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You don’t have to convince anyone good antivirus the system needs to be protected from various types of threats from the Internet. There are dozens of them – from seemingly harmless ad viewers to software ransomware. But for many people, that’s not all – they need it too VPN networksaccess to all services and websites, regardless of geolocation. Therefore, more and more antivirus vendors include VPN in protection packages. In this way, they not only provide users with a high level of protection, but also privacy and There is no censorship on the internet. It should be noted that this works the opposite way – some VPN providers include security software with their own solutions to achieve the same effect.

Antivirus is always used – so you are completely protected no matter what you do or how you do it. VPN network is activated depending on your needs – you only use it when you need it. A very important fact that distinguishes antivirus programs with VPNs from antivirus VPN subscriptions is that in the past, a secure network was often limited, e.g. data transfer up to 200 MB per day (Bitdefender). On the other hand, network providers do not always provide real-time protection (e.g. Surfshark). Therefore, the first places in our list are occupied by solutions that do not have a VPN data transfer limit and protect the user without interruption when using the network.

Norton 360 Deluxe

Norton 360 Deluxe is a comprehensive protection solution that does not provide multi-level protection for devices only Secure VPNas well as advanced features Dark Web Monitoring and 50 GB of cloud space to back up your files. In terms of protection, it is always among the most effective programs of its kind, and when it comes to the VPN itself, we do not have a data cover, which makes it an excellent alternative to independent VPNs. And extremely effective – you can unlock America without any problems Netflix if Amazon Prime. A nice bonus is the blocking of ads when using a secure network. On the plus side, we hope to be able to choose a server for torrents as well the key to killing.

Annual subscription Norton 360 Deluxe 149.99 PLN for one device. Other options and plans can be found on this page.

McAfee Total Protection

McAfee Total Protection is a user-friendly program that offers Secure VPN – and the manufacturer tells us that network security is at the banking level. In addition, the package includes many other useful things – for example, a password manager or a switch performance optimizer. For example, it will block automatic video playback to reduce network consumption. Interestingly, the McAfee-signed VPN is well known Tunnel Bear – The manufacturer bought this company a few years ago and implemented its solutions “under the banner”. However, you can focus more on security than VPN quality, because it can’t always unblock the services you want. There is no switch the key to killing – but we hope it will be presented soon.

Despite this McAfee Total Protection Perfect for maintaining privacy and security. The annual subscription for one device is 159 PLN. See this page for other plans and prices.

Avira Prime

Avira Prime It also includes the best features of antivirus software VPN networks. In both areas, the manufacturer can be proud of its solutions. The application is highly effective in detecting online threats in real time, optimizes the speed of devices, allows you to unblock content almost all over the world, as well as has a convenient tool for password management. It also allows you to set a level of privacy when visiting websites on the Internet, especially where information about yourself remains.

Avira Prime not one, not two, but up to five devices under one subscription. You can try to use this solution for a month – you will pay 33 zlotys for it – or you can immediately subscribe for a year – it costs 200 zlotys. You can select any of the options on this page.

Bitdefender Internet Security

Bitdefender Internet Security combines a very high level of threat detection with a robust VPN. Unfortunately – he limited to 200 MB per daytherefore, this package can be recommended to people who need a network VPN periodically or link to specific websites. Advanced security features can make you choose – starting with parental controls, ending with webcam protection, file splitter, password manager and Wi-Fi security advisor.

Bitdefender Internet Security has several subscription options for users. The main thing is one device a year – its price is 134.07 PLN. You will find other options on this page.

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