Tofik is so sad that it breaks his heart

Tofik is a 7-year-old dog living in the Tatar Podaj Łapę shelter and looking for a good home. She has been in the shelter since 2016. He was 2 years old then. He was a naughty dog, but no one wanted him. He came to our shelter from Grodzic.

– I don’t know what was the reason for that, was it thrown away, maybe it was lost. I have known my husband and son for about two years when he was an official volunteer at the Podaj Łapę shelter. We spend a lot of time with Tofig, take care of him and have fun.

Until recently, he was cheerful and cheerful, welcoming us by wagging his tail. It has been unknown for some time, he is sad and indifferent. When he entered the shelter where he was, he reacted immediately, was overjoyed, and still does not react.

The other 2 dogs bark, rejoice, turn around, jump over Tofig, make noise,

Author of the photo: Volunteers from Działdowo

he sits quietly, lowers his head, and you see only the eyes of a sad dog, and he seems to have said to himself: no, they do not come to me, not for me, it is impossible for anyone to take me. When we look at him, our hearts are broken.

He only comes to life when he clearly sees that we have come to him, says Mr. Daniel.

In Tofiq’s eyes, you see great despair, he misses a man, he wants a house of his own.

“But no one wants him, and he’s getting sadder and sadder.” In early January, a woman living in Sweden expressed interest in the dog, but it ended. He promised to take care of her and to heal her. Unfortunately, he did not speak to the shelter.

– Tofik is still waiting to be adopted, he becomes more and more unhappy and worse with him. We do everything to comfort him and find a good man – the volunteer is sure.

Why is it worth accepting?

Tofikin is a 7-year-old dog. It is very calm, not aggressive, it is beautiful, it walks beautifully in the cage, it does not crawl, it does not crawl, it is safe for children.

– This dog trusts everyone, even the first person he sees. I really need human contact. She gives a great hug. It has extremely fine feathers and is hairy like a rabbit. The hands themselves try to dive into her hair to scratch and hug her, says Mr. Daniel.

However, it has one drawback, which can be called a skill. Well, he can climb the net and run, even at a height of two meters.

– We found out about it in one of the meetings with Tofig. As always, we release the dogs from the boxes. Tofik also fled. The fun with the dogs began. After a while, I realized he was gone. We started looking. Suddenly I saw that he had already climbed 2 more nets and was preparing to cross the next nets.

Fortunately, it was stopped at the last moment. Since then, Tofiq has been taken away by rope.

We do not know why he wanted to escape from the shelter. Maybe he was tired of being closed. Free wanted to run away and look for a home on his own? – Mr. Daniel is surprised.

Therefore, after the adoption, she must stay in the apartment, and if she falls into a single-parent home, she should not be left alone in the yard.

– It seems that by giving him a yard, we give him joy, but it may turn out that he will run away. We do not know why he did that. Maybe it’s just because he likes to climb, – says the volunteer.

Nevertheless, it is worth adopting because it emphasizes communication with people.

– We believe that Tofig will finally find his beautiful home and friendly landlords. He will definitely be grateful to them – adds Mr. Daniel.

Of course, adopting a dog involves many duties and responsibilities for the animal. He needs to be taken care of, provided with food, walks and games. He should be treated when he is sick, but he should be loved the most.

They volunteered with good hearts

– Volunteering is not an easy task. Why did you decide to engage in such an activity?
– My wife and I started with a good heart. We love animals, we have an adopted dog from a shelter in Nidzica. We did this for our son, who volunteered. We wanted to show him that animals need help, that they need to be loved and treated humanely. Now my son takes it for granted and has fun. We love to visit the hostel. It is also an active way to spend free time.

– What are the duties of a volunteer?
– First of all, to come to the shelter, to walk the dogs, to take care of them. If necessary, we clean the boxes, pour drinking water, bring a variety of food, toys for dogs. We are a formal volunteer, we have a voluntary contract with the shelter. We go to the dormitory every week, most weekends.

– How do dogs react to people?
– Very different. It depends on the dog. It is necessary to read from his behavior. Some are waving their tails at once, laughing and rejoicing. There are those who stand on stiff paws, with upright fur and a terrible shell. Then we know that the dog is not safe. It is also important that dogs react differently to children younger than them and that dogs do not respect them as much as adults. Sometimes you have to be careful in contact between a child and a large dog. He can jump on the child with joy and knock him down. In addition, we know a lot about how individual dogs behave, as they are called ordinary shelter workers who stay with dogs on a daily basis.

– You talked about playing with dogs. What do you play with them?
– First of all, in the “tag”, either the dog runs after us, or we follow him, use different toys that they can tear, the dogs roll on the ground and the children sometimes play with them, bring what our students do. very much like. When it is raining and muddy, we take old trousers and overshoes with us to run around with the dogs and roll on the ground. Our pets love to hug the most. They lie on their backs and wait for the bullet. They also enjoy their new toys. We recently brought cones with cross bars. Dogs do not jump immediately, but they like to jump very quickly. Maybe they will learn some tricks. Some dogs bury a new toy when they buy it, some bring it to their mouths and wait for fun, and some do not react at all.

– Are all the dogs ready to play?

– No, some people do not want to play, prefer to run. There are also dogs that avoid contact with humans. One of them really does not want to leave the playground. He will leave, meet his needs and return immediately. He doesn’t have fun, he feels bad in front of people. The child sits in the corner of the playground and does not even play with other dogs. He probably suffered a lot from the people. Dogs are also very interesting. First, they walk around a person in a big arch, look at him, observe him, and then become friends.

– You mentioned that you can find a family for dogs, but it is not so simple?
– Yes. goes. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, there are dogs that no one wants, for example, Tofik. Therefore, the idea of ​​a new method of promotion was born.

– What should it consist of?
– We would like to organize a photo session with our owners, members of parliament, famous residents with dogs. If the people we invite agree, we will tell you what will happen next.

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