A big scandal around Lewandowski’s dog. People do not leave a topic

The player’s wife Representative of Poland and Bayern Munich for a long time he and his family openly confessed to dream about a dog. The pet was a dream of Clara, especially her husband’s eldest daughter.

Apparently, there was a dog that met Lewandowski’s condition. He appeared in his home in Germany little Bella. “In seventh heaven, Clara, Laurka is still a long way off, Robert is still a raven, Bella is very curious and I … hmm I wonder how to define the logistics of new positions. The most important thing is that they are happy that they have finally finished, “Anna announced on Instagram.

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There was a scandal around Lewandowski’s dogwhose echoes are still heard. Some Internet users have accused the player and coach of buying animals allegedly from pseudomalism. “It’s unfortunate that so many people are promoting false breeding,” he said. is a hybrid and people multiply them, and then expose them to the olks in exchange for excessive money. There was a fashion for pugs, yorkies, shih tzu, now it’s doodle “,” another public figure who is openly proud of getting a dog from the barn Not accepted by the FCI! Drama “,” Unfortunately, he bought another dog with another star. It was as if there were not enough sweets in the shelter. “

activist Malvina Lapinska Lewandowski also criticized his family. “Anna Lewandowski and Robert Lewandowski also said that Getting a hybrid is fun and promote on the internet. People who have the opportunity to buy a dog from the best kennel prefer to buy a hybrid from a false kennel, because otherwise. Let a few million viewers know this how fashionable this “race” is. What about dogs? Who cares. In a few years, such cavapoo or Labradoodle shelters will be full of such children, and finally the “breeders” will begin to get rid of the fully exploited parents of these children, “he wrote, arguing in his favor.

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He made a similar statement Maja Staśko. “It simply came to our notice then promoting dog breeds is really awfulthrough such encouragement they will continue to multiply illegally, be burdened with disease, and condemned to very possible suffering. Because they look beautiful, “he said.

on the other hand Karolina Korvin-Piotrovska drew attention to another aspect. He issued a message saying that livestock farms selling hybrid dogs were “legitimate because of the gap.” “Trend dogs. How terrible it sounds,” he concluded.

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According to Łapińska, Lewandowski’s dog is taken from the same person as pets of other celebrities, including. Julia Wieniawa, Ewa Szabatin and Renata Kaczoruk.

The activist also referred to a fragment from a description of raising little Bella. “Our cultivation history began with a photo accidentally found a “sweet dog” on the Internet has an extraordinary beauty. We decided to own it at any cost, it was not an easy task. Kavapu breed originated in Australia, but we decided to bring dogs from the UK “- they are proud and promise that”attach great importance to genetic research“.

He sees things differently Beata MatławskaHe is a judge of the Kennel Club and a member of the Wroclaw branch of the Kennel Club. “A load. These guarantees are only to convince the customer that he is the only copy of this type, “Pudelek said in an interview.

He explains it It is a mixture of Anna and Robert’s sharp cavalry and poodle and breeding is not an animal, simply melez. He talks about the dangers that can lead to the emergence of such hybrids.

Anna and Robert Lewandowski have not yet appeared in public on charges against them in connection with the acquisition of a dog.

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