and thrive. Their advanced virtual world will allow individuals, groups and brands to interact in a very real way.

As Metahero and now as sponsors, we are opening the doors of the largest and most recognizable cryptocurrency projects in the industry to work with Everdome and help bring the Fame brand to the forefront.

Our partnership with Everdome does not end with sponsorship. We have more interesting details to share in the near future.


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