Wroclaw Dante Wrocek cats face the famous Wroclaw cats.

KOTON cafe, Kot Cafe restaurant, large carved cat in the yard on Roosevelt Street and Koci Zaułek from historical sites – these are just a few examples of places where cats are worshiped or adored.

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The most famous is the scientific antique shop in ul. Szewska, which lived Dante for 16 years. The white-and-red tomcat became a legend in his lifetime, he had a fanpage. He kept the Olympic silence in the face of intruders knocking on the windows of an antique shop.

Monument to Dante ul. Szewska, photo: Tomasz Hołod / www.wroclaw.pl

“Dante was the worst of my six cats at the time, so no one wanted him, and he stayed with us,” says Malgorzata, the owner of an antique shop. – His successors Ryżart and Tycjan, and the animal composition is completed by the dog Cocos.

On hot days, his favorite place was the door at the entrance to the antique shop. Today there is j hereego monument. This is probably the only such figure on an animal known as Wroclawda. To this day, Dante is a cat – an institution.

Municipal cat or Wrocek

This status has already been obtained by the Wrocek cat, a resident of the Wroclaw City Hall, a purebred British cat. It was abandoned by its previous owners at the bus station three years ago. He was adopted by Wroclaw President Jacek Sutryk, and Wroclaw residents helped choose his name. Today, Wrocek has a group of loyal fans (of course, he also hated). He is a silent participant in important meetings, and the President of Wroclaw is confident in his opinion. At the same time, he can delicately disarm official seriousness, for example, by walking around the table in the presidential office. He subdues the stressful visitors of the visit and encourages them to play in a cat-like manner.

Wroclaw Mayor's Office Vrok's favorite place, photo: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Wroclaw Mayor’s Office Vrok’s favorite place, photo: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

President Jacek Sutryk says of Wrock: – My little friend and adds: – We have had a sincere friendship for three years. Vrochek has a favorite place in the office: he especially loves the desk, but it’s not strange – he’s as busy as I am. Its presence, kind nature presents an element of harmony, and events, especially on tense days – a dose of peace and tranquility. This is a special garden and I am glad to have such a loyal friend.

Miziana brings good luck

More or less Wrocław establishments have residents who meow at home.

A small cat lives in the monastery of Mary Clean Sisters in Ostrów Tumsk. The friend walks in the leprosy, in the Arsenal of the city where the Military Museum and the Museum of Archeology are located. The cat in the neighborhood is visiting the zoo of the University of Life Sciences in ul. Chelmonski.

Tusia (also called Dusia) lives in the Botanical Garden of the University of Wroclaw. Although the gardeners are sure that he will not go hungry and have three bowls, he can also hunt for dinner. Mizia, on the other hand, lives on the Wroclaw University of Science and Technology campus. The black, cheerful cat is a favorite of employees and students of the Faculty of Electronics, Photonics and Microsystems. Loves to eat, sleep and hug. Students believe that this brings success in exams. Mizia has a profile on Facebook because it is suitable for pets of new technologies.

Kicia, a white cat with gray spots, dominates a rest area in the Wroclaw Horse Racing Area in Partynice. His favorite pastime is walking on straw or haystacks. He waits by the cup every day, by the groom’s room, and is a very good hunter. Maintains order in the pasture, ie in the horse feed barn.

Rules at the stables at Partynice Horse Racing Park in Kitty Wrocław, photo: WTWK Partynice

Rules at the stables at Partynice Horse Racing Park in Kitty Wrocław, photo: WTWK Partynice

More cats live in the racetrack complex. The local cat herd consists of: Graina, Bufor, Szajba, Rudy, Lola and Nygus. – However, only a small group of people can enter the stables: coaches, horsemen and stall staff. That’s why Kitty from the rest area is Partynice’s most famous cat, says Piotr Makarevich of Partynice Horse Racing in Wroclaw.

On duty with His Majesty’s cat

– Our civilization is subject to cats. Clearly – the owners of Dachowców, Maine Coones, Russian Blue, Persian, Siamese, Norwegian Forest and Turkish Lop-Ears are convincing without hesitation.

All you have to do is browse the internet to find hundreds of specialized websites, blogs, social media profiles dedicated to cats, or listen to their owners.

