The restaurant chain has opened a care center for children of refugees from Ukraine

Photo: McDonald’s Polska press releases

McDonald’s Polska, in partnership with the Digital Dialogue Association and Grupa Centrum, a mass movement of Central Railway volunteers, has opened a temporary Maczek club at the company’s new Training Center at the Railway Station. This is a warm, friendly place for the children of Ukrainian refugees and their guardians waiting for their next trip at the station.

A Maczek kindergarten has opened at the new McDonald’s Polska Training Center at Warsaw Central Station. This is the company’s investment, which was launched a few days ago. The McDonald’s Polska Center provides space for daylight needs:

– A room of more than 80 m2, covered with a soft carpet, with a projector for the broadcast of fairy tales, equipped and equipped taking into account the needs of children of different ages;
– reception place for mothers and guardians of children;
– wardrobe for outerwear and luggage,
– kitchen,
– Two toilets – for girls and boys.

Photo: McDonald’s Polska press releases

The children at Maczek can relax, play, watch cartoons, listen to music, play board games, create artwork, participate in animation and simple programming lessons using educational robots. Classes are conducted by experienced animators of the Digital Dialogue Association with the support of teachers from Ukraine.

Seeing the plight of refugees, including those arriving at the Warsaw Central Station and waiting to travel, we wanted to help here and now in a way that meets the real need. We have made our space accessible and, together with the Digital Dialogue Association, have created a comfortable environment for children to have their own warm, friendly space to relax, study and play while at the Railway Station. In this way, we want to support the mothers and guardians of the children so that they can catch their breath while they are at Maczek, get the necessary information and do the main work, and then continue their journey. I am glad that together with our partner we can provide high quality care and support to children and mothers in a friendly and safe environment. he says Adam PieńkowskiCEO of McDonald’s Polska.

The partner of the initiative is the Digital Dialogue Association, which has many years of experience in implementing complex educational and animation projects for children and youth in different age groups. – As an Association, we have supported refugees since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, especially the youngest and the youngest. In Torvar, we learned the stories of Ukrainian children and learned to act sensitively in this new situation. At Maczek at Central Station, we take care of the children left in the care center, provide them with fun, animation and, if space and interest, learning, among other things, educational robots, says Ivona Brzózka-Złotnicka, president of the Digital Dialogue Association.

The partners work with McDonald’s Polska and the Volunteer Leaders of the Centrum Group, which operates the Digital Dialogue Association Central Station. In order to ensure the safety of children and their mothers, rules for directing transport to the service point have been developed together. The initiative can also count on the support of scouts and volunteers from McDonald’s Polska office.

The station is open every day, including weekends, from 10:00 to 16:00. Contact Centrum Group volunteers at Central Station to take care.

Not only Maczek in Centralny
The situation of the victims of the war in Ukraine worries many of us personally, because 10% of our employees in Poland are Ukrainian, so from the beginning of the conflict we have focused on material assistance. We meet the needs. Together with the franchisee, we offer free hot meals and drinks at refugee camps, train stations and restaurants. We also help McDonald’s employees from the Ukrainian market to find work and accommodation within our System in Poland. We have set up an aid fund to support our employees in bringing families from Ukraine – says Adam Pieńkowski, CEO of McDonald’s Polska.

The Ronald McDonald Foundation, which provides medical care in the Przemyśl ambulance, is also involved in relief activities. The foundation also funds hospital beds for parents of young Ukrainian patients and accommodates caregivers of critically ill children at Ronald McDonald Homes.

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