Warmińsko-Mazurskie: He brutally killed two dogs, a pregnant locust, and fled

In the Bartoszyce Forest Zone, between Bartnikow (Kiwity commune) and Polkajmy (Jeziorany commune), drunken hunters shot two dogs and a pregnant jungle. The incident took place on the territory of the Wrzos Hunting Society in Lidzbark Warminski.

“I wasn’t there, the son went with the dogs,” says the owner of the slain dogs. – Scooby-doo is a 6-year-old Bavarian mountain dog. Teddy bear is a two-year-old hybrid … – It is difficult for a dog owner to hold back tears. – At 13: 00-13: 30 at night, he heard gunshots about 150-200 meters away. The son immediately informed the Lidzbark Warmiński police, but they did very little, he said. –
The hunters, although I could call them murderers, took the hunting dogs to Olstin’s commune, and Olstin’s police took care of them. They were very quiet dogs, everyone was surprised that they were so calm … – he says excitedly.

“These gentlemen can’t be called hunters,” says his son Piotr (a pseudonym) who went for a walk with the dogs on Saturday. – They are hunting illegally! I was with the dogs for a walk and came without seeing them for a while. And I heard gunshots about 200 meters away from me.

Three notifications

The man filed three complaints: shooting a pregnant jungle, two dogs. It provides a third security alert.

“I was within walking distance,” he said. – I immediately informed the police in Lidzbark Warminski. Blood and tire marks were found. I asked the police to come to the scene and keep the rails and the car safe. I heard that I would not tell them what to do. They turned and walked away.

– The president of the Wrzos Hunting Association in Lidzbark Warminski says that the hunting season for the breed ends on January 15. Dorota Michalak. – During this period, on the night of March 4-5, there was a hunt from 5 pm to midnight, and the second one ended at 7 am. Only one hunt was reported in the circuit.

– As a circle, we are not a party to this issue. We are open to any assistance in identifying criminals. We will provide all possible assistance to the police and prosecutor’s office. We want the perpetrators to be identified and the consequences of their actions to be felt. “For me, throwing jungle during security is barbaric, and it shouldn’t have happened at all,” he said.

This is just ordinary poaching!

– Can this be called illegal hunting?
“Not at all,” says the forester Zbigniew Pampuç. – It was just poaching! If the hunters were drunk, they were not registered and did not have the authority to open fire. In my opinion, those who shoot at the jungle and the dog are dishonest people.

– It is a crime to hunt under the influence of alcohol. According to the rules, the weapon can be used only by a sober person. A drunk person cannot even carry a pistol in a bag. Hunters meet in public and have guns and do not drink. alcohol. Shooting an animal, especially a pregnant woman’s back, during protection is a violation of hunting ethics and a crime under the Hunting Act.

What’s going on?

– I went for a walk with my two dogs on Saturday – says Anna (pseudonym) – and the neighbor’s 9-year-old daughter Kasia (pseudonym) and her three dogs. We noticed that Peter was moving strangely, walking in a circle. We went and asked if there was a hunt, because he heard gunshots and could not find his dogs. He turned his shotgun on himself when apprehended by a police officer on the porch of the house where the shootings took place. Kasia started crying and wanted to go home. He was afraid that he or his dogs would hit him. I used to call my dogs loudly, so I’m sure the shooter must have heard me.
Anna and the girl returned home to wait for Anna’s other dog. Animals have GPS receivers, so the owner always knows where the pets are.

“Then,” Anna adds, “came the policeman who had been notified of the jungle.” I made an appointment with Peter that we would look for the dogs the next day. On Sunday, Piotr called and said he would look for the animals. The police were there when I got there. We soon found both dogs.
A 2-year-old angel named Misiu had a wound on his side. Scooby-Doo had two of them: on the side and at the bottom of the tail. Anna thought she was shot from above, so she had to be close. The details will be determined by an expert.
The dogs were found outside the forest.

– The killed dogs, – adds the owner – were taken by car to the commune of Jeziorany, that is, to Olstin poviat. Criminals from Biskupiej were caring for dogs. Olsztyn and Biskupiec criminal technicians were there.

Spokesman for the Lidzbark Warmiński District Police Department, Sergeant. Beata Sztygier reported that on Saturday afternoon, a KPP officer on duty in Lidzbark Warmiński received a report that a dead deer had been found in a field in Lidzbark poviat. Two weapons were provided and the animal was provided, which will go to the autopsy to determine the cause of death.

Three people were arrested in connection with the case of the dead deer: 59-year-old, 66-year-old and 73-year-old. The youngest man was sober, a 66-year-old man had more than half a per mille, and a 73-year-old man had 0.7 per mille of alcohol. After waking up and questioning the men, they were released.

Proceedings on Art. 53, Section 3. of the Hunting Law Hunting during the protective period is punishable by imprisonment for a term of up to 5 years.

Like sgt. On Sunday (03/06/2022), officials from the Olsztyn Municipal Police Department’s Press Group received information that the bodies of two dogs had been found near a dirt road in the commune of Jeziorany. An investigation team and a forensic expert worked at the scene. The carcasses of the animals were protected for necropsy. In this case, an expert examination was appointed to determine the cause of death of quadrupeds. Activities aimed at violating the article. 35 of the Law on Animal Protection.

Dariusz Dopierała

Recall two similar, disturbing issues.
In May 2021, we wrote that the remains of at least six decaying animals (red cattle) were found about 4 km from the place described in the article. Moreover, the remains of cows were in a private field adjacent to the land of the State Treasury. The animals were in various decay conditions and did not have earrings. Most of them were located in the protected beaver bay. Part of the meadow, private property. There are several farms nearby. In one of them, unmarked red and black and white cows are grazing.
After a long investigation, the Lidzbark Warmiński police … did not identify the culprit. An earring with information about a certain farm was found there. However, according to one witness, the earrings were deliberately planted and another animal on the farm had the same earring number.
In another case, the Olsztyn District Court overturned a first-instance judgment against Tomasz M. The case will be reconsidered by Mrągowo District Court.
The lawsuit was related to the July 29, 2020 incident in Bagienice Male. According to investigators, the accused raped a Siberian Husky dog ​​belonging to Colanta M. during the hunt. This is done by shooting and injuring a sharp firearm, such as a rifle, among others. abdominal cavity resulting in the death of the animal – Olsztyn District Court spokesman Judge Olgierd Dąbrowski-Zegalski reports
The verdict was issued on November 19, 2021. Mrągowo District Court found Tomasz M. guilty and sentenced him to six months in prison, two years in prison and a fine of 1,000 PLN. PLN is good. The court ruled in favor of the assistant prosecutors in the amount of 2,000 PLN for each of the defendants. PLN compensation.
The court sentenced Tomas M. to a two-year ban on hunting, as well as a release in the amount of 1,000 PLN. PLN for the Mazurski Kundel Association in Mrągowo. The accused was also ordered to pay court costs. The court found that Tomasz S. had deliberately acted by firing on the dog with a shotgun and that there was nothing wrong.
An appeal was filed by the defendant’s lawyer against the above decision. The Olsztyn District Court overturned the disputed judgment and remanded the case to Mrągowo District Court. The decision on this case is final.

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