– A cat is a state of mind. It is a scene that follows you. It is the shamelessness of his hunger; it is impolite to demand that every door be opened for no reason; is the least understood choice of place to sleep; his head is in your throat; they are torn corners and hopelessly tangled wool sticks. It is loyalty and independence in one, a great mutual attraction, but also … waking up at 5 in the morning – admits Piotr Oszczanowski. The director of the National Museum in Wroclaw lives with two cats – Panda and Cuba. – You don’t have a cat, you have a cat … you have. And this is the most beautiful part of it!

Thomas Broda, visual artist, graphic designer: – A man has the honor of serving a cat. Cats scare us gently – says a teacher at the Academy of Arts in Wroclaw, and you can hear a lot of life experience in his voice. Today she has two cats named Śrubka and Maciusia, but previously she had Lula, Ninia, Kefir, Bromba and Elegant.

The sound of a cat

Cat from Zbigniew Maciej’s book “Adventures of Nature” by Tomasz Broda

They had different personalities and created many difficulties, including educational problems. – Kefir liked to walk outside the house, and in the evenings I would look for him in the neighborhood, shouting “Kefir, Kefir”. Passers-by may have considered me a kefir seller. Bromba was the smallest cat in power, but as an adult he only circled between the bowl and the trash can until he became unable to jump off a chair, says Tomasz Broda. Elegant, on the contrary, was silent. You had to guess what he was waiting for. For example, when he wanted to leave, and when I did not open the door quickly, he could work on the computer and pay attention.

Beata Wołczyk, an artist, violinist and conductor at the Capitol Musical Theater, has an elderly Briton named Largo. – Cats bring peace to the house. They feel we are bad, they come and hug each other – it lists the advantages of human-animal friendship. – They have the ability to tame people. One of my friends was adamantly opposed to bringing the cat home. She surrendered under pressure from her relatives, and six months later spoke with great delicacy about her cat.

According to the artist, their biggest advantage is their existence, simply. – I came across such an entry on the network. “Unfortunately, I can’t come to work today because my cat is sitting on my lap.” And I understand this argument, he says.

There is a large group of cat artists associated with Wroclaw. The French artist Baltus, whose mother was from Breslau, was called the king of cats because he described many of them. The Luxus cat series can be seen at the Four Dome Pavilion – Museum of Modern Art. Antek Wajda organized several excellent cat shows under the title.

Science Cat or Blanc

We will also meet with cat lovers among officials, managers, doctors, shopkeepers and politicians. At the Ossolineum headquarters, Mr. Leszek, a porter, said goodbye to ten-year-old tortoise cat Tosia. – He left the house and probably got into a cat fight because he came back in pain. There were no visible wounds, but he was worried. He died two days later, the man said.

Street advertising, Krzyki, Wrocław, about 2010, photo: personal archive

Street advertising, Krzyki, Wrocław, about 2010, photo: personal archive

Dr. Vroclaw University of Science and Technology. Andrzej admits that he does not like cats. – Until four years ago, at the request of my husband, I gave him a pair of kittens and siblings. In a few weeks, my attitude towards them changed, and today I can not imagine a house without Blanc and Banias, – says the scientist.

It doesn’t end with Blanc and Bania, as six more village cats come to sleep and eat, according to Zaki.

In general, cats are independent by nature and sometimes even insult people, Dr. Żak admits. – On the other hand, even the related ones differ in character. Bania is the host, and Blank likes to stay away from home. So we bought a collar with a GPS transmitter to make it easier to find.

Blan has other advantages. Dr. Ghak, an expert in electron microscopy, mentions him in a scientific publication and thanks him for his “valuable discussions.” – This is a reference to the Chester cat, which is known in the world of science, – Dr. Andrzej Żak says.

In the 1970s, American physicist and mathematician Jack Hetherington wrote a scientific paper on the properties of the helium isotope. A friend pointed out that he writes “we” from the author in the work, although he is working on it. Reviewers may consider this to be incorrect and request an amendment prior to publication. The scientist decided that he did not want to rewrite the whole work (this is still the era of machines), it would be easier to change the front page and add the author. He added the name FDC Willard, where FD Felis domesticus means a domestic cat in Latin. C is the name of the first Chester, Hetherington’s Siamese cat, and Willard Chester’s father’s name. The lawsuit arose when a guest at the University of Michigan wanted to make an appointment with FDC Willard.

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