12-year-old Kamil died after being bitten by dogs. Her mother’s words are heartbreaking: “I will not rest and I will fight to the end.” [WIDEO, GALERIA]

Author: Beata Olejarka
Elizabeth T. could not hold back her tears. She left the room crying and trembling. These feelings accompany her from the day she lost her beloved son

Mariusz S., 50, the owner of two American pit bull terriers who killed 12-year-old Kamil on Tuesday, April 5, was sentenced by the Przemyśl District Court. The mother of the deceased child, her voice broken by tears and emotions, read the heartbreaking words of the parent who could not find comfort in the loss of his beloved son. Although these words were spoken in a low voice, they were the loudest words in the courtroom.

The drama took place on September 28, 2020 in a block at ul. Joachim Lelevel Przemyśl. This tragic story had an innocent beginning. 12-year-old Kamil T. went to his friend Szymek P. There were no adults in the apartment where the boys came. There were two for this dogs, pitbulls: Jocker and Katalaja. Unfortunately, the story here takes on a terrible twist. One of the dogs jumped on Kamil. The child was taken to hospital. Unfortunately, he lost his life struggle and his spark was extinguished on October 1, 2020. Shimon was also injured, but his injuries were smaller.

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Kamil’s mother, who was bitten by dogs, talks about the pain she suffered after losing her child

industry. The trial of Mariusz S..

The owner of the dogs was Mariusz S. (50). On the day of the tragedy, the animals were taken to a shelter, the owner was arrested and later released. The indictment against Mariusz S. was submitted to the court on June 18, 2021. He was previously convicted of crimes against life and health. In September 2021, the trial of Mariusz S. began in the Przemyśl District Court. At the first hearing, the defendant wept and explained that he did not know that a permit was needed to keep dangerous breeds of dogs. However, the opinions of the appointed experts did not raise any doubts.

According to them, dogs should not be left alone with a minor Shimon P. The verdict was handed down by the Przemyśl District Court on October 29, 2021. Then Mariusz S. was sentenced to 3 years in prison, the man was also obliged to pay 50,000 percent. PLN for the mother of the deceased Kamil, as well as 3 min. PLN for Szymon P. From this decision both sides appealed.

On April 5, 2022, a court hearing was held in the Przemyśl District Court, in which Judge Mariusz Fołta announced the verdict. is exactly the same as the decision of the court of first instance.

Influential speech of the mother of the late Kamil in court

However, this speech of Kamil, the mother of the deceased, was the most impressive of the day. The woman took the floor after the closing talks and read the words written earlier. In her short speech, the nervous and weeping Mrs. Elbieta said that she was dearest to her son after his death.

-Parents, brothers and sisters, it is difficult to express in words what we live as a family. Although more than 1.5 years have passed since this tragedy, we still do not understand how it happened. I do not understand how it was possible to keep such dogs with young children? As long as they had attacked before. But it seems that the desire to make money by selling puppies has overshadowed the voices of homeowners. The accused apologizes to me in court, feels remorse, and in the city challenges me with obscene words as if it suits me. He still feels important in this city and goes unpunished. I am currently receiving regular treatment at a psychotherapist, taking sedatives to be able to function. Although the defendant’s lawyer dared to say that it was normal for me to need psychiatric treatment after losing my son, I still have children to raise. This statement is inappropriate. By what right have I been so humiliated by this claim? How can a lawyer know what I am doing? And the accusation that my child was guilty of his own death … because he didn’t attack the dog with scissors. The file clearly states that these scissors were not found in my child. They were at work, but after all this, how could my son put them in place? As Kamilek’s mother, I ask the court to impose the maximum penalty for this act, ie 5 years in prison. Finally, I would like to say, sir, that I will not rest and will fight to the end so that the accused will receive a deserved punishment for this act. I have to dedicate my life to this work – I will not let it go. I will not forgive. This is not something that can be taken back or repaired. My child’s whole life was ahead. There were plans, dreams and, most of all, health and love. Such things are unforgivable, he said.

Mariusz S. did not attend the hearing in the District Court. In front of the Przemyśl District Court, the animal owner did not want to answer any questions other than the court and his lawyer. He pleaded not guilty and claimed that he lived only on benefits and part-time work, and that the dogs were always well-groomed.


Is this verdict fair?

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