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Published on 13/02/2022.

“We have a fire station here, we will meet once a month, drink tincture and sing a song” – this is an excerpt from the humorous anthem of a group of rural housewives in Srebrenica. For more than four years, villagers have been gathering to integrate with the local community, preserve local traditions, and engage in philanthropy. For more than two years, their pupil has been a unique garden that they have cultivated together.

O ginger bread of cancer, give an example

Sreberka Rural Housewives Association was established in October 2017 in Srebrenica. Integration came to the fore. Especially when cooking regional Silver delicacies. They received money from the municipality and sponsors to design the kitchen of their dreams to have a place to continue their passions.

Srebrzeńskie Dutki, that is, we prepare spicy lungs with onions in dill dough. – Explains the chairman Aneta Wszołkowska. – The recipe has a very ancient tradition. We won second place for them at the KGW Festival in Suprasl last year.

For years, they have been working on a cookbook called Kuchnia Sreberek, which collects the most interesting recipes. Among others, you can find recipes for “Srebrzak” rennet cheese, potato cake or regional dough. They organize culinary seminars. Flavors are added to charity events. Their gingerbread cookies supported a fundraising campaign for children from the Oncology Department of the Children’s Educational Hospital at the University of Białystok in December last year. They are involved in the “Oh! Gingerbread of Cancer” campaign. They organized a training course on breast cancer prevention. There was a phantom demonstration and participants were invited to the Oncology Center in Białystok for research.

We do aerobics, which we invite all the residents of Srebrenica. We take part in bike rides and visit the area along the trail of local historical places – members say.

Their hobby is canoeing 15 km on the Pisa River. In winter, canoe madness is compensated by torches and sleigh rides. Bitter frost can not deter Srebereki from running in the evening, singing near the fire.

We organize aerobics and bike rides, but also celebrate St. Andrew’s Day, cook donuts on Shrovetide, Fat Thursday with folk accents, sing Christmas carols. We created a group of women who taught their friends to knit or spin. We did not arrange feather cinnamon, but we plan to make sauerkraut – Says Aneta Wszołkowska.

  • A healthy mind in a healthy body “- as the saying goes, housewives ride bicycles, canoe and do aerobics.yarn We have not arranged feather darts, but we plan to make sauerkraut – says Aneta Wszołkowska.

Integrated garden in the common room and fire station

Although the association’s anthem mentions monthly meetings, in practice women see each other as much as possible. Two years ago, Aneta Wszołkowska He came up with the idea of ​​creating an integrated garden and a day room for domestic workers at the Volunteer Fire Department station. The ground was empty, full of glass.

Despite our doubts, the idea was welcomed with great interest. Gentlemen joined the project and dug the ground. One brought us soil, another gave us fertilizer. The carpenter’s friend made benches. The whole village joined the initiative, which gave us wings Says the chairman.

During the “Herbs and Flowers for Health and Beauty” workshop, members learned about growing flowers and herbs. They already know that strawberry leaves help remove toxins, rosemary lowers blood sugar, thyme is antibacterial and arugula works against cataracts. Silverware can make a moisturizing hand cream from calendula. Of course, it grows in a common garden.

We have surfinia, yucca, sage, oregano, rhubarb, dahlias, gladioli, marcinas. Many herbs have an immunizing effect, which is now of great importance. The original garden decoration is a pot made in July of a hundred years – says Aneta Wszołkowska.

Housewives then dry the edible flowers and herbs they use in the kitchen. They use ornamental plants for wreaths and other holiday decorations.

They make canned food and cosmetics. They have honeycombs, so they make candles out of wax. They organize games, festivities, Christmas meetings and seminars for residents. They come up with sketches by their authors. Trips are their passion. They take part in national tournaments for clubs, especially in culinary tournaments. But they also visit historical places.

We plan to buy the same clothes. In the summer we would like to make a real wedding gate. None of our daughters are getting married yet, although we motivate them a lot – The chairman jokes. – This year we will celebrate the fifth anniversary of our activity. We will have fun with cake and dance.
The members of the group in Srebrenica are friends and support them.  Their passion is to walk around the kitchen and sights

  • The members of the group in Srebrenica are friends and support them. Their passion is to walk around the kitchen and sights

The silverware itself produces herbal cosmetics

  • The silverware itself produces herbal cosmetics

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