“We have had quiet days for the last eight years”

They became famous for their roles in the series “Family Foster plus”. Then their careers accelerated – they appeared in series, movies and commercials. When Adam Zdrójkowski (21) starred in Rodzince.pl, his brother Cuba (21) moved away from show business. Today there is a buzz again about both twins. Adam has just made his debut in the series “Przyjaciółki” starring Patrick’s hairdresser, and Cuba may look like Nicodemus in the second season of “Kowalscy vs Kowalski”. The Zdrójkowski family is famous and they do not complain about their earnings. What about love?

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The timing of your calendars is almost a miracle. What are you doing so much?

Adam Zdrójkowski: I can’t complain about the lack of work, but it’s not that it takes me day and night. I’m starring in “Friends”, I acted in a new film, so a lot is going on. But it’s good because I love that adrenaline. But over the years, I’ve learned that balance is important in life, so I’m sure I won’t have to worry too much.

Kuba Zdrójkowski: Our profession is so ungrateful that we can’t set a serious schedule. Now I have more simple tasks, because I finished filming “Kowalski vs. Kowalski” and started the last semester of psychological research. I must admit that it was difficult because I often spent my nights trying to reconcile things. I even wanted to drop out of school, but … I invested a lot in it, and it was just a pity.

Man, I heard that now you have a new profession – you have become a hairdresser!

Adam: Fortunately – me and others – not me, but the hero of the series Patrick (laughs). I can learn perseverance from him and move forward, because he is the type who enters Patrycja’s barber shop (played by Joanna Liszowska) and hires not only himself but also his barber friend. I’m glad I joined a cult series like “Friends” and I’m interested in how the plot of my hero will develop.

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Cuba, but did you make your home during the filming of “Kowalscy vs Kowalski”?

Cuba: For two seasons, I not only got closer to the film crew, but also made friends with young actors. We keep in touch as much as we can, we meet in private – we spend evenings, sometimes even nights together. I hope to see you again on the set soon, because I miss these feelings.

Adam: Indeed, after a few weeks on the set, we begin to treat the crew like a second family. When the pictures are over, you feel a great adrenaline rush and a kind of sadness. Although, from my experience, it is more difficult to return to the world after participating in a show where you move at high speed from morning to evening. It so happened that after such a marathon I took an antidepressant because my head was wrinkled and my body was still screaming for adrenaline. But it seemed that I had to fall to learn to stand up.

How did you learn to balance?

Cuba: In addition, the man participated in many programs. I have never experienced such a rollercoaster, but if there are new proposals, I will gladly accept them. Two years ago, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be an actor in the future. I can’t imagine my life without it today. Despite the stress, working on the set is very addictive, but also provides financial comfort.

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Do you have a recipe for how to stay in the show business for as long as possible?

Cuba: We both rely on intuition. We do not write any strategy, we do not think about what is good for us and what is bad. We capture what the day brings.

Adam: Yes, I agree with Cuba (laughs). The most important thing is to be yourself. We are not afraid of commercial or major trends. Young actors have to start somewhere. The main thing is not to lean on both sides and relax from what you are doing.

The phrase “who likes, who likes”, in my opinion, perfectly reflects the nature of your relationship.

Adam: The fact is that we are not like two drops of water (laughs). We are completely different characters. We were both stubborn, and that did not allow us to be friends for long.

Cuba: But it’s still quite a rude friendship (laughs). Although it is better than a few years ago. I think when it comes to girls, Adam and I have similar tastes.

Adam: Yes? We have never been like this!

Cuba: Of course. I see that we like the same girls (laughs). We have similar hair and the same height.

Are you already following Instagram?

Cuba: There is already (laughs). Before that, it was a dwarf game. Now sometimes I even like his writings (laughs). We both have tough, dominant characters, we are individual and like to be right. It’s an explosive mix and … it’s the domain of most twin brothers.

Adam: We have had quiet days for the last eight years. I repeatedly offered Cuba sparring in the professional ring, but … it was possible without bloodshed (laughs). We are not typical twins. All our lives we had separate rooms, separate toys, different friends and interests. But when necessary, we are a wall behind each other. We have support inside.

Are your parents worried about your relationship?

Cuba: More than ourselves, because when they leave, each of us thinks we will go our own way. And this will not happen.

Where are you in your life today?

Adam: I am in the process of rebuilding my career and personal life. A lot has changed for me in the last few months. My long-term relationship ended, I had problems, various family problems. It was not easy, but the situation is beginning to stabilize. Every failure makes me stronger. But … I do not attach myself to innovation. Today, my priority is work, I find my purpose in it. I am not a person with sick ambitions. I just do things that feel good to me.

Cuba: I’m always where I want to be. Finally, I don’t have to think about where I will get my livelihood and how I will start earning again. Soon I will move to the apartment where I work honestly. I hope this is the beginning of my career. I do not make long-term plans, I try to keep my feet on the ground. Family is my priority. He has always been, is and will be the most important.

You have a good job, fame, money. What about love? Are you still single I saw your Tinder accounts! Are they real?

Adam: Friends continue to send us screens of our fake accounts. And the truth is, I’ve never had a romantic relationship with Tinder.

Cuba: Me too! Someone is imitating who I am! More interesting “marriage proposals” are on Instagram. If a good girl wants to write to me, let her contact me. I will read all the messages.

Adam: Wait a minute and you don’t see anyone by chance? (smile)

Cuba: Are you the one asking the questions?

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No, I ask them! Cuba, how is the situation?

Cuba: It’s complicated. Seriously, I’ve started dating someone, but this is just the beginning, so I don’t want to confuse.

Adam: And I know who he met! And not an anonymous person. Do you want to know

Of course! And I think it’s not just me!

Cuba: If I have something to talk about, I’ll do it myself. You know, I can’t say that I have a girlfriend, because God forbid, my Instagram will fall (laughs).

Man, are you ready for a new relationship?

Adam: I am single, but I am open to new relationships. I really enjoy spending time with women.

Cuba: Yes, preferably with several at the same time! The man has a 70-square-meter apartment, some of which fit comfortably. This is, of course, a joke.

Adam: Do you know why I miss you the most? Having someone who can count on my help and support will be important to him. A person I can look at and share with me what happened to me. To spend wonderful moments together. The heavy ones are behind me. If a worthy person comes to the horizon, I do not say no.

Aren’t you afraid of finding girls who want to be distinguished by your fame?

Cuba: It used to be nonsense to me that popularity could ignite false news. I was sure that I would soon learn the real intention of the other. Unfortunately, I recently came across someone and I already have a lesson for the future.

Adam: Fortunately, I do not have such experiences. The worst thing for a girl is to know your weaknesses and what you need. Then you can be deceived.

And what do you need most today?

Adam: This may sound absurd, but what I need most is peace and stability. I will always remember that I have a goal and what I want to do in my life. I learn to think about myself and make plans, regardless of the situation.

Cuba: I would like my career to continue to develop. I need new challenges and I dream of appearing in “Familiar Face”. It would be an amazing adventure.

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