The official internet quality control tool is available to all consumers

From December 1, Polish Internet users will be able to use the communication quality control mechanism certified by the Office of Electronic Communications. The measurement results may be the basis for making claims in the appeal process.

A conference was held in Warsaw today Electronic Communications Departmentwas presented during PRO Speed ​​Test – Certified mechanism for monitoring the quality of Internet connection. Unlike other tools available on the Internet, the PRO Speed ​​Test application checks the conditions under which the measurement is performed. It checks elements such as processor load, network card type, availability of active VPN connections, intensity of background traffic generated, and number of devices on the user’s home network.

– Consumers will be able to defend their rights more easily than before, which will increase competition among suppliers. Their offer will now be compared not only in terms of price and declared speed, but also on the basis of reliable measurements, said UKE President Marcin Cichy.

– The tool is also mainly intended for education. The customer must see that the problem is often, if not always, on the operator’s side. The old system is to blame, there is no weak router, no driver … If the instrument recognizes such things, it will not measure. This is to limit the number of complaints made to operators, as the information obtained about the measurement itself and the problems on the customer side is intended to make it clear that it is not relevant to the operator. This is the main assumption of the whole instrument, said Dominic Kołtunowicz of the UKE Supervision Department.

The mechanism was provided free of charge by the company selected in the competition V-Speedfrom December 1, 2018 available at This includes website and desktop software, WEB software and mobile software for devices with systems Android and iOS. The results of measurements made using a stationary program may be grounds for compensation in the event that the ISP fails to perform the contract properly. According to the legal and technical conditions, the measurement results obtained using WEB and mobile applications are primarily informative.

Prior to the official introduction of the Internet quality control mechanism, tests were conducted with the participation of 230 Internet providers and more than 1,600 users with a total of more than 7,500 measurements. According to the developer of the tool, the comments of the testers were taken into account during the creation of the final product. The website is designed so that people with disabilities can use it.

The certificate issued by UKE is valid Until December 1, 2020. Work on the creation of a certified mechanism began in 2012. In 2017, negotiations began with operators to find a common solution for measuring the quality of Internet connections. Some companies, especially landline Internet providers, wanted to use their tools, but the Electronic Communications Office could not agree. The second option was for UKE to set up its own measuring instrument from scratch, but its need for upgrades could outweigh the Office’s capabilities. The third option was to use an existing measuring instrument.

Measuring the user experience was a challenge. The connection must be wired, permanent, and other devices must not be connected to the Internet. All this should be user-friendly and should not be discouraged when taking measurements, because it is very difficult for him. Measurements should be taken several times a day. Among other things, for these reasons, the mobile application is not an approved part of the integrity, but only an add-on.

What about two years later? Then a new competition will begin, which can lead to a better tool.

– At first, there was a plan to do it every year, but then immediately after the implementation of the current competition, we had to work on a new mechanism. The President of UKE said that the new competition is also an opportunity for other organizations to participate.

Poland is the fifth country in Europe to have a certified mechanism for measuring Internet quality (previously there were Germany, Italy, Croatia and Romania). Measurements from the tool can be published as does now – at least such an idea is considered. Measurements will not be divided into regions. According to the president of UKE, this is a bad idea, because for a customer who wants to get information about the quality of the link to his computer, the measurement for the region is no information. Taking the results on average may not give you much, as you will need to refine the result, for example, for a city or commune. If the measurement is somewhat complicated and visible opinionif this is the case, the measurement will be simplified as much as possible.

V-Speed ​​will be the administrator of the personal data of customers using the tool. RFBenchmark also participated in the competition for the supply of measuring instruments, but scored fewer points.

Text source: UKE, own

